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Darren Wilson Whining About People With Discernment, Yet Again

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"I recently saw this morality-police mentality when I posted a clip from my new series, Adventures With God, on YouTube. The clip was from a larger episode with Brian "Head" Welch from the metal band, Korn, and it was a snippet from our discussion with him and his band mate, Fieldy, on why they remain with a band like Korn even though they have both given their lives and hearts to Jesus. Just one look at the comment section of this clip shows the scourge of 21st-century Christianity and one of the big reasons so many people are turned off by Christians these days." -- Darren Wilson

Let's clarify some things. One the hallmarks of a false teacher or prophet are greed. Wilson does share clips from his programming for free but the purpose is to entice you to buy. Season One of "Adventures with God" is only $39.99 on his website so do not think this was out of the goodness of his heart. Now, do I begrudge people trying to make a living? No, unless they are doing so at the expense of the Gospel. Therein lies the rub. The second issue here is with this continued narrative that Wilson has engaged in regarding Korn since the first Holy Ghost movie. Wilson needs people to continue to believe what he is selling about Korn because it was a huge part of his first Holy Ghost movie and now part of his new series. At the time of the movie many people questioned why these two men would stay in a death metal band if they now claimed Christ as their Savior. They would leave the band, to which Wilson declared victory. The problem is they went back. In 2016, years after their declared salvation, Korn released a new album. Were the lyrics infused with their new found faith? Let's take a look:

I feel it calling, I feel it holding me
It's taking everything I love away from me
I feel it ripping, I feel it scaring me
That sh*t has made me blind to all reality
I feel it calling, Go away, away

I wouldn't be angry, If you'd just f*cking cry
Your tears would arouse me, Refreshing my supply
The suffering is fading, I scream into the sky
Repulsion invades me, I say goodbye

Digging deep inside of me, Getting past this agony
I can't seem to get away, Another day rotting in vain!

As it all falls down, Do I walk away?
Or do l stand my ground, And accept my fate?
And there's the faceless cries, That twist my every dream
And almost every night, I hear the demon sing

This ain't a love song, I would never give you one
No more secrets, no more lies, No more feelings or surprise
No more whispered words or lullabies
Go f*ck your lies
Everything everything falls apart

These are lyric snippets from just four of the songs on the album. It sure seems to sound like Korn has not changed much. My fear is they followed the lead of Wilson right to that false christ that hates religion and is all about the experience. Sorry Darren but the problem is not Korn -- it is you. It is you that are pushing them onto people and lofting them up as having given their lives over to Christ while singing songs that clearly demonstrate no such thing. You will answer for them too Darren, oh yes you will. We have to make sure we are not so busy "experiencing god" that we never actually meet Him. The largest problem however within this quote from Wilson is the absurd line that people are turned off by Christians who dare to point out when something is contrary to scripture. The scourge of 21st century Christianity is the same scourge that has existed in every century -- false teaching. You see, the Bible teaches us that none seek after the Lord. All have turned away. The Gospel is what turns people off to Christ because He is God and we are not. The Christianity Wilson promotes says that God and the Gospel is all about love. No beloved. Not just love but love while we were still sinners. Jesus first words in His ministry were not, "I love you! The kingdom of heaven is near!" No -- it was repent! That brings us to the other point people like Wilson keep missing. Speaking the truth is love. I do not know Brian Welch or Fieldy. My concern is for their eternal salvation because they have associated with someone who does not present the real Gospel. My sincere hope is they meet the real Holy Ghost who will convict them of their sin. Only then will everything stop "falling apart" and they will stop "hearing that demon sing" to them. Wilson continues:

"While dissenting opinions are important because they often open our eyes to viewpoints that we maybe never considered, the spirit in which they are given is just as important. Comments that are arrogantly dismissive, snarky, nasty or just plain rude reveal far more about the person writing them than they help whatever cause that person is trying to champion. Often these comment threads turn into backyard theology brawls and completely ignore Paul's reminder not to judge or despise our brother, and that we are ultimately only responsible and answerable to God for ourselves (Rom 14:10-12)." -- Darren Wilson

This is what happens when you do not understand the Bible and wield it because you found a verse fragment you think supports your unbiblical point. First let me knock down the strawman argument Wilson always erects. No one should be mean spirited with the truth. A little snarkiness is ok when dealing with such blatant false teachers like Wilson. Elijah suggested that Baal was using the bathroom and thus too busy to answer his prophets. Jesus Himself referred to the Pharisees as whitewashed tombs. In general however, we should be able to speak truth in love. That is not what Wilson is really upset about. He is using that cover to try and stop all criticism against his heretical teachings and silly movies. What Wilson conveniently leaves out of his Scripture reference is the context, which is found in the first nine verses of that chapter. The apostle Paul is teaching about areas that are not consequential to salvation. The example given is eating meat offered to idols. He draws comparisons between weak and strong believers and how they should not begrudge one another. To which I say amen and that has nothing to do with proclaiming two men as saved who make their living cursing about how horrible life is and that they are just rotting in vain. Or claiming miraculous powers of healing when charlatan Todd White just used sleight of hand to make it appear as if a leg was growing out. Because people then follow you Darren and you lead them right to your christ who cannot save them. But you tell them they are saved and one day they will stand before Jesus Christ and He will say away from me for I never knew you. Wilson also avoids the fact that the Bible is very clear that leaders within the church, as Wilson fancies himself, will be held responsible for what happens to those that follow him. Yes on matters of peripheral doctrine we are answerable for ourselves but those who labor in teaching and preaching are held to a different standard of judgment. Wilson operates in a teaching capacity through his movies. He will answer one day for who he led away from Christ through his movies.

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