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NAR Delusion - If You Vote Democratic You are Demonic and Hell-Bound

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Knowing their thoughts, he said to them, "Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will stand. - Matthew 12:25 (ESV)

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Earlier this week we examined some of the more extreme NAR dominionists who traveled to the North Pole to welcome Jesus into America. I was hoping that might be the weekly quota for bat-poop nation worshippers but alas, I was mistaken. The above linked article is from someone named Curtis Hill, who apparently fancies himself not just a prophet but a "fresh prophetic voice in media." Alas again as Mr. Hill is obviously a false prophet who apparently should have been on that trip to Alaska. We can tell he is false simply by the absurdity of his alleged prophecy which claims God said that the entire Democratic Party will not stand. Usually the dominionists nip along the edge of the total destruction of their perceived enemy but that is not good enough for Mr. Hill! So, let us reason once more and sift through this political hit job disguised as Christian fare.

"Recently, I was watching Steve Bannon's War Room: Pandemic, and I heard him say something that seemed unusually prophetic. He said, "We are going to take down the Democratic Party until there is not a single one of them left." When I heard it, it was like being hit by a nuclear truth bomb. Part of operating in the prophetic is being able to hear a statement about the future, no matter what the source is, and discern whether it is truth or not. If stones can cry out and donkeys can see angels, then we must use our discernment gifts when processing information about the future from seemingly unspiritual sources." - Curtis Hill

While it is true that on occasion throughout the 6000 years of biblical history God has used unusual methods of communication, that by no definition or instruction means that He wants you to. In fact, this statement here borders on the ridiculous. You claim to be a prophet! Why is God speaking to Steve Bannon, multiple times a criminal, so that you might hear? Why didn't God tell you directly? This is not how prophesy works. So Bannon, who is an avowed hater of all things Democratic, says that he will not stop until they are all gone and you think that this is unusually prophetic? So, God is speaking through Steve Bannon and is saying He will destroy the Democratic Party? Prophecy Mr. Hill is not how you have defined it. Prophesy is hearing from God, period. Not you reading what you desire into the comments of someone else and when you realize how moronic it would be for God to use that person to throw your hands up and declare - "well he talked through a donkey once!" That is jackass theology.

'Could it be that God is rearranging our system of democracy, a system that has been dominated by two parties for 168 years? Jesus said to His disciples, "Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division" (Luke 12:51, NIV). Because the nations belong to Jesus, they will always be undergoing a purifying process with God separating what is holy from what is sinful. This separation is a kingdom principle that is unmatched. Every time there is a new nation, culture or society, the people who live by the truth will gather together, and those who build their house on the sand will continue to repair each other's houses until they run out of nails. It is inevitable "- we see it throughout world history and throughout Scripture. God separates the wheat from the tares, the good stewards from the wicked, and goat nations from sheep nations. Now we are seeing it on the state level, and even among cities. I heard the Lord say, "Now is the opportunity to bring a red wave of truth onto the dilapidating house of the Democratic Party so that it will never stand again."' - Curtis Hill

Could it be? You are supposed to be the prophet! Besides the absurdity, I can give you another reason why the answer is no. Because you are forced to butcher Luke 12:51 to try and support your non-point. The division Jesus is speaking to is in the immediately following context which you omitted. The gospel will divide father from son and mother from daughter. That division is because some will accept Jesus as the only way to the Father and many will not. It is dealing with the issue of salvation, not politics. Yes, on the final day there will be a separation of the holy and sinful but what is Hill inferring? That everyone who ever joined the Democratic Party is sinful and the Republicans are holy? Separation is not a kingdom principle as Hill has outlined it here because it is clear he does not understand scripture. The wheat and tares, good and wicked stewards, and goats and sheep are all prophetic verses speaking about judgment, which will come to all. So therefore, you are not "seeing it on the state level." That statement is silly and biblically inaccurate. Hell, it is not even politically correct. The Republican Party has won one popular vote for president since 1992 and you think the Democratic house is dilapidated? The red wave represents truth? Seriously? Is there nothing wrong with the side you vote for?

