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Dominionist Manipulates Migration Stats To Push NAR Political Narrative

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Because the NAR dominionist agenda is dictated to them by their political masters in the Republican Party, one of the main priorities is to create a false narrative to divide people against each other. It is really a plot of Satan, as it turns the people who need the gospel the most into the enemies of the church. One of the clearest divisions they sell is the notion of red and blue states. Blue states are presented as evil bastions of leftist ideology and out of control crime while red state America is presented as a Christian Shangri-La. These distortions serve only to deepen our divide. Yes, there are states that vote one way or the other while a few remain "swing" states but the notion that everything in blue states is an abomination and everything in red states is godly is obscenely wrong and idolatrous. An example of trying to create this narrative is the above linked article from Michael Snyder at Charisma News. Snyder is one of the most prolific dominionists at Charisma with a resume including a failed congressional bid where he promised to be Trump's best friend. Today's bit of fantasy linked above has Snyder making wild conclusions as to migration patterns from state to state the he does not understand. In each case, the conclusion magically fits his narrative construction we just outlined. Let us reason together once more beloved.

"In recent years we have literally seen millions of Americans relocate from blue states to red states. In some cases, there is simply a desire to be around other like-minded people. In other cases, specific political policies that have been enacted in certain states have motivated large numbers of people to relocate. This was particularly true during the pandemic. Of course there are also many that are just trying to escape the crime, drugs, homelessness and violence that are plaguing so many major cities in blue states. For those that are trying to raise a family, finding a safe environment for their children is often of the utmost importance. As a result of the factors that I have just mentioned, we have been witnessing a "mass exodus" to "Red America" that is unlike anything we have ever seen before. Vast numbers of people have been moving from blue states such as California, New York and Illinois to red states such as Florida, Idaho and Montana." - Michael Snyder

One of the things dominionists rely on is a lazy listening public that will not bother to fact check the garbage they spew. First of all, comparing the amount of people leaving densely populated states versus sparsely populated states bears no statistical significance. In other words, comparing people leaving New York and California to Idaho and Montana is quite frankly, stupid. Now, Florida has a decent population density but this crack analysis does not even address the obvious, which is people retire to Florida. Usually that retirement comes from densely populated cities where they could live while working but now with reduced income in the retirement years, they pursue states that have lower costs of living and no state taxes, such as Florida. As for the silly random negative stats, they are untrue. The murder rates in red states for example was 33% higher than in blue states. Florida by the way has the third highest homeless population, after the denser California and New York. The notion that blue states have no safe place to raise a family is equally moronic. What Snyder is doing is comparing blue cities, to red states. The reality is raising a family in any densely populated city is more dangerous than in suburbia, regardless of state.

"More and more Americans are moving from Democratic-leaning blue states to Republican-voting red ones, and one of the effects of this change is that they are relocating to places with lower life expectancy. Idaho, Montana and Florida, all red states, had the greatest population growth among U.S. states between 2020 and 2022. Meanwhile, New York and Illinois, both blue states, and Louisiana, a red state, suffered the biggest population losses. California, another blue state, has experienced significant recent population loss as well. One key reason for this migration is the high cost of living in places like New York and California, compared with the lower cost of living in red states such as Georgia or Indiana." - Michael Snyder

It is so stunning when someone as duplicitous as Snyder presents one side of an argument because it supports his narrative, while pretending the other side does not exist. It is entirely true that many people move to redder states because the cost of living is lower, which is why many retire there as previously outlined. The other side of the coin however is wages are pathetically lower in those states as well. Once again, this explains why retirees relocate there, because they are no longer working anyway. The top three states by average salary for example are Massachusetts, New York and California while the three lowest are deep red Mississippi, West Virginia and Arkansas. The differential is $30,000 by the way. What this really reveals as well is why the red to blue state migration is so much lower than blue to red. It is easier to move from blue to red because you are going from a higher cost of living to a lower but also one cannot generate similar salaries when moving from blue to red. I remember when I was looking for work several years ago and literally jobs paying six figures in New York were paying less than 50K in Texas. Employers ask for salary history for a reason and they do not take into consideration red versus blue states.

"The nationwide realignment that has been taking place is truly remarkable. According to economist Stephen Moore, approximately five million people have migrated out of Illinois, New York, California and New Jersey during that past 10 years. A lot has been reported about celebrities like Joe Rogan moving out of California in recent years. However, economist Stephen Moore says there's a much broader trend here. During a recent interview with Fox Business, Moore claimed that over the last 10 years, about five million people have left the so-called "blue states" Illinois, New York, California and New Jersey. "This is one of the biggest mass migrations in American history," he said." - Michael Snyder

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