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BickleGate - Mike's Sister's False Sermon and the Sham Investigation Report Released

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Before we get to Cain, Tracey's key verse was the same one I chose above. Hebrews 12:15. She chose this to convince people that if they had a negative opinion of her brother in this situation that they run the risk of a root of bitterness springing up. This is utter nonsense of course. Correctly realizing that IHOP was built upon lies does not mean we are bitter. It means we are conscious. Nonetheless, Tracey offers up Cain as proof, but scripture does not support this either. It is generally accepted that Cain was angry and jealous. Sure, there may be some whiff of disappointment, but God quickly dispels this. This was also not a "counseling session." God is not practicing Rogerian therapy here telling Cain that He was ok with anything he had done. Why? Because He was not. The line about his face being fallen simply means that his countenance went from happy to sad. From joyful to angry. Cain was not oppressed. He was wrong and God let him know he was wrong. Just like Tracey is wrong. This is not about the flock feeling they have not gotten what they deserve - it is about the fact that they have not gotten what they deserved. Feeling has nothing to do with it. They did not deserve a spiritual father trying to have sex with them. They did not deserve decades of false prophecies. They did not deserve the unbiblical 24-7 prayer stuff shoved down their throat as curricula. They certainly did not deserve the last two months of IHOP trying their best to cover this up like they were stupid. They did not deserve any of this.

"So why is God asking Cain these questions? Because He knows that Cain is oblivious to why he feels what he feels. He is oblivious to what is going on in his own soul. And God knows that we are oblivious to what is going on inside of us. So I am asking you, have you paused in the evaluation of all of the allegations, the evaluation of all of the people - have you put that aside to do you and what's going on with your own soul." - Tracey Bickle

No, Cain knows exactly why he feels angry. He is angry that God did not accept his offering but accepted his brother's. In typical, human, sinful fashion, he blamed everyone but himself. Kinda like the IHOP leadership team keeps doing here - blaming everyone except who is to actually blame for this mess - Mike Bickle. That does not fit the agenda here for Tracey's message so she has proof-texted her way into a false interpretation of the Cain and Abel story so she can pretend we all need to pause. Stop focusing on her brother and just do you, whatever that nonsense is supposed to mean. The souls of those who have been lied to is not at issue here. Perhaps Tracey and IHOP leadership should act vaguely concerned about the souls and spiritual conditions of the victims of Mike Bickle instead of trying to constantly undermine them.

"During that counseling session, Cain did not listen. We often don't listen to the wise counsel in front of us. Now some of us go, well if it was God, then I'd listen. I'm doing bible verses here, so God is talking to ya. God's actually talking to ya. He's going, how are you handling this. How are you handling your soul, not the situation. Because how you handle you, will directly affect the person next to you. How you handle you, will directly affect your children. Your grandchildren. It affects them." - Tracey Bickle

Cain did not listen because it was not a counseling session. It was God correcting him and he did not like it one bit. What Tracey does here is simply beyond the pale. First of all, incorrectly interpreting bible verses to serve your own personal agenda is not "God talking to you." God is not talking through Tracey Bickle beloved. Mike Bickle is talking through Tracey Bickle. Eric Volz and General Fuller are talking through Tracey Bickle. The devil is talking through Tracey Bickle. If God was talking to them, He would tell them to run as fast as they can from the wolves before them. Tracey knows this, which is why she has now resorted to threatening them with their own children and grandchildren. I will only make one more citation from this self-serving mess.

"God also says to Cain, if you turn, I will make your life go well. If turn. If you work it out. If you say, yeah, I kinda want to hurt someone God. Anyone want to hurt someone? Or am I out here confessing. I wanted to hurt a few people, a couple of times. Ok, multiple times. For real. God is saying that's ok Tracey, it's ok that you feel that. Just work it out. I just don't like people anymore. I want to sign up to be thankful, I don't want to be a complainer." - Tracey Bickle

Now Tracey has just abandoned all pretense that she is actually preaching from the text. Genesis 4 offers no such discussion about if Cain would just turn God promised to make his life go well. Not even close. This fairy tale that God just wanted Cain to admit he wanted to hurt someone is pathetic and ridiculous. God sees all time. God knows full well at the time He is talking to Cain that Cain not only harbored anger but that he would act upon it. This does however seem cathartic for Tracey as she is now confessing that at multiple times during this drama, she has wanted to hurt a few people, meaning not her brother. When she first opened, she confessed she really didn't want to even speak to many of those in the congregation. She now admits that she really doesn't like people anymore. This seems to be therapy for Tracey! But one of the main points she leads to closing with is this notion that she doesn't want to be a complainer. Translation? Don't you go complaining about my brother! Don't you worry about his wretched heart - worry about your own! Just a vile and despicable sermon but the overarching point is she should never have been allowed to speak there to begin with and all it reveals is how much disdain IHOP leadership has for the people it claims to love and serve.

We can also see this disdain from the just released Lathrop Group Report. This is the sham investigation commissioned by the compromised leadership at IHOP. The advocacy group dismissed them out of hand because they were nothing more than a shill for IHOP. The primary victim, never agreed to interview with them, yet they conclude the veracity off her four-year ordeal. Eric Volz did another PR video in trying to get ahead of the release of this report. He characterized Bickle as refusing to interview with the sham investigator but that he answered their questions in writing honestly. How does Eric know this? He doesn't. In this, Bickle now admits to a second victim, around 2002, and five inappropriate interactions with her, that twice were kissing that they "repented of." Now, I am going to go out on a limb here that if there were five, and two were just kissing, that these two were probably the first two. So how exactly did they repent of these two, and then have three more interactions that were sexual in nature? Again, everything is couched to sound as innocent as possible. The same thing can be seen in Volz's statement when he points out that it was the revealing of this second Jane Doe as credible that led to them severing ties with Bickle. Look we did the right thing! Except you didn't. Not for forty years and not over the past two months. Not with this sham investigation and not with the very next words out of Volz's mouth. He now cites the report as saying they also interviewed four other women that were "identified by others" as alleged Jane Does, and found that each woman, without exception was very credible in their denial of any inappropriate contact with Mike Bickle.

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