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The False Prophet Paradigm on Display - a la Vallotton

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On the other hand, the one who prophesies speaks to people for their upbuilding and encouragement and consolation. -- 1Corinthians 14:3 (ESV)

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Kris Vallotton is at it again. Displaying his complete ignorance about the subject he loves the most after money, prophecy. In his case, false prophecy. It is important as believers in these end times that we are able to properly spot the shtick of the modern day false prophet because Vallotton is just a microcosm of a larger sickness infecting the church. He has been taught the false prophecy paradigm. He may add his own personal greed element to it but the structure comes from above him. The Bill Johnson's of the world for example. It is the same flawed foundation you will see from Jennifer Leclaire, Ryan Lestrange or any of the false prophets of today. So let us walk through the most recent offering, linked above, from Vallotton regarding five things he wishes he could tell everyone about prophetic

"Have you ever been burned by prophetic ministry? Maybe it was by a specific word that just felt "off" that you didn't know how to let go of, or perhaps it was from a word you've been holding onto for so long that's past its expiration date. You see the prophetic is powerful, and like anything that carries weight, it should be honed, studied, and grown in with wisdom. Many people ask me to give them advice on prophetic ministry and today I'd love to share some of that with you." -- Kris Vallotton

Please don't. Because it is obvious just from the opening that you simply do not understand biblical prophecy. The only way someone can be "burned" by prophecy is if it was false. If it was true, then God said it. There is no "expiration date" either. It is either a true word or it is a false word. The prophetic is powerful because it is the word from God Himself. As such, it does not need to be honed or grown into. This is one of the fundamental flaws with the modern day false prophet brigade. They think prophecy is a craft or a skill that they can work at and become better at. The Bible makes it abundantly clear that one false prophecy means you should be marked as false and no one should pay you any mind anymore except to avoid you.

"I've seen so much growth in the body of Christ in recent years with teaching people how to hear from God and how to prophesy. I've seen prophetic communities develop all around the world! I think it's so important that as we grow, we keep ourselves anchored in biblical truth regarding what prophecy is and what it isn't. For today's Flashback Friday, I want to share 5 things that I wish I could teach every person regarding prophetic ministry." -- Kris Vallotton

It is so infuriating to see someone claim to want to be anchored in biblical truth in the same breath they are being unbiblical. Hear me very clearly beloved. You cannot teach someone how to prophesy! Kris thinks you can because he runs a school that will teach you how to be a false prophet for only $4500 per year. The Bible is clear that all of the gifts of the Spirit are given out by the Spirit not Kris Vallotton. It is also given out as the Spirit desires not Kris Vallotton. There have not been "prophetic communities" springing up. What there is, are bands of false prophets being risen up by people like Kris Vallotton.

"Not every encouraging word is a prophetic word. Prophecy is supposed to be encouraging, exhortation and comforting (see 1 Corinthians 1:3). However not all encouraging words are prophecies, just like every apostle should be a father or mother, but not every father or mother should be an apostle. It's important for us to not stretch the Bible for it to mean something it doesn't say. It's good for you to be encouraging even if it's not a prophecy, but let's not make everything that is encouraging a prophecy." -- Kris Vallotton

Is he serious? Do not stretch the Bible beyond what it says? It doesn't say any of this. The fundamental underpinning he has wrong of course is in misunderstanding the key verse today which he incorrectly referenced as 1cor 1:3. I assume he meant 14:3. Because Kris Vallotton lives in a fantasy land where the gospel is always pancakes and puppies he doesn't understand that even these three positive sounding words have different meanings. Prophecy is always the Word of God and thus it always builds up and edifies. The building up is in Christ however -- not in any carnal or worldly terms. The building up in Christ process can be painful to our mortal selves. It is likened to removing the dross through intense fire to purify elements. Remember that what God considers edifying is not to someone who refuses to hear it. The second word is encouragement and yes the Word from God should always be encouraging to us even if we do not understand. Why? Because the creator of the universe should ever speak to us at all! You can tell however that Kris has turned all of this into a carnal love fest of encouragement or an attaboy festival. If I see my brother sinning it is encouragement to remind him what God says. The last word is consolation. This clearly infers a troubled mind and heart at some level if comforting is in order. The Word of God provides us with absolute truth in a world gone absolutely crazy. It provides for the only way to overcome this world, through Christ Jesus.

"Words of knowledge are not the same as prophetic words. Sometimes we see people and know their profession. That's a word of knowledge -- information you got by the Spirit that is currently true. That is good but it's not a prophecy." -- Kris Vallotton

This is where Kris does not see the truth about how far off he is. Yes a word of knowledge is completely different than prophesy but it is the Spirit that gives these gifts. Kris thinks he can teach them both! The word of knowledge deals with the person you are speaking to but the word of prophesy deals with God and what He is saying in His Word. To Kris however he is in control of the gifts. He most assuredly is not.

