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Dec 17, 2021: Jennifer LeClaire's Latest Grift - You May Be A Knower! That sneaky squid spirit is back for your money...do you know? 2 2 Comment Count
Jan 8, 2020: The Subtlety of False Teaching -- Where Good Intentions Go Bad -- A Teaching from Isaiah The opening point from a local sermon reveals the problems with modern preaching focusing on this world instead of what God is saying...
Sep 29, 2015: A Quick Teaching On The Dangers of Eisegesis A recent example of how reading into the biblical text robs people of the Gospel.
Jul 14, 2015: Unholy Heresy Reborn - Christians Should Stay Far Away The second part of the Holy Ghost movie is set to open up and Christians would do well to avoid it...
Jun 26, 2015: Nothing Changed Today; a Message for the "Church" and the Body of Christ Calm down and read your Bible...
May 9, 2015: Matthew Chapter 8, Part One - Spiritual Neuropathy and the Leprosy of Sin As we open Chapter 8 of the Gospel of Matthew we learn lessons in bringing our sins to God...
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Mar 2, 2015: The Joel Osteen Affirmation - What Does the Bible Say?

What does the Bible say about the affirmation Joel Osteen uses before he speaks?

3 3 Comment Count
Jan 3, 2015: Annual "Power Words" Reveal the Carnality of Modern Church Thinking

Latest trend in church marketing reveals how humanistically we think...

Jul 24, 2014: The Lies Sold to Christian Women

A look at the growing trend of selling worldly love to Christian women.

Jul 19, 2014: Biblical Understanding of "Anointing"

Correcting the abuse in the church today of the word "anointing."

Jul 17, 2014: Praying for Our Pastors

We need to protect the true men of God He has blessed us with...

May 4, 2014: The Eight Woes - Part Eight - The Final Woe

Finishing up the series on the warning Christ gave to the Pharisees and the correlation to the church today.

Apr 28, 2014: The Selfie Gospel

The gospel we follow reveals where our focus is...

Apr 19, 2014: Two of the Greatest Sentences in All of the Bible

Celebrating Resurrection Sunday!

Mar 31, 2014: The Truth About Love and God

God is love but love is not what the world wants us to believe it is...

Mar 29, 2014: Brian Houston and the Pastoral Culture of Blame

Passing the buck since the Garden of Eden...

Mar 17, 2014: The Luck of the Irish and the Providence of God

A St. Patrick's Day look at luck...

Feb 12, 2014: The Spirit of False Prophecies for 2014

This is your year for double blessing...all of you...anyone who happens to be reading this...no wait seriously...

Feb 8, 2014: False Prophet David E. Taylor Loses Super Bowl Prophecy; 43-8

"Apostle" and "Prophet" David E. Taylor said that the Holy Spirit confirmed for him that the Broncos would win the Super Bowl...oops. But what was on his website was more disturbing.

Dec 19, 2013: The Calling Card of a False Prophet - Cindy Jacobs and the NAR A look at real prophecy and the signs of the false prophet... 2 2 Comment Count
Nov 6, 2013: Casual Spiritual Warfare & The Laying On Of Hands We need to stop being ignorant of the spiritual war we are in. 1 1 Comment Count
Oct 17, 2013: The Sin Debt Ceiling & Misunderstanding America A look at the recent crises in Washington and what it should mean to Christians.
Aug 5, 2013: The Ongoing Erosion of Sound Doctrine - "In Christ Alone" Removed from Hymnal A God-honoring song is removed from the hymnal of the Presbyterian Church because it states that the cross satisfied the wrath of God. The end draws nearer.
May 4, 2013: Discerning Signs and Wonders There are signs and wonders today for those who believe. There are also false signs and wonders. Here is how to discern between the two.
Mar 26, 2013: More Theological Cliff Diving With Rob Bell The disgraced former mega-church pastor is back at the microphone, discarding eternal truth for cultural lies.
Mar 8, 2013: Drinking Dirty Water from Cracked Cisterns Where are you getting your water from today?
Mar 4, 2013: Nicki Minaj, Demonic Influence, and Spiritual Ignorance Nicki Minaj claims to have an entity living inside of her that refuses to leave. I say we take her at her word.
Jan 29, 2013: The Search for Sarai Sierra A Word of encouragement and direction as the search continues for Sarai Sierra.
Jan 26, 2013: Romance, Lies and Love A brief look at unmet, unrealistic expectations...

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