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More Spiritual Nonsense from Kris Vallotton

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Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things, through whom also he created the world. -- Hebrews 1: 1-2 (ESV)

Yes, Kris Vallotton is at it again beloved. The Senior Associate Pastor from Bill Johnson's cesspool known as Bethel Church, Vallotton has a new blog post linked above, which outlines eight ways he believes God speaks to us. Remember now, Bethel is ground zero for the false signs and lying wonders network of believers and churches. There is nothing to crazy that they will not endorse and no tall tale too tall to tell (say that five times fast!). Johnson himself has told fanciful yarns about being in a diner and having angel feathers just randomly start falling all around him. Bethel has always promoted the false gold dust manifestation, as well as gem stones and the latest fad -- glory clouds. Vallotton and Johnson promote the new age experiential Christianity over scriptural doctrine. Sure they pay the Bible some lip service, usually when they are strip mining it to find verse fragments to support their heresy, but overall they believe personal experience trumps theology. We have been over this before that when you allow your experience to trump doctrine what you are really saying is you will trust your heart over what God has already established.

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it? - Jeremiah 17: 9 (ESV)

There is a reason why God says the human heart is wickedly deceitful above everything else beloved. Our hearts will always lie to us. The Word of God will never lie to us. A perfect example of this is found in the testimony of Kim Walker-Smith, of Jesus Culture. Smith is the primary worship leader of this rogue outfit that was birthed by Bethel. She claims to have had a waking visitation from Jesus who whisked her away to the throne room of God where she met the Father face to face"

Stop right there.

But," he said, "you cannot see my face, for man shall not see me and live." -- Exodus 33: 20 (ESV)

Once Kim Walker Smith told us her experience and it violates Scripture, we can know for sure that her experience is a lie. Maybe not to her. I will not doubt that she believes she had this experience but the Bible tells us that Satan's emissaries appear as angels of light. We know the Word does not change and is infallible and it says we cannot meet the Father face to face without dying. Kim Walker Smith is very much alive, therefore she is either willfully lying or was visited by demons and could not tell the difference, while her deceitful heart lied to her the entire time. I say this as the backdrop to the Vallotton blog post because there is so much super-spiritual gobbledygook in it designed to make you go ooh and ahh that one needs to be prepared and realize that Kris Vallotton has been taught so poorly that he actually believes this nonsense. Let us reason together beloved.

"And getting to know God's voice is key to deep intimacy with the One who knows you best, and stepping into active partnership with Him in your life." -- Kris Vallotton

The experiential Christian crowd always overemphasizes intimacy, even to the point of sexualizing Jesus. Just read some of the lyrics from Misty Edwards of IHOP. Note however the delineation made by Vallotton from that start. The truth is if we want to draw closer to God we need to know His Word; not this ethereal notion of His "voice." David spoke about hiding His Word in his heart. This is an objective measurement. Read the Scripture and trust that God is always right. Experiential Christianity does not believe in the objective truth of God's Word when they can instead cultivate the subjective experience we all have. Thus this is all couched in "getting to know God's voice." How subjective can you get! Perhaps the worst part however is the idea that we should be aspiring to an "active partnership" with the Creator of the entire universe. How ridiculously arrogant. When you think you are an active partner with God that is how you can be duped into thinking you are visiting His throne room and chilling out over a cafe' latte with the Alpha and Omega. Beloved, Jesus Christ must be our Lord and Savior. Those are His primary roles in our lives or He is not really in our lives. Stop singing Friend of God and get back into His Word.

"Visions - There are two types of visions. The first one is a Vision of the Mind, in which the Lord "projects" images and pictures onto the "screen" of our minds. Most often, this is how the Holy Spirit speaks to us. They often appear like hieroglyphics--pictures that require interpretation. So as the Holy Spirit speaks to us through these pictures and images of the mind, we must turn around and ask Him what the pictures mean." -- Kris Vallotton

Says no biblical text anywhere. Note how spiritual it sounds though. It is always couched in religious sound terminology and an apparent reliance on the Holy Spirit but realize the underlying assumption is that any picture that pops into your head is the result of the Holy Spirit trying to impart hidden knowledge to you as opposed to bad pizza the night before, the last scary movie you watched or you own wickedly deceitful heart. We see this all the time in Charismaniacal circles. "Visions" start popping up in our minds and we automatically assume it is from God. We then seek "confirmation" through all sorts of incidental and happenstance means. We pray for "discernment" and feel that because we have peace in our heart that the entire process was from God when it was our own flesh the entire time. I had friends who wanted to move to another state once who swore God gave them the vision. They started seeing license plates from that state everywhere they looked and took it as confirmation. They were gone in two months and fell right out of the church because of it. There is nothing in the Bible about visions being projected by God into some screen in our mind beloved. This is how Kim Walker-Smith so deceived herself into thinking she was dancing for God in His throne room when she was really being entertained and deceived by demons. Why in the world would God speak to us in hieroglyphics when He has already given us His entire revealed will in the Bible? Answer? He wouldn't. There are two New Testament stories about visions. Paul had one and Peter had the other. These are historical narrative -- not prescriptive texts we are to seek after or expect in our own lives. Can God speak to us in a vision? Sure. He is God. I would tend to think that is the extreme, even as it was in the New Testament, than commonplace, which is what Kris Vallotton is trying to make it to be.

"God's Still Small Voice - At times, the Lord speaks to us in a still small voice from within our spirit. This is not a booming, audible voice. This can be heard as a passing thought, sudden impression, or internal "sense" of something that God is saying. This still small voice is illustrated in the Book of First Kings. In this account, God is not in the strong wind or the earthquake, but rather He is in the gentle blowing (1 Kings 19:11-13)." -- Kris Vallotton

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