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NAR Dominionist COVID Lies Persist - Christians Need to Stop Being Stupid

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Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight. - Proverbs 12;22 (ESV)

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The NAR dominionist church takes its marching orders from the corrupt Republican Party. One of the tactics it has been taught is to engage in revisionist history to make it seem like they were correct in the past when they most certainly were not. One of the areas we see infected with this cancerous strategy is related to COVID. During the height of the pandemic purpose driven church leaders from Rodney Howard Browne to John MacArthur realized their mega-church model was unsustainable as a remote model. The entirety of success in the purpose driven model outlined by Rick Warren in 1995 requires the Sunday service. It is the core feature that spreads the popularity of the cult of personality pastor and allows for the regular collection of false tithes to prop up the growth they are instructed to always expect. COVID demanded that large gatherings cease for fear of spreading the deadly contagion but after a few months, churches started to demonize the governments and thumb their noses at authority, in violation of Romans, and reopen. This absurdly stupid decision making was done by seriously untrained individuals who knew nothing about virology or even medicine. They got their talking points from politicians and did not seem to care if they were feeding their sheep into the COVID woodchipper.

Take Loren Sandford who bragged after a few months of reopening that no one in his congregation was sick. Then everyone in his congregation caught COVID. Then Loren Sandford caught COVID. Then Loren Sandford died from COVID. How about pastor Landon Spradlin, who famously visited Mardi Gras during the height of the pandemic decrying that it was just hysteria. He died from the virus after contracting it on that trip. John MacArthur avoids talking about it, but he almost died from COVID after he reopened, and who knows how many in his congregation died because of his callous indifference. I know that bat-poop crazy politicians and crazier pastors like to pretend that COVID was some kind of psy-op or conspiracy theory but that is just insulting to the dead. By the way, there are now over seven million deaths from COVID. I know people who have died from it. I still have long term COVID complications. That does not stop the crazies from swearing it was all a hoax dreamt up by some cabal of Bill Gates, the Illuminati and Dr. Fauci. Whatever. Politicians do politicians. My problem is when people claiming to be Christian continue to side with the crazies at the cost of our collective witness for Jesus. That brings us to the above linked article appearing on Charisma News this week. Now, I do not expect anything better from Steven Strang, who is a rabid dominionist and Republican Party operative disguised as a Christian. Nonetheless, it is important that we reason together to understand truth from lies so we will not be caught on the last day saying "Lord Lord."

"Anthony Fauci is admitting his great lie to the world. As the Daily Mail reported, Fauci created the "six feet apart" rule and other precautionary measures because he felt he was "protecting" Americans. During a hearing with Republicans on the House Select Subcommittee about the coronavirus, Fauci admitted that the rules in place "sort of just appeared." "Do you recall when discussions regarding, kind of, the at-least-a-6-foot threshold began?" Fauci was asked. He asked if the question was related to distancing in schools, and it was clarified that the committee wanted to know about the overall distancing protocol. "You know, I don't recall. It sort of just appeared," Fauci replied. Fauci further stated that he was not aware of any studies that supported the 6-foot distancing rule. Fauci also did not review on data on whether or not children in schools should have masked up to avoid the spread of the virus. In fact, he still sees the issue as 'up in the air' as to whether or not if the studies that have found student developmental issues from wearing masks are true." - Charisma News

It is important to realize how Charisma is framing this entire article. That Dr. Fauci has "admitted to his great lie." This is of course ridiculous as he did no such thing. He was dragged in front of the show committee on COVID that the Republicans chaired in order to continue to spread disinformation and lies about the virus. Part of that is Monday morning quarterbacking all decisions that were made. If you read between the lines here, the charge is that there were no studies done to conclude if distancing and masking were efficacious before being recommended. Does anyone with a sliver of rational thought think there would have, or should have been? We were in the middle of the greatest medical crisis since the Spanish Flu in 1918 that killed 50 million people. A great deal of the recommended measures were best estimates of what could help by people who might actually know better than the idiots at Charisma News. Rodney Howard Browne famously argued back then that as pastor, he should be authorized to decide for his congregation, what methods would be best for avoiding the virus. Rodney Howard Browne. The same moron who claims he is the "Holy Ghost Bartender." That guy. Hmm, I think I will take my chances with Dr. Fauci.

Do the measures of social distancing and masks sound reasonable? Of course, they do! Even before the virus, if you had someone with a hacking cough on the bus, would you not avoid sitting near him? Dear Lord, why must we specialize in stupidity? So, Fauci admits what everyone already knew. That he recommended precautionary measures because he was trying to protect people from dying. You know, like Loren Sandford and seven million other people did. We also probably knew that there were no tests run on these measures as time was quite fluid then. We needed to give the people some guidance and these two measures seem pretty obvious to me. As for student developmental issues from wearing masks the simple answer is I do not know but what if studies reveal that there is some correlation. What is Steven Strang recommending then? That to avoid potentially having a developmental delay, which can be addressed through future educational efforts, we should allow children to contract a lethal virus that could easily kill them now? We need to stop being the stupid people. Jesus was not stupid. His people should not be either.

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