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Kenneth Copeland and the NAR Theology of Voting and Inferred Righteousness

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Perceiving then that they were about to come and take him by force to make him king, Jesus withdrew again to the mountain by himself. -- John 6:15 (ESV)

As we turn the page on 2019 and begin to enter a new decade, we should expect the efforts of Satan to escalate as the end times deepen. We will continue to see the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) dominionist teachings take hold in the apostate church as we head toward the one world religion prophesied about in the bible. These teachings used to be more egregious in that the claim was that Jesus could not return until the church conquers the seven cultural mountains, starting with government. Realizing that most people took this idea as the lunacy it was, the NAR now speaks of the seven mountains in more muffled tones. Now it is about "influencing" instead of conquering, wink wink. The reality remains the same. The apostate church has a firm grasp on the current occupant of the White House and they get the scraps he allows to fall off his table so they can all bow down to his likeness. We saw this recently, when the editor of Christianity Today wrote an opinion piece calling for the ouster of Trump through the impeachment process. The apostate church went ballistic with false teachers like Paula White, Jentzen Franklin and Robert Morris in full freak-out mode while political hacks disguised as Christians like Franklin Graham, James Dobson and Jerry Falwell Jr. did likewise. In the midst of this, Charisma News, which is nothing more than an arm of the Republican Party, turned to the wisdom of the chief NAR heretic, Kenneth Copeland (linked above) to discuss the upcoming vote in 2020. Let us reason together once more beloved.

'There's a lot going on in our country, and we have to learn how to view it through the lens of faith. And who better to help us learn that than evangelist Kenneth Copeland? Throughout the years, Copeland has been well-known for his powerful teachings on faith--and those teachings are just as relevant and vital now as they ever have been. One major step of faith Christians nowadays need to take, he says, is simply voting. "If you don't vote, you automatically voted against the will of God," he says. "You have to think about that. You automatically voted against the will of God. That's a vote for the other side. ... That ballot is your seed. Even if you vote for the wrong [person], if you believe you're following God, then that ballot is your seed, and you did it before Him--whichever side you voted for."' -- Stephen Strang

"Through the lens of faith" is a straight up NAR term. It is similar to "biblical worldview." The true view of the world from a biblical standard is that it is fallen, will be judged and will pass away. The NAR however wields tremendous power and wealth in this world, which is why they are so enamored with it and are constantly trying to revive it. Kenneth Copeland is worth in excess of 630 million dollars and he himself has bragged that he is worth over a billion dollars. All money he fleeced from the flock of God to teach is prosperity laden, word faith heresies. We can see his poor grasp of the bible right off the bat here as he clearly does not understand the will of God. the notion that not voting automatically means you voted against the will of God is unbiblical and asinine. Always a fan of the heresy known as seed faith, Copeland tries to expand it into the political realm. Copeland ascribes to the pagan notion of God's will that says when we come to the fork in the road -- we need to figure out which way God wants us to take. In other words, one path is God's will and the other is not. This is not how the will of God works. Both paths are equally the will of God and not the will of God depending on what we do in that path. What is so insidious here, which is at the heart of NAR dominionist teaching is to pretend that one political party is the will of God and one is not. The reality of course is that neither party cares about the cause of Christ and what Copeland and the NAR do is to confer righteousness upon the Republican Party. I saw a local pastor post on Facebook recently that if you even thought about voting Democratic then you could not be a Christian! That is a heck of an evangelism plan!

'I was honored to have Copeland on my "Strang Report" podcast recently, where he shed some light on what's truly going on in our country from a spiritual perspective. The first thing we have to remember, Copeland says, is that "this country belongs to Jesus and was formed by people who loved Him with the very purpose of worshipping Him and worshipping our heavenly Father." Our nation is on the brink of forgetting this vital truth, he says. God has His hand on the United States for a reason. Copeland calls our nation the "cradle of the gospel," and because of that, Satan is doing everything he can to destroy it. "I believe with all my heart that this nation is being reborn," Copeland says. "All this trouble, this hatred and stuff going on--these are just symptoms. What else would you expect out of the devil?"' -- Stephen Strang

Part of the NAR dominionist talking points is that the evangelical church founded this country so they could all speak in tongues without persecution. Seriously, as someone who used to teach American History, Kenneth Copeland does not know what he is talking about. This country was founded by settlers who rebelled against the tyranny of higher taxes without having a say in their own government. The actual founding fathers were more deists than Christian. Thomas Jefferson removed all references to the deity of Christ and His miracles. Were they more 'religious" than folks today? Sure but so was the entire world. The problem is that Copeland and the NAR make the argument that this country was founded to be a theocracy and it most certainly was not. As for being the cradle of the Gospel, Copeland means the false gospels that poison this planet. Most of the horrific heresies today emanated from this country. Africa remains one of the poorest continents yet once we exported prosperity preaching there we now see the five richest pastors come from that still impoverished continent. There is simply no way that the enemy would be trying to destroy Copeland and his false gospel since they only serve the lord of this world.

"But rebirth is not an easy experience. As our country is being reborn, we are experiencing birth pangs in the form of unrest, division and animosity against biblical values. Another analogy Copeland uses for the state our nation is in is war. God is in charge, and we will win the war--we can stand firm on that promise. But Christians who take that promise as an excuse to sit idly by and watch the culture wars unfold are not walking in obedience to their faith. "Even though we know we win the war, we have to fight to fight," he says. "Faith is never just sitting down. Faith without corresponding action is dead. ... If there's a good fight of faith, that means there are enemies to faith. Now, we don't look at people. We look at the spirit realm. We wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers and rulers of the darkness of this world and the wicked spirits in the heavens." Therefore, Copeland says, we have to pray. We have to intercede. We have to cry out to God on behalf of our leaders, especially Donald Trump and Mike Pence." -- Stephen Strang

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