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November 8, 2019

NAR Offering Prayers for Their Political Idols -- Paula White Edition

By Anthony Wade

J. Lee Grady has gone full NAR advocating for a wolf because she has access to the White House.


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He must hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught, so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and also to rebuke those who contradict it. -- Titus 1:9 (ESV)

The NAR has warped the minds of a generation of churchgoers. Millions of people sit in apostate churches across this country and the world, overly focused on culture instead of the Gospel. That is why something like the Kanye West situation becomes so engrossing for the church. They follow a cult of personality model for their pastors and adore whenever someone from the world acknowledges them at all. Since government is one of the seven mountains of culture they think they must "conquer"; they become positively giddy if they get the slightest access to political power. Enter Paula White. It seems that after purchasing a 3.5-million-dollar condo in Trump Towers, Paula and the President became besties. She regales him with tales of fleecing God's flock and he spins yarns about screwing people in his business dealings. I am sure it is a wonderful relationship but the question is why is the church happy when the most immoral president ever is getting advice from a huckster wolf like White? As the link above will show, it's all NAR.

"If anyone had told me 20 years ago that Donald Trump would one day be president of the United States, I would have laughed and said: "That's as crazy as saying Paula White will be working for him in the White House." Welcome to the bizarre world of 2019. Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman and reality TV star, sits in the Oval Office in the same year that rapper Kanye West made a gospel album. And last week Trump tapped Paula White Cain--a Pentecostal pastor now married to a former rock star--to serve as a religious adviser. Some people will hate me for saying this, but I'll say it anyway. I'm praying for Paula. Just as Trump's 2016 victory sent the American political establishment into total freak-out mode, the selection of Paula as a senior counselor on religious issues has prompted an outcry among political and media elites. It also raised eyebrows among Trump's most loyal Christian supporters, who view Paula with disdain because of her gender, her Pentecostal roots and her prosperity gospel message." -- J. Lee Grady

I used to view J. Lee Grady as a sign of hope within the cesspool that is Charisma News but lately it just seems as if discernment has gone out the window. Stop with the canned nonsensical political talking points! People who disagree are not the "elites." They are regular people who clearly see what you are no longer willing to see. Stop muddying the waters! When it comes to Paula White, it is not about her gender or her Pentecostal roots. It is about her false doctrine. Mr. Grady should know better. Paul White Cain is a wolf. Period, full stop. She sings Don't Stop Believing with her husband in churches and pretends it is a faith song when everyone knows it is about a one-night sexual tryst. Her and her third husband, which is supposed to matter as well, once preached that women need to watch pornography with their husbands. That barely scratches the surface of this huckster you are now endorsing. Pray for her? Do you pray for wolves Mr. Grady? Can you point out where we are instructed to?

"The mainstream media went after Paula after they learned of her association with Trump during his presidential campaign. The criticism got louder when she was one of six religious leaders who prayed during Trump's inauguration ceremony in January 2017. White was the first woman to ever lead an inaugural prayer. She has been dismissed as a charlatan, partly because her ministry was investigated by U.S. Senator Charles Grassley in 2007 (no charges were ever filed) and because her flamboyant pulpit style includes some over-the-top fundraising gimmicks. But I've watched Paula's career for 25 years, and I know she's a much more complex woman than her critics realize. Say what you will about her cringe-worthy appeals for "first fruits offerings" (tactics I've condemned in this column in the past), Paula is a sister in Christ who at least deserves our prayers as she tries to build spiritual bridges during the most divisive season in recent American history." -- J. Lee Grady

The media did not "go after her." They reported on her as is their job. The truly sad thing is they can listen to her preach and realize she is false but you and a portion of the supposed church cannot. How pathetic when the world discerns better than the church? The last time she prayed for the president she claimed the power to "deploy the hand of God." Do you support such garbage? The investigation by Chuck Grassley, a Republican I might add, is not the reason she is dismissed a charlatan. That was just the world catching up. Her blatant false teaching is why she is dismissed a charlatan. Over the top fundraising? Is that what you call making five million dollars by fleecing the flock of God? She once told her followers that God told her that 1Chrionicles 22:9 meant they were supposed to send her $229 dollars in order to see His blessings in their lives. Is that over the top or is if blatantly heretical and false? Stop whitewashing the devil Mr. Grady. The absolutely abusive first fruits theology, which you agreed is false is now only "cringe-worthy? Seriously? Have you had a recent in-service training from Dr. Michael Brown on obfuscation? Paula White is most certainly NOT our sister in Christ. She has used Jesus to build herself a fortune. She is a wolf devouring the sheep of the Lord and you will answer for telling people she is somehow safe.

"In the 1990s, Paula and her second husband, Randy, led Without Walls International, a booming charismatic megachurch in Tampa, Florida. Their roots were in the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee), a Pentecostal denomination that taught them to preach passionately and to reach the homeless, immigrants and the disenfranchised. Without Walls grew to more than 25,000 members in its heyday--and Paula became a celebrity. I remember listening to one of her sermons in 2002. She told the audience in a rhythmic cadence: "I know I look like Gloria Copeland, but I preach like Jackie McCullough." (Copeland is white; McCollough is a black female preacher.) Paula's style is a mix of you-can-do-it motivational speaking and old-fashioned camp meeting fervor. Her audiences shout back at her with hallelujahs when she tells how she grew up in a trailer park but eventually bought a mansion. Her folksy "Can I get an amen?" style endeared her to black audiences--and Without Walls became a fully integrated church. After Paula and Randy divorced in 2007, she became the pastor of New Destiny Christian Center, a predominantly African-American congregation in the Orlando area. Paula began a friendship with Trump while she and Randy were pastoring the Tampa church. Trump had listened to one of her TV broadcasts and invited her to be on the set of The Apprentice. She got an apartment in Trump's Park Avenue building, and he sometimes attended her Bible studies there." -- J. Lee Grady

