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March 7, 2019

Shawn Bolz -- Living in an NAR Fantasyland

By Anthony Wade

More NAR dominionist dreaming courtesy of false prophet Shawn Bolz


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Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, while evil people and impostors will go on from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. -- 2Timothy 3:12-13 (ESV)

Sometimes I read or watch false teachers and prophets and wonder what world they think they are living in. The delusion is so pervasive and thick I just marvel that they cannot see how far astray they have wandered. Like when Jennifer Leclaire writes an article speaking against false prophets the disconnect is almost comical if not so serious. Then I remember an old church I used to attend and a local pastor who once told the sheep they should leave if they have angst against anyone and then preached on the 99 and 1! Perhaps no sect of false teaching is more disconnected from reality however than the NAR. It turns scholars like Michael Brown into lap dogs for carnal politics. You are only left wondering if the whole shtick is a lie designed to further a career or genuine demonic deception. Then I reflect to the key verses from today and realize it does not matter. Paul reminds Timothy that whether they are genuinely evil or merely imposters it does not matter. Some will go on deceiving others on purpose and others will go on being deceived themselves and thus deceiving others with their own false beliefs. What only matters is the truth being spoken to the sheep and those who need the Lord. So let us reason together once more through the above NAR delusion written by Shawn Bolz, resident false prophet of Bethel Church.

"The church is in an identity crisis right now, but God is bringing a clear message to help bring His balance into the existing church. We have always been called to engage culture and see transformation in the world around us, but much of the church is dualistic in its approach. We see anything not directly impacting the focus of the church as nonspiritual." -- Shawn Bolz

I always love how NAR adherents speak demonstrably about things they clearly do not understand. The church has NEVER been called to engage culture! This is one of the delusional lies at the heart of the NAR cancer. Never lose sight of the fact that the NAR worships this country. It is an idol unto them. Why? Because in it and through it they enjoy the full benefits of all the excess and sin while pretending they are all going to heaven. So they create this alternate universe where God creates the church to do something other than preach the Gospel. Their fantasyland says that the church needs to find relevance to a fallen culture and somehow redeem it so that it may be revived. Back in the little place I call reality however, the church is supposed to be different not relevant. It does not identify with a sinful world but preaches the Gospel so that some might be saved out from it. Even the disciples always dreamed their Messiah would deliver them from Roman oppression but Jesus came with so much more beloved. A deliverance from the oppression of sin, which is eternal! The stakes have not changed. The Gospel today can still save people from the culture and an eternity in hell but Shawn Bolz would prefer to see more unbiblical movies from the Kendrick brothers or Hillsong release a new album about worshiping man. Here is today's deep theology for Shawn. The church is the bride of Christ so anything that does not bear directly upon her is not only nonspiritual but can be discarded.

"Because of this, we have become in some cases irrelevant to the world around us, building only organizational structures that affect other believers. It's the difference between Noah building an ark of protection and God raising up Joseph to build kingdom culture within a worldly structure. I believe we are called to be architects of kingdom. When we see many of the influencers in the Bible, they worked in occupations that saved nations, influenced cities and mentored kingdoms. These are our end-times examples, and the Holy Spirit is leading us out of self-protection mode. Of course, statistics from Barna Group and others show a huge amount of believers don't even attend a local church. Much of this is because the organized structure of the church has not been making itself into a harbor in the vast ocean of humanity. Rather, we have been building isolated, manmade lakes and fishing from our own streams." -- Shawn Bolz

Once again the NAR delusion about relevance. I do not expect wolves to understand the intricacies of God but remember beloved that salvation is a supernatural act of the Holy Spirit. It is not accomplished by tricking people to come a steepled building on a given Sunday. It is only accomplished through the uncompromised preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's as if Shawn Bolz never read Acts 2! The church is entirely about the believers! Do we want the unsaved to visit? Of course because then they can hear the Gospel but until conversion the things of God are utter foolishness to them. So why cater the church to them and starve the sheep! Acts 2 does not say they all gathered to try and bring goats in! It says they gathered to fellowship, break bread and study the word. That is what the church was before Rick Warren corrupted it through his purpose driven heresies.

