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The Sky Is Fluorescent Green - Dr. Brown Continues to Cultivate the Big Election Lie

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The Lord detests the use of dishonest scales, but he delights in accurate weights. - Proverbs 11:1 (ESV)

Separating the Question of Election Fraud from Conspiracy Madness and the Insurrection -- Charisma News

"As we are now three months out from the elections and almost one month removed from the storming of the Capitol, we can step back, catch our breath, and reassess where we stand. Emotions are calming down; the news cycle is less intense, and fanatical voices are being separated from reasonable voices. Yet one thing remains constant: millions of fair-minded Americans still believe there was serious election fraud. This is an issue that simply will not disappear. These people are not wild-eyed white supremacists (or even non-wild-eyed white supremacists). To the contrary, they are as mortified as anyone over the events of Jan. 6. They cannot simply be dismissed as cultlike followers of Trump, people whose reasoning powers have atrophied. Nor can they be written off as unhinged conspiracy theorists, as many of them (most of them?) have never read a QAnon post in their lives. Yet they still have serious concerns about the trustworthiness of our electoral process, and the more the mainstream media states that there is zero evidence of voter fraud, the more determined they become." - Dr. Michael Brown

So starts the above linked article from Dr. Michael Brown. In a word to answer Dr. Brown - no. Your entire premise is exactly the problem in this country and the apostate church today. The fact that someone or entire swaths of someones, believe something does not alter reality. As my pastor is fond of saying, you can be sincere and sincerely wrong. Let me over-simplify what you continue to do. In early November, the President of the United States started telling everyone that the sky was fluorescent green. His followers and idol worshipers started looking at the sky and seeing traces of fluorescent green until they too believed what they were being told. When rational people tried to talk them off the ledge they screamed - fake news! When we tried to point them to reliable resources to assure them the sky was blue they screamed - deep state! Nevertheless their fearless leader kept whipping them up into a frenzy because no one was believing them. He then unleashed them upon the Capitol where five people died, including one police officer. They urinated on the walls. They defecated on the floor. Yet once they reached the well of the Senate they stopped to pray. Yes that's right. They prayed to Jesus Christ to thank Him for their success that day.

Now you are right. Some of these folks were crazier than others. Not everyone showed up with zip ties and concealed weapons. Yet they were all there based upon the same acceptance of a horrible lie. They all believed the same thing. To them the sky remained fluorescent green. It remains so to this very day. Yet you think because they did not poop in the House of Representatives that they must be regarded as "fair minded." You think because they are correctly mortified by the events of January 6th that they must also be correct in their belief that the sky is actually not blue. They can still have concerns about the trustworthiness of our electoral process but that does not make them right. How do we know? Because they only had these concerns after the election. They suddenly became vigilant only because their guy lost and he swore to them that they was robbed. If we are being intellectually honest here let's switch the results. Let's say Donald Trump won by over seven million votes. Would any of these "fair minded" people be saying one word about the sanctity of the election system in this country? What if the Biden camp was claiming they actually won when everyone else says they lost? Would any of these hinged folks be accepting of the possibility or would they be screaming for them to shut up? I think you know the answer Dr. Brown. The sky remains blue. The fact that millions of people still believe it is fluorescent green does not change reality. Their reasoning powers have indeed atrophied. The fact that this atrophy is not so severe as to pray thanksgiving to Jesus Christ after murdering a police officer does not change the fact that it is still atrophied enough to believe the sky is fluorescent green.

"I stated on Dec. 4 of last year that I am personally agnostic as to the claims of massive voter fraud. But that was not because all the claims of fraud struck me as specious. Instead, it was because I did not have the time, the expertise or the burden to analyze the claims in-depth so as to make a determination of my own. As for the final outcome of the election, I decided early on to trust our court system, Congress and our fervent prayers, and so I recognize Joe Biden as our president. At the same time, while I understand that it was the belief that the election was stolen which provoked the storming of the Capitol, it's also very clear that plenty of rational, law-abiding, thinking Americans remain convinced that widescale fraud was undeniable." - Dr. Michael Brown

But you are not agnostic Dr. Brown. As with your NAR gatekeeper habits, you are an enabler of the big lie. In every article you have written you have tried to sound reasonable while still floating the idea that election fraud could be true when it most certainly was not. It seems your entire rationale is that because enough people believe the sky is fluorescent green that we are someone obligated to consider that it might be true. No. That is not how reality works. Fraud on a micro level is always possible in elections as large as ours but on a macro level? Fraud that can flip millions of votes? That has been adjudicated over 60 times already and Trump has been laughed out of court by judges he has appointed! His own government has stated this was the most secure election in the history of the country! Some of the states in question were run by Republicans that fully supported Mr. Trump. They can't all be deep state! I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy but it has to be plausible to work. Bill Barr is now deep state? I am glad that you now recognize Biden as president but the problem is you keep saying it next to the possibility that he is not! By doing so you keep enabling the big lie that has led so many astray.

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