That is a mighty sanitized revision of her history Mr. Grady. No mention of how she met Randy White when he was an associate pastor, married with three kids and White was still married as well. No mention how they divorced their spouses to marry each other. No mention how they built Without Walls Church by extorting money from their sheep, and then abandoned the church when the going got tough. No mention of how they had no cause to get divorced. No mention how Without Walls went from the seventh largest church in America to bankruptcy. Not even a care in the world for what might have happened to the 25,000 sheep you casually mention. No consideration for the 3.5 million dollars she spent on that condo in Trump Towers? None of this matters to us anymore as Christians? Wow.

"Fast-forward to 2019. Paula, now 53, restarted her life after her divorce from Randy. She married Jonathan Cain, who was a keyboardist for the rock group Journey. Since she began attending Oval Office prayer meetings and summits, Paula is often the only woman in a crowd of men wearing dark suits. It is beyond ironic that many of the conservative preachers in these meetings don't believe women can be pastors. Yet the president they support calls Paula his pastor. Paula's critics will most likely go after her with a vengeance now. They will ask why a female pastor would support a president who has been accused of being a womanizer. They will demand to know how she can tolerate some of Trump's statements that sound racist. Whether or not you like her preaching or her politics, I don't believe for a minute that you can pin a racist label on Paula. Ebony magazine pointed out in 2007 that Paula was the most popular female preacher on the Black Entertainment Network. Since she was called to preach at age 18, she has spent most her time building bridges of racial reconciliation." -- J. Lee Grady

Now Grady conflates his most recent pet issue, female pastors, with Paula White to avoid the elephant in the room, which is the fact that she is false. The fact that the unsaved and unrepentant president calls her pastor means nothing. When you consider her primary gospel is the prosperity heresy, it is actually no small wonder that Trump would like her. They both worship the same God, mammon. Grady then constructs one of the worst strawman arguments I have seen in a while. First he undersells the fact that the president is clearly racist by saying he has said somethings that merely "sound" racist. Then he somehow transfers that onto White, as if people are accusing her of the same. I have not heard one person accuse Paula White of being racist. She does not care what the race of her victims is. She is an equal opportunity exploiter. The important thing is while Grady has people chasing down these silly rabbit holes, the main topic gets avoided. Paula White as a heretical wolf who is devouring the sheep of the Lord. Just as a final thought here, God did not call Paula to preach at age 18. If He did, He would make himself out to be a liar but that is a conversation for a different devotional.

"Yet while a majority of African-Americans support Democrats in elections, Paula has been a staunch defender of President Trump. During an interview on televangelist Jim Bakker's program in 2017, she said if God had not intervened in the 2016 election, religious liberties would have eroded to such an extent that people would have to pray in underground churches within five years. "God says that He raises up and places all people in positions of authority," Paula said. "It is God who raises up a king. It is God who sets one down." I don't know how long Paula will last in a White House known for its high turnover rate. But instead of condemning her for her flaws, I will pray that God uses her in the halls of power. In this crazy season of spiritual surprises, this flawed woman preacher--who regularly prays for miracles--could possibly help our flawed president make wiser decisions, tone down his angry rhetoric and unite our divided nation." -- J. Lee Grady

Do you agree with White's absurdly hyperbolic statement about religious liberties and praying underground? Do you now support such demagoguery and fear mongering Mr. Grady? Does God not raise up leaders of both parties and use such for His own end one way or the other? This is the weakling God the NAR portrays. The God that always seems to need our help in dealing with those loathsome sinners in the world ruining it for the rest of us good and righteous folks. Except we are not good nor righteous. None are. All have turned from God. the world behaves as if they do not follow God because they actually don't. What is the excuse for the church that claims to?

Paula White does not simply "have flaws." J. Lee Grady used to know better. When we promote wolves, we lead the sheep right to them. Because the NAR has done a masterful job of conflating kingdom goals with utterly carnal ones, the apostate church cannot tell the difference anymore between right and wrong. I do not care about your politics. There is no party nor man in office that cares about the cause of the Lord. This president gets advice from a cornucopia of false teachers. Franklin Graham, Robert Morris, Jentzen Franklin, Cindy Jacobs, and of course his favorite money-making pastor -- Paula White. This should give Christians pause but instead the NAR celebrates it as if this president is the second coming of King Cyrus, with an Elijah mantle and a Deborah anointing. Are you serious? This is Paula White! She once said that anyone who tells you to deny yourself is from Satan! When selling her "first fruits" heresy she said:

'"When you honor this principle, it provides the foundation and structure for God's blessings and promises in your life. It unlocks deep dimensions of spiritual truths that literally transform your life. When you apply this, everything comes in divine alignment for his plan and promises for you. When you don't honor it, whether through ignorance or direct disobedience, there are consequences."' -- Paula White

So she is directly threatening her sheep with the wrath of God if they do not send her a portion of their January salary, if not all of it! She does not deserve our consideration. She certainly does not deserve our prayers. As the key verse teaches us we are to rebuke her. She deserves nothing but our utter contempt and the working end of the shepherd's rod.

Reverend Anthony Wade -- November 8, 2019

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Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.