So what of his biblical references? Go read the account of Noah and see if you can find where God instructed Noah to influence the culture around him because it is not there. God never even instructed Noah to speak with his neighbors! Noah was the only one that found favor in the Lord's sight. Now, the text implies that Noah must have had to explain why he was building a boat when it had never rained but that is a far cry from "saving nations, influencing or mentoring kingdoms." The example of Joseph is equally unsupportive of NAR teachings here as God used the unbelieving Egyptians to provide for His people and not the other way around. The Israelites developed their culture in spite of the culture around them; not inclusive of it. So much so that they would become enslaved to the Egyptians in just a few generations after the passing of Joseph. It is not "self-protection mode" Shawn -- it is what the Bible says we are to do. The reason why believers do not attend church is that they have stopped feeding them due to your NAR fantasyland theology. True believers will not stay if the Gospel is not being preached -- period.

"The Holy Spirit desires to coach us into the ability to influence humanity by showing the world God's original intention. I love how the Holy Spirit is so consistent in His message to the world: He wants to connect our hearts to the everlasting love nature of God. We have a Father in heaven who has always had an original design for all things, especially humanity. He has this incredible vision of reigning and partnership, and it's so unbelievable that when man failed, He sent His Son to restore us and make everything new." -- Shawn Bolz

Yeah, no Shawn. This is the sloppy agape side of the NAR dominionism. The Gospel is replaced with a diabetic love message that is unbiblical and saves nobody. The message from Jesus Himself when He walked the earth was repent for the kingdom of God is at hand not I want to connect your heart to the everlasting love nature of God. The other disturbing NAR teaching embodied in this snippet is the notion of co-reigning with God in partnership. There is simply no understanding of the Lordship of Jesus Christ within the NAR. They think God is their partner or wingman. God is the Creator and we are the created. This is the same sin of Lucifer. This is wanting to ascend to the throne of the Most High. This is Eve believing that she will see good and evil and thus be like God. Beloved, the Holy Spirit's consistent message to the world is repent and be forgiven. Without repentance there is no salvation. Yes God loves you but He loves you so much that He will not allow you to continue to be oppressed by sin. Do we get that today? Sin is what destroys us and God wants us saved.

"The Holy Spirit shares with us today how to access this restoration of all things and gives us vision to see the Father's original design and desire. I love how 1 Corinthians 2:10-12 frames it: The Holy Spirit searches the deepest parts of God and connects us to those places in His heart.

I believe the Holy Spirit is bringing incredible perspective through His eyes of love to see the value of people and industries we have not previously treasured. He is commissioning Christians to influence in places that before felt off-limits or fringy but now have become empowered by mainstream Christianity--industries like music, film and technology. Daniel, Joseph and Esther are examples of people positioned differently in culture to have a kingdom effect that just wouldn't have happened if they had remained limited to the tribe of Israel alone. They were positioned for the good of God's people and for the good of the people they served." -- Shawn Bolz

More bible twisting from the NAR. 1Corinthians 2 is dealing with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. How someone with the indwelt Holy Spirit is led into the truths of God and can understand the mind of God. How someone without the Holy Spirit cannot possibly understand the things of God for they are foolishness to him. There is no mention of connecting to the heart of God or the Holy Spirit searching the depths of God. That is all high sounding nonsense from the wickedly deceitful heart of Shawn Bolz. Note that Shawn admits that his notion of the Holy Spirit bringing incredible perspective through the eyes of love to see the value of people and industries is not biblical. We know that because instead of saying God said, he says, "I Believe." Mormons believe Jesus and Satan are brothers so it doesn't really matter what we believe unless we can back it up with Scripture.

