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Dr. Theresa Phillips, False Prophetess -- Prophelying in the Name of the Lord

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Thus says the Lord of hosts: "Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you, filling you with vain hopes. They speak visions of their own minds, not from the mouth of the Lord. -- Jeremiah 23: 16 (ESV)

There are so many false prophets popping up all over America as the business of lying in the name of the Lord has grown into an international business model. I just saw an advertisement for a "Prophecology" Conference at an airport hotel, charging only $600 a head to hear from a gaggle of false prophets including the absurd Juanita Bynum and "Grand Apostle" Bernard Jordan. Putting that aside, today we will be looking at "doctor" Theresa Phillips. To be honest I had never heard of Theresa Phillips until today. I refuse to call her doctor because her doctorate was "earned" from the diploma mill known as "Friends International Christian University." This is of course not an actual university and given their deceptive practices, they are not Christian either. What they specialize in is providing "Doctorate" degrees after completing eight correspondence classes, which the vaguely competent can probably complete in a year. In the real world, a Doctorate typically takes eight years after acquiring Bachelors and Masters Degrees. This flim-flam is akin to getting your doctoral credentials from a cereal box. For the record, this is where TD Jakes also received his "Doctorate."

So the fake doctor Phillips came to my attention after seeing her post a fourth of July "prophecy" through the Elijah List. For the uniformed the Elijah List as a collection of false prophets who make their money from gullible Christians by faking "words from the Lord." The prominent names many may have heard of are people like Steve Schultz, C. Peter Wagner, "General" Cindy Jacobs, Kim Clement, Rick Joyner, and Chuck Pierce. These are the same cast of false prophets that make up the New Apostolic Reformation and many are carried over into the Kansas City Prophets, closely associated with false prophet Mike Bickle of IHOP. This network of charlatans create all of these official sounding names and cross pollinating groups to prop each other's bogus credentials and prophetic bonafides up. These are the people who have openly declared that a prophet who is wrong upwards of 35% of the time is a pretty good prophet. This is where the youth at places like Bethel and IHOP get their own confused theologies from. This is why they are brought up thinking they can learn the gifts of the Spirit and that they should practice prophesying. What utter irreverent garbage. If you have not heard from the Lord you should be so impudent as to pretend to speak on His behalf. As if that was not bad enough, in reading the blurbs following fake doctor Phillips we find that she is even more full of herself than just insisting on calling her doctor when she knows full well she is not:

"Dr. Theresa Phillips has been given a mandate from the Lord Himself, in a face to face encounter, to take the message of the realm of the Throne Room (the Seat of David) to help strengthen a weakened Body of Christ and to the lost in the streets for such a time as this!"

"Dr. Theresa Phillips is the founder of Global Prophetic Voice. She is an ordained apostle under Dr. Renny McLean of Renny McLean Ministries. She has served as Regional Director of Independent Assemblies of God International. She is senior pastor and founder of Kingdom Global Impact Center in St. Charles, Illinois, where she has served for 25 years. She is also an ordained bishop of Kingdom Global Impact Center. Dr. Theresa's gifts include prophecy, signs, wonders, and miracles.

Dear Lord, where do we start? She is the founder of Global Prophetic Voice, which is essentially the vehicle for her to "release" her prophecies. She is an "ordained apostle?" Says who? False Apostle Renny McLean? McLean also claims to be an apostle but I could not figure out who told him he was. He also claims to be a doctor, but I could not find out from where he received his doctorate. He is listed as an Adjunct Professor and a School for the Supernatural, where I assume he teaches the gifts of the Spirit, which is biblically impossible. Oh and his wife is also a doctor and a prophetess. Phillips also is also the Regional Director of some outfit known as the Independent Assemblies of God International. Researching them it turns out they are not at all associated with the actual Assemblies of God. Instead, this organization appears to be just part of this network we have been discussing that allows people to pad their resumes and credentials. Their listed hours one can call them are only an hour and a half in the morning and two and half hours in the afternoon. Who can blame them really when you consider their entire organization appears to operate out of a PO Box in Laguna Hills California. It must get hot inside there.

As if all of this was not self-serving and disingenuous enough, she starts her own congregation, which meets at a Community Center in St. Charles Illinois. I assume she then named herself senior pastor and at some point she felt she must have progressed enough to ordain herself Bishop! I guess that is only natural when you openly state that you have the gifts of prophecy, signs, wonders and miracles. You just cannot make this stuff up beloved. Or in the case of fake doctor Phillips, you can. Then of course is the absurdly unbiblical foundation fake doctor Phillips claims by asserting that she has a mandate from the Lord, who she met face to face.

But," he said, "you cannot see my face, for man shall not see me and live." -- Exodus 33: 20 (ESV)

Beloved; the Bible is very clear. One cannot meet the Father face to face and live. Moses could not and I assure you someone named Theresa Phillips from 2016 cannot either. She has not been given a mandate by God. There is no such thing as the "message of the realm of the throne room. That is something she just invented in her wickedly deceitful heart, much like she invented that she is a doctor. What she is beloved is a false prophet. Not unusual at all but in her own biography and bragging we see the intricate network these hucksters have created to appear genuine. As God once said through the true Prophet, Jeremiah, do not listen to those who prophesy to fill you with vain hopes. That would not only mean hopes that are not going to come to pass but also hopes in our vanity. Hope that is not firmly rooted in Christ is no hope at all. Their visions come not from the Lord but from their own minds. And what was this grand vision the fake doctor claimed God gave her this Fourth of July? Battleships. Yes, huge battleships floating in the air off the eastern seaboard of America. For some reason the battleships had cannons and because they were pointing away from the shore, Phillips concluded that it was there to protect America. Because she believed this was somehow from God instead of the pizza she ate the night before, she concluded that God was going to protect America. She then heard America the Beautiful as confirmation and somehow out of all of this gobbledygook, she came up with this prophecy:

"America I have My eye on you," says the Lord. "I have seen you feed the world. Clothe the naked and shelter the poor. For this America I am pleased! I am about to reward you," says the Lord in several ways. "I shall give you a bumper crop of Corn in 2016. I shall give wheat. Your yield will be plenty. I shall expand charity drives across the nation. More needs will be met. For I have goodness in America." -- Theresa Phillips

Then the false prophecy careens out of control. She claims God said He is going to bring the America veteran to a place of honor and that He will awaken senior citizens. For some reason after that God ventured into finances and international diplomacy claiming there would be an alliance between America and England that would see the dollar and the pound arise. Somewhere in the middle she managed to throw in a plug for ecumenicalism as well:

"My Word will be proclaimed across the denominational lines and alliances will be formed. New friendships and old ones rekindled, for the need is great and each one of you carries a weapon to destroy the enemies of the land. -- Theresa Phillips

This is of course not surprising since Phillips ascribes openly to the heresy known as the seven mountains mandate which believes Christians have to take over this world in order to facilitate the second coming of Jesus Christ. The point beloved is look at this nonsense that we are supposed to believe is from God Himself. These words of gibberish Phillips claims is God speaking. Flying battleships with cannons. Prophesying an alliance that has existed for hundreds of years already. Bumper crops of corn and wheat. Paying homage to American veterans and this notion of American exceptionalism. All vanity. This wasn't prophecy. It was an infomercial for Christians who worship this country. Sorry doctor, bishop, regional director, senior pastor Phillips. Whatever you are selling. I ain't buying.

Rev. Anthony.

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