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False Prophetess Jennifer Leclaire Defends False Prophet Schools & Opens One

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Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies, but test everything; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil. -- 1Thessalonians 5: 19-22 (ESV)

We have seen the rise over the past decade of schools of the supernatural in the Charismatic landscape. These "schools" pretend they can actually teach the gifts of the Holy Spirit despite Scripture being very clear they cannot teach what the Holy Spirit dispenses as He sees fit. Nonetheless, these schools are usually associated with churches that teach the false signs and lying wonders heresies. IHOP teaches this drivel. Bill Johnson at Bethel Church operates a School of Supernatural Ministry. It is at schools like this where nonsense such as "prophetic worship" and other unbiblical notions are taught to unsuspecting and gullible youth. This experiential Christianity insists that doctrine seeks to place God into a box. The most ardent supporters of this new breed of heresy are the very false prophets that profit from it. Enter Jennifer Leclaire, false prophetess and editor of Charisma News.

Jennifer has long defended things such as False Prophet Schools because it is an intricate part of her racket. If doubt is cast upon such things it eventually casts doubt on her brand of false prophecy as well. Thus it is in her interest to manipulate the Bible to try and defend what is patently unbiblical and absurd. Let us reason together and analyze her statements from this article in the light of Scripture.

"One of the primary mandates of a New Testament prophet is to equip the saints to hear from God and to prophesy accurately." -- Jennifer Leclaire

Says no biblical text anywhere. There are in fact no mandates given for "New Testament prophets" because that is a fictional creation of people engaged in this racket. The truth is prophecy and prophets remain the same. In the Old Testament prophets were needed because there was no proliferation of the written word of God. So God would often speak to His people through the prophets. As New Testament believers, we have the final revealed will of God in the Bible. He did not forget to tell us something that now requires a prophet to come and deliver the message. So why do today's false prophets make such a delineation? Jennifer reveals it in the second half of the pretend mandate. The true standard of a false prophet is based upon accuracy. The standard is set by Scripture:

But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in my name that I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that same prophet shall die.' And if you say in your heart, 'How may we know the word that the Lord has not spoken?'-- when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the Lordhas not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You need not be afraid of him. -- Deuteronomy 18: 20-22 (ESV)

One wrong prophecy and we can conclude the person is a false prophet and pay them no mind. Thankfully we do not have to stone them to death anymore but one and done. This presents a major problem for the false prophet community because try as they may to be general and vague, their false prophecies are often proved false. Benny Hinn once prophesied the death of Fidel Castro "somewhere in the 1990s." Considering age and health, this was an attempt to look like a prophet when you actually gave yourself a ten year period for it to come to pass. As silly as this was, Castro survived the 1990s anyway. Pat Robertson once said the Lord showed him that the upcoming summer would produce the worst hurricanes for the eastern shoreline of the United States in history as judgment. That summer, not even one hurricane made landfall. God will not be mocked beloved. Remember, these people are pretending to hear from God. He does not stutter and He is never wrong. So if you are claiming to hear from God you better be right or else you are false.

"But many believers do not discern the voice of the Lord, which is one reason there is an unhealthy dependence on prophets. Indeed many treat prophets like psychics - or at least cheap gumball machines that take money for prophecies. Many believers, by contrast, put unhealthy pressure on prophetic people to "gimme a word" or get sucked into pay-for-prophecy scams on the Internet." -- Jennifer Leclaire

The shameless audacity of Leclaire to blame the victims of false prophets for being victims is staggering here. The reason why so many people are fooled into seeking pay for prophecy is that is how the industry represents itself. Even the itinerant prophet who goes from church to church does it for money. There is either a call to "sow into" their ministry or a "love offering." Then the chutzpah to play the victim herself is simply nauseating. There is an unhealthy pressure put on prophets? Seriously? What does that even mean? So you will fake a word from God because of peer pressure or performance anxiety? If people are desperate for a word or from hearing from the Lord then we ought to direct them to the Bible as that is the final revealed will of God.

The concept of a school of the prophets is certainly legitimate. Samuel launched the school of the prophets in Old Testament days"Again, you can't make yourself into a prophet. But reputable school of prophets can help you discern the voice of God, discover ways He may be speaking with you and equip you in the realm of dreams, visions and spiritual warfare. Schools of the prophets can teach you how to wage war with the devil and wage war against your flesh. These schools can help you develop your prophetic voice, build accuracy, and operate with safeguards that protect your prophetic credibility." -- Jennifer Leclaire

Pay close attention beloved to the ole false prophet two-step that Jennifer just pulled off. Her opening statement is technically true. Samuel did have a group of prophets of which he was their teacher. What most false teachers and prophets do is they scour the Bible for anything that lends credibility to their false teaching and they simply add to it. They expand upon what is in Scripture and add to it things that are not. Everything after this opening is false. It is not contained anywhere in the Bible. Jennifer simply made it up in her deceitfully wicked heart. Remember, her premise which is reiterated here is that prophets have to be trained to discern the voice of the Lord. That concept is flat out unbiblical. Nowhere in the Bible is a prophet unsure that they have heard from the Lord. There are no secret ways the Lord speaks to us. Nowhere do these verses in 1Samuel indicate that Samuel was teaching his students in the realm of dreams, visions, or spiritual warfare. Nowhere is it indicated that they were being instructed to wage war with the devil and their flesh. They were likely students of Scripture with Samuel more than "prophecy."

Then we enter into the big three things Jennifer teaches that are completely heretical. First of all, there are zero biblical examples of a prophet needing to "develop his prophetic voice." You are either hearing from the Lord or you are not. Likewise, there is no such thing as "building accuracy." This is placed here as self defense because Jennifer knows full well she is a false prophetess. So like all of the false prophets today, she pretends that prophecy is something that needs to be practiced so that accuracy can be built. Absolute unbiblical nonsense. The third consideration for Jennifer is protecting the racket. Above all else a false prophet must protect their credibility. Translation? Do not do things that would lend to accusations of false prophecy. The two-step is breathtaking here. She takes one vague biblical concept and translates it into an entire doctrine that is not supported.

"I don't believe most false prophets start out as false prophets. I've waited. I've processed. And I'm committed to doing whatever small part I can to help raise up true prophets with balance, humility, and accuracy in this hour. That's why I just launched a School of the Prophets that people can sit in live in South Florida or watch online at any time. I don't think I can solve the problem, but I hope to be part of the solution." -- Jennifer Leclaire

I am sorry Jennifer but you are the problem. Sure the false prophets who are more obvious hucksters are part of the problem too but they do not excuse you. The foundational problem is stated here. Jennifer Leclaire thinks that false prophets do not start out false. She believes there is some kind of sliding scale. That is because to her, a prophet can be wrong even though the Bible says that is what makes them false! I hope you noticed too the subtle "I am God" dilemma she admits to here. Her claim is that SHE can raise up true prophets. Not God. How blasphemous.

And how does she propose doing her small sacrificial part in this endeavor? By starting her own school of prophets! So she just finished an article that was supposed to examine if prophet schools were legitimate when what she was really doing was using the topic to launch her own school. That's not too terribly self-serving now is it? She even provided a link to her new school in the article. There she explains her goal:

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