God is not commissioning Christians to influence music, film and technology. John Calvin once said that zeal without doctrine is like a sword in the hand of a lunatic. Shawn Bolz and the NAR have no shortage of zeal but their doctrine is so polluted by the carnality of this world that it only makes their zeal more dangerous. Bolz works for Bethel, which produced the heretical worship outfit known as Jesus Culture. These folks tour the nation indoctrinating youth with the false theology of Bethel and the narcissistic music of the NAR and likeminded faux worship. One of their leaders regales the kids with stories of a demonic encounter that she thinks was Jesus whisking her away to the throne room to meet the Father face to face. At Jesus Culture events there are unbiblical and satanic "fire tunnels" where people run a gauntlet of kids "laying hands" on them until they collapse on the floor. I like a good worship song as much as the next guy but not as part of the music industry. It was pop gospel singer James Fortune who beat his wife with a chair. It was philanderer Israel Houghton who was winning Dove awards while sleeping with his mistress. When Christian music becomes entertainment we have lost the point. In order to entertain people who do not know God we are forced to abandon theology because the true things of God are foolishness to those that are perishing. No one wants to sing about how much they need to repent! So instead it always has to spun in such a way to present the love of God without His wrath. The same is true in film. Bolz wants more "Christian" films but we are no longer talking about Charlton Heston in the Ten Commandments. Instead we get things like the Bible mini-series produced by ex-catholic mystic Roma Downey. Once again in order to sell, they had to remove any possibility of offending anyone. So Jesus says He is the way the truth and the life but then they quickly cut to commercial so as to avoid that none may come to the Father except through Him. The Bible Miniseries did not start in the Garden of Eden so as to avoid the controversy over a six day creation period. Instead the miniseries started with the account of Noah.

We do not need more films like the AD miniseries either. The goal of the female producers of this travesty was to elevate women into more prominent roles than the bible ever says they had. That is how we get the memorable scene of Mary chastising Peter, which of course never happened. Even theatrical releases are rarely biblical. They have the appearance of piety but only a discerning eye can see what they are really teaching. Whether it is eastern mysticism or prayer solely as a means of obtaining blessings these movies are bad theology at best. The cause of the Gospel does not need more Christian movies beloved. Because they do not teach the full Gospel, the world does not need them either. Bolz gives three ludicrous examples to try and prove the point he does not have. Daniel was a captured slave. He gained favor but the Babylonians were not saved because of his faithfulness. Joseph carved out a place for Israel within Egyptian culture but no one was saved on the Egyptian side, which would eventually enslave the Israelites. Esther was able to confound a plot against her people but that is it. I agree that God used them to protect the people of God but those around them that were unsaved remained so. Under the New Covenant, salvation has now come to the world. Bolz concludes:

"Today, we are seeing huge numbers of pastors' and ministers' kids coming into careers in arts and entertainment, business, tech, science and even politics. They feel sent by God the same way their parents felt when they started their ministry. It is a clear sign when you can identify a generation of Western world leaders' kids not taking the direct legacy of their parents but instead being infused with the same passion to see impact through an industry instead of ministry." -- Shawn Bolz

This is one of the ultimate weapons of the NAR. To blur the lines between ministry and industry to the point where you think all of your carnal activities are all for God. Ministry is one of the most abused words in the church. Representing Christ in the workplace is not ministry. Forcing your beliefs upon people who think they are foolishness just because you are in an industry is not ministry. Ultimately the world corrupts the church if the church refuses to stand as a shining city on a hill, set apart from the world. A Christian in politics will bend to the political will and not his own beliefs. It happens every single day. A Christian making movies will be forced to make them more appealing to the masses. Shawn Bolz thinks you can invade the secular with the sacred because that is the core of NAR beliefs. He is sadly mistaken beloved. Do not be led down the path to the fantasyland he lives in.

Reverend Anthony Wade -- Match 7, 2019

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