"Now I'm not saying that the Republican Party is holy or anything, but the Democratic Party has been the perpetrator of abortion for decades, has intentionally promoted sexual perversion on a level never seen before in our nation, and now wants to appoint someone who is lenient on pedophiles and can't define what a woman is. God wishes that no one will perish, but there are still term limits on His grace. The Lord is saying that the opportunity for redemption has run out on the Democratic Party, and He has made a decree that they are finished. But just like everything else, we are His hands and feet, and we are called to fulfill His will. With prophecy comes wisdom to carry out the prophetic word, so I have made a list of three practical steps that you can take to prepare your heart to respond to this direction from the Lord." - Curtis Hill

No, no, no. You do not get to prop up the Republican Party as the sheep in the parable of the sheep and goats and then pretend you are not calling them holy! You most certainly are and that is the biggest problem with this false prophecy. As with all NAR dominionists, in your pursuit of the elimination of the party you do not like, you confer righteousness unto the party that you do like. The reality is neither cares about the cause of Christ. You have identified the two main cultural wedge issues that matter to you politically but do they represent all evil in the world? Would it surprise you to find out that just as many women who identify as Republican seek out abortions as those who are Democrat? Do you think all sexual perversion can be laid at the feet of one political party? Shall we get into all of the sexually perverse Republicans that we have borne witness too throughout our lifetimes alone? Do you think repeating political smears and half-truths about a woman you know nothing about is pleasing to God? Where is your similar outrage for people in your party of choice who have done far worse than you are bemoaning here? Look, we can go back and forth because both parties are inherently evil. What Curtis Hill has done is not new. He has determined in his mind or heart which is the lesser of two evils and that is fine as long as you do not forget that your side remains evil. Hill goes further though, as all dominionists do, in determining that his lesser evil is righteous and that the only true enemy is his perceived greater evil. In doing so, he divides the body of Christ against itself based upon the carnal politics of man. Now let us examine the three steps he has concocted in response to his flesh.

"Do not be intimidated. Like a rabid raccoon being trapped in a cage, demonic principalities will bite, claw and scream while they are being bound in chains of darkness. Expect there to be the greatest level of slander and intimidation from the left-wing media and maybe even your friends and family than ever before, but don't back down. Loving your neighbor means removing the people who are trying to destroy them with perverse ideology and vile practices. "These are the things which you should do: speak the truth to one another; judge with truth and judgment for peace in your gates" (Zech. 8:16, NASB)." - Curtis Hill

Here we come to the latest trend in dominionist politics. Remember that Hill has already drawn the line between his righteous political party and the Democrats. Look at the dehumanization that occurs next. Now instead merely your opponent, the Democrat friends you might have in the church or the world are rabid racoons trapped in a cage and demonic principalities bound in chains of darkness, trying to bite and claw you. Hill even admits that he is talking about your current friends and family! He has determined that these people are not even your neighbors anymore! They are not even human. Simply by how they vote! Hill misuses the Zechariah verse as well. The context reveals this is the Lord speaking to the people of Israel, not a prescriptive command to the church today. This wannabe prophet also ignores the clear instruction in the New Testament regarding righteous judgment. Paul expressly teaches that we are NOT to judge those outside the church, which a great many of these "evil Democrats" will be. Even the judgment of those in the church refers to the individual personal behavior of the person, not their voting record. This is the other theological black hole the NAR traffics in. In order for their theology to work, we will stand in front of Christ and answer for the sins of others and that is theologically absurd. Is the person committing sexual sin guilty of their sin, or everyone who may have inadvertently facilitated that sin through legislation passed by people we vote for? Think about this rabbit hole for a second. If we will be held guilty of the sins of others, allowed through legislation passed by people we voted for, then no one is going to heaven.

"Expose darkness. The blood of Jesus only covers the sins of those who believe in the blood, and He becomes a stumbling block to all those who don't. There are still so many people who have been inundated by the lies of the media, and they don't even know the extent to which the Democratic Party has gone to bring destruction to our nation. Regardless of censorship and intimidation, we must convince everyone that the Democratic Party is the primary source of destruction in our nation and they must all be voted out so we can create a new, more purified two-party system. "But their evil intentions will be exposed when the light shines on them" (Eph. 5:13, NLT)." - Curtis Hill

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