"The value you place on the prophetic word determines the power you'll receive from it. Part of the reason why people don't receive grace to change is because they misunderstand what prophetic ministry is. The Bible says if you receive prophetic ministry in the name of prophetic ministry then you receive its reward (Matthew 10:41). So, if you have very little faith in the word, then don't be surprised if it doesn't come to pass. An example of this is Moses and the people who did not go into the Promised Land. Millions heard the prophetic word about the Promised Land, but only two families got to go in. It wasn't a bad word but faith that made the difference. What can we learn? Unbelief will kill a prophecy and keep the purposes of God from coming true in your life. Also--It's important that before you begin prophetic ministry that you explain what prophetic ministry is. People need to know how to steward and put their faith behind it." -- Kris Vallotton

Consider his opening sentence here. The value you place on the prophetic word determines the power you will receive from it? Are you kidding me? What about God? It is His Word, no? Does He get a say in the power you receive? Again this is the humanistic based theories of prophecy that have no biblical grounding whatsoever. The Bible does not say anything about receiving the prophetic ministry. It says he who welcomes a prophet gets a prophet's reward. Well now, what does that mean? The prophet brings the Word of God -- that is the reward. If someone does not welcome it then they cannot learn from it, be edified by it, grow more into Christ because of it, or be encouraged by it. People do not need to steward prophetic ministries beloved. They need to honor the Word of God.

"Don't make the prophetic word fit whatever your morning prayer was. For example, if you're praying for your spouse and someone gives you a word about community or companionship in your life, it's easy to interpret that as God bringing you your spouse, instead of as God bringing you friends, even if that's not what the word is. The Lord often sends us prophetic words from other people about things we typically never pray for--the things that He's been trying to talk to us about for years that we're not open to hearing"often about a thing we've never wanted to do, or a place we've never wanted to go." -- Kris Vallotton

God does not stutter beloved. There is no figuring out what He is saying. He is very clear. What Vallotton traffics in is called clairvoyance. He teaches people to reach out with their senses to feel what God is saying to them in their wickedly deceitful hearts and then assume that whatever it is must be from God. Just look at how haphazard his approach is here. Because it is all a work of his flesh, he recognizes that his flesh can get in the way! That maybe what we have for breakfast can make us misinterpret what God is saying to our hearts. Except in real prophecy, there is nothing to interpret. God said this, say this. it is all His Word!

"The greater the level of prophetic ministry, the greater the level of prophetic judgment should be. When you give a prophetic declaration I'd really rather that you don't say, "Thus sayeth the Lord," because the Bible doesn't give us the privilege of always being right when prophesying. In prophetic cultures, you'll likely get some words that aren't accurate (this is a part of growing). If you say, "Thus sayeth the Lord" it removes the element of prophetic judgment. The word, not the person giving it, should be examined in a prophetic culture. If you feel invalidated because a prophetic word you gave is judged, then you need to deal with some self-esteem issues. The truth is, if you don't have checks and balances in your prophetic culture then you'll be empowering people to manipulate with the prophetic (meaning they require that everyone else sees their words as true always), which will lead to your congregation getting bitter and burned out on prophecies. But the Bible says not to despise prophetic utterances (1 Thessalonians 5:20-21), so let's be teachable and humble with our prophetic words." -- Kris Vallotton

There is only one level Kris -- prophet or false prophet. One is rewarded and the other judged. The Bible does not always give you the privilege of being right? Huh? If the Bible has proven you false then you have spoken presumptuously on behalf of the creator of the universe. Look at how he normalizes what called for stoning in the Old Testament! You are likely to get some words that are not accurate? Allow me to translate -- you are likely to lie to God's people about hearing from God. If that does not give you some trepidation or even the sense to pause then I fear for your salvation because you obviously have no fear of the Lord before you. The Bible does indeed say to not despise prophecies but that is of course related to true prophecies.

"How are you developing the prophetic culture in your community? It's so important that you raise up ministers of the prophetic who operate in maturity and love, never partnering with manipulation. I want to encourage you to be a catalyst for stewardship of the prophetic in your community, and as you learn to judge prophetic words and allow Holy Spirit to guide you as you filter what He's saying, you'll have greater clarity and revelation. And that clarity will empower you to place value on the right prophetic words, accelerating you into the power the word carries!" -- Kris Vallotton

Wow. According to Kris Vallotton it is our job to filter what the Holy Spirit is saying in order to make it clearer and more revelatory. What unbridled arrogance. The Bible says to mark people such as Kris Vallotton. He knows nothing about biblical prophecy. He does have a scam however that makes him a lot of money and that is the false prophet paradigm that he is on the top of the pyramid in. The same errors he states here are the same they all make because this is what the handbook teaches them. Our handbook is the Bible and it teaches us to stay away from such fools. We would be wise to do so.

Reverend Anthony Wade - May 18, 2018

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