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Jeremiah Johnson & the NAR Have a Demonically Uttered Prophetic Word

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You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. -- John 8:44 (NIV)

Jeremiah Johnson is a popular false prophet. He has a public platform in Charisma News to broadcast his fake words from God. He has good enough writing skills to make people feel as if he might be legitimate but you really just need to scratch the surface of his utterings to realize he is just another shill playing the prophet role for profit. Because he is part of the false prophet network he is demonstrably NAR. As part of the burgeoning NAR he is demonstrably a dominionist. We must step back to understand the demonic mosaic being painted in America today. I deal with people every day who otherwise espouse decent theology who simply cannot see how they idolize this country. I deal with people who have survived direct involvement with the NAR only to be unable and unwilling to see the one idol they did not tear down. One just needs to look at what evangelical leaders surround this president to realize that he is not supporting the body of Christ but rather the apostate church that wishes to conquer the seven cultural mountains, beginning with the government. With this as a backdrop, we come to a false prophetic word "released" by Jeremiah Johnson this week that reveals not only the NAR dominionism that drives him but the sheer Satanic influence behind it. Let us reason once more together:


Released on June 1, 2020

Dear Saints and Leaders,

On the night of May 30th, while praying and pacing over the United States in my home around 2 am, a demonic entity appeared right before me in an open vision. This type of encounter has only ever happened one other time while I was ministering in a foreign country in 2015. I have always engaged in this type of spiritual warfare while asleep and dreaming prophetically, but rarely if ever to this degree while awake. This demonic entity had a visible and deep scar underneath its right eye, but it also had the ability to mutate or rather change forms. I watched this "being" morph several times right in front of me, yet the gash below its right eye remained. It pointed its finger right in my face and said, "I exist to deceive the whole world. Just as there are forerunners in the kingdom of God that go before the Son of Man, so I am a forerunning spirit in the kingdom of darkness that has been sent before the coming of the man of lawlessness."' -- Jeremiah Johnson

Really. A demon visited him in an open vision while he was awake? Not only that but he was praying. This man is admitting that when he was praying a demon answered him! Don't lose sight of this beloved. When you are a false prophet or a false teacher you worship a false god. That false god ultimately is Satan, as he controls all of the demonic activity on this earth. So I will trust that Johnson is not lying here. He just cannot discern that when he is praying to his false God, Satan is the one who answers him. And what was the message this demon had for our false prophet?

'It continued, "The scar underneath my right eye has come at the hands of the praying Church, for many of them in this hour have begun to detect our true plans and purposes to disrupt systems, divert attention, and release chaos in the land."

1. Disrupt Systems

2. Divert Attention

3. Release Chaos

At this point in the encounter, the hair on my body was standing straight up as I had never been told anything like this at length by a demonic entity. Suddenly, all I can describe is the authority and mind of Christ came upon me and I pointed my finger back at this demon and demanded, "Who is the source behind your power and influence?" It began to laugh hysterically, a sound that still taunts me and with great rage this demon answered and roared, "The Media!" I fixed my gaze upon it and said, "You devil that has come to deceive the whole world through the media and is being exposed right now, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to reveal your agenda!"' -- Jeremiah Johnson

Let me see if I have this right. Even if we assume Johnson has no discernment to wonder why a demon answered his prayers, he does not even question why the demon would be revealing the secret plans of Satan to him? Seriously? Is this threefold plan surprising? Why is Johnson claiming to be so blown away by it? Then we are to believe that he asserted authority he simply does not have and demand the demon to answer his ridiculous question? The source behind every demon's power and influence is Satan, not the media. But you see the media suits the NAR narrative so well. As a means to avoid the truth, the NAR just brushes it aside by pretending it is "fake news." Johnson has no power to command this demon to do anything because he does not worship the true living Christ. He is like the seven sons of Sceva from Acts 19 commanding demons that if they wished could beat him senseless and naked. This demon did not do that however because this demon was feeding Jeremiah Johnson with the lies his heart desired. The demon literally told him at the beginning that he is the forerunner of Satan, existing to deceive the entire world yet from that point on Johnson believes every word the lying demon says to him! Read the key verse for today! Satan not only lies casually but it is his native language! He is not bilingual! When he speaks he is lying! When he says that the media is the source of his power he is lying. The end game of Satan is to blur the truth. Look even this demon admits it! What better way to accomplish that then to declare all of the independent media as being false and untrustworthy! Wake up! Stop being led around by the nose by the father of lies! Johnson continues in his ridiculousness.

"With a sneer it began to manifest a foul spirit and the first wave I smelled was FEAR. I saw the Coronavirus spreading across the whole world and the spirit of fear attached to it. The second wave of stench the demon manifested was HATE and I saw the cities on fire and racism escalating. The third wave that came was GREED and it was the strongest of all the smells. In that moment of time, by way of Holy Spirit revelation, I understood that what we are witnessing in 2020, beyond a virus and beyond racism and police brutality is a diabolical and sinister agenda called "greed". A wave of fear has hit through the virus and now a wave of anger through the riots, but the real culprit is greed! In other words, the world is being held hostage right now by demonic forces preparing the way for the man of lawlessness. There is so much deception being spread through the media that now we must understand what we are "seeing" and "hearing" on the news and social media is a simple diversion from the real truth! I'm telling you right now by the Spirit of God that what is happening in our world today has surpassed a virus, racism, and police brutality and the sooner we recognize what's really going on, the sooner we can gain the victory!" -- Jeremiah Johnson

No, no, a thousand times no. I understand that we wish what was happening around the world was not happening -- but it is. We are not to bury our heads in the sands as Christians. Denial of reality will not win one single soul to Christ. There is a virus. It is very real. Almost 400,000 people have died from it with over six million infected. The NAR has been denouncing the fear, which is real and understandable, because they need to get back to generating revenue through their mega-churchdom. Never mind the Virginia pastor who died after mocking the virus similarly and held service anyway. Never mind the Illinois pastor who sickened half his congregation by holding one service. Never mind the countless other stories. Don't believe your lying eyes and that untrustworthy press. What absolute garbage. The NAR preachers who have been pushing this will answer for the blood of every person they killed through their own greed, ironically enough. There is police brutality in this world. The fact that Johnson can look at the nine-minute execution of George Floyd and think we should just move on is disgusting and unchristlike. These are not diversions Jeremiah. Is greed important? Of course. One just needs to read the bible to understand that. Christians do not need demons to let us in on that. As we will now see however, the demon set up this greed narrative to cash in on Johnson's NAR objectives.

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