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A Quick and Hopefully Final Word on the Mario Murillo Kat Kerrfuffle

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I honestly had hoped this story would just go away but Mario wants to milk it for all the media attention he can curry. For those who have been spared this self-imposed drama so far, let me briefly summarize. A few days ago, avowed NAR dominionist Mario Murillo called out two false prophets. One of which I do not know but the obvious one was Kat Kerr. Apparently, this bothered some folks in the apostate church because it broke the cardinal rule about eating their own. What makes the Purpose Driven Industrial Complex so successful is their ability to stand for each other, no matter how false they are. A few days later, Murillo doubled down on his criticism and then the backlash intensified so today Murillo again tried to explain why he did what he did. I will only focus on one section from today:

'"It is totally the problem," Murillo says. "And you know, what's interesting is"and I've got to say this real fast"it began in the seeker sensitive model. And that model, for those that don't, aren't familiar with church marketing ideologies, is to leave out the offensive aspects of the Bible in order to get a wider hearing and to get people in. The problem is, they're really not brought in. Their bodies are there but their conversion isn't.

"So, what we have here is pastors who began to leave the Bible out. And we have individuals who today say things like we need to uncouple Christianity from the Old Testament. Well ... Paul said to Timothy, you've learned the Scriptures since you were a child, and they are able to correct you and give you life. Well, since the New Testament hadn't been written yet, what was he referring to? The Old Testament. So, biblical illiteracy is a major issue in the church. But it came from all directions.

"From one section of the church was the marketing scheme; we need a mega church and we need to leave out the offensive part. But on the other side, in the charismatic movement, came people that had out-of-Bible experiences, and they began to feel and get a hearing for the exotic nature of things they said were happening to them. There was no way to corroborate that. There was no way to say, 'well, that didn't happen,' except from the Bible. And since the Bible was not being taught, it opened the door for these prophets that are false to rise up and fill what was a condition of malnutrition in the body of Christ."' - Mario Murillo

Wow. I never thought I would say this, but Mario Murillo is correct. Not only correct but spot-on! Let me also say kudos for not giving in to the pressure to split the bill. Lastly, let me say Murillo is correct for refusing to share the stage with someone as false as Kat Kerr. This is someone in Kerr, who claims to have visited heaven multiple times and been given tours. She claims that we will be reunited with our pets and has seen a spare body part room. She also made a video rebuking a hurricane and commanding it from not reaching landfall, which of course it did. When it comes to false prophets, Kat Kerr is at the top of the list of obvious, low hanging fruit that is silly, absurd and stupid when it comes to believability. Benny Hinn's coat waving healing nonsense is more believable than Kat Kerr. With that out of the way, this does not remove the falseness from Mr. Mario Murillo. Within the same article today we find this gem:

Murillo pointed out that one of his co-hosts of Flashpoint, Lance Wallnau, "is a great man of God who studies the Word and understands." - Mario Murillo

Lance Wallnau's false prophecies are not "less false" than Kat Kerr. He prophesied that Donald Trump would secure a second term, oops. Then again, Murillo pretty much did as well. The notion that Lance Wallnau is a great man of God is as laughable as there being a spare body parts room in heaven. What Mario Murillo missed here is that false prophets in glass houses should not be throwing stones. Murillo sides with people more dangerous but just as ridiculous as Kerr. Take Greg Locke for example. Locke likes to hold book burnings while he preaches that no Democrats are allowed in his church. Why not? Both he and Murillo believe that all people who do not vote as they do, all Republican, are going to hell and are irredeemable. Locke claims they are actually all demon possessed. Murillo preached last month that if you had any Democrat friends or family you should walk away from them. You know, like Jesus never would.

So, I appreciate the stand Murillo took in calling out the crazy lady with the pink hair that shakes sticks at incoming hurricanes while telling me about her latest tour of heaven. Of course, it really isn't brave if you call crazy, crazy, while you continue to espouse divisive and false theology that idolizes this country and one political party. At least we can see the pink hair coming.

Reverend Anthony Wade - January 31, 2023

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