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Debunking the Latest Defense of Francis Chan and the Wolves He Defends

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Bzzzt. Thanks for playing Shane. I am a continuationist who is very leery of emotionalism and anything else that is unbiblical. The divide is between those who mistake their emotions for a move of the Holy Spirit and those who understand that the spirit leading them into all truth refers to biblical truth. The reference to the problem with ecumenicalism and Rome is a microcosm of the problem. If you believe that it is wrong it is your job to not be a part of it -- not merely offer lip service while you share the stage with them. Years ago Matt Chandler agreed to speak at Steven Furtick's Code Orange and he used his speaking time to preach against the narcissistic preaching that Furtick embodies. That is speaking light in the darkness.

"And how do we know that Chan isn't bringing solid teaching into the charismatic community? I would love to see more of that. Maybe John MacArthur can reach out to Jesus Culture; John Piper to Bethel; and Alistair Begg, or better yet, Paul Washer, to Elevation Worship. No, I'm not joking. I would love to see more unity." -- Shane Idleman

Wow. This really is the heart of the disconnect from those pastors who insist on defending wolves. Their wrongly assume that the wolves are somehow redeemable. They are not. I know that may seem harsh but find me one instance in the bible where a false teacher repented. There isn't one. In fact the bible says their destruction has been set from long ago. The bible is very specific that disunity is brought into the church via false doctrine. We do not unify with people who espouse such unbiblical doctrine. Do you honestly think Bethel has not heard the rebukes? That Elevation church has not heard that reading oneself into the biblical text is heretical? That Jesus Culture has not heard that fire tunnels are demonic? Not to mention this level of ignorance thinks nothing of the sheep. Where is the concern for the victims of false teaching?

"What about some of these people with eccentric behavior such as Todd White, Heidi Baker and Lou Engle? Personally, I don't understand many charismatic mannerisms, nor do I agree with some video footage from past events, but I would have to speak to them directly and see the fruit. I love Lou's heart for prayer and fasting. Some people are eccentric and very emotional. It's difficult for me to properly evaluate everyone because I tend to be reserved, and I sometimes judge those who are different (meaning, not conservative like me). I can neither endorse nor rebuke speakers I don't know unless something is clear and evident, such as when I debated a pastor on Fox News about gay marriage. Click here for the quick video version and here for the hour-long audio. If Todd White has said controversial things in the past, let's give him the opportunity to clarify. Would some of these leaders be willing to go on the podcast "Remnant News" and answer these questions with me, and my podcast "Idleman Unplugged" where I talk about controversial issues? Both can be found on iTunes and Podbean. I did a recent interview on "Remnant" that just posted on YouTube. Todd, Heidi, Lou and Mike Bickle ... I'm easy to reach. Would love to try to better understand your ministries." -- Shane Idleman

Eccentric behavior? Is that all you think we are talking about? Seriously? Todd White performed the debunked "growing leg trick" in the heretical Holy Ghost" movie. It was a scam Shane -- not eccentric behavior. Heidi Baker pretends to be drunk in the spirit while rolling around on the ground shouting "shaba"; "shaka baba" and "whoa!" That is demonic; not eccentric. Lou Engle lies that he has heard things from God, which the Lord has never said. That is false prophecy -- not eccentric behavior. The heart of what is wrong here is the notion that we must first speak to the wolf about their wolfish behaviors. We do not. We merely need to hold up their teaching to the bible and let the word of God dissect it and diagnose it for us. What can be gained by speaking to them first? They will simply say they love Jesus and you will claim they have great humility and an eagerness to listen. What Idleman fails to see here is he has no problem confronting the world about what he views as false but not someone involved in the church.

"Do I have concerns with Benny Hinn? Absolutely, but I recently heard he restored his marriage and denounced the false gospel. Has anyone checked these facts? Again, I'm not endorsing him; based on what I have seen in the past, I have several issues with his ministry, especially if repentance has not taken place. My question isn't why did Chan speak to a huge group of people, but why did Benny Hinn if he has not repented of the false gospel? If he hasn't, why did organizers allow it? Again, we need clarification. If I were offered the chance, as Chan was, to speak to thousands of people about the true gospel--to preach hell hot and heaven sweet and call the stadium to repentance--I would have a hard time saying no. Speaking at an event doesn't always mean endorsement. Chan and I don't follow many of these ministries closely; we don't always know who is safe and who is dangerous. If our motivation for going into a dark and dying world is to preach the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ, that should be taken into consideration. I tend to be "safely" conservative when considering the power of the Holy Spirit, however, Scripture clearly supports the miraculous work of the Spirit today. I'm open but cautious. I think we have too many prophecies and not enough humility, too much self-centered worship and not enough waiting on God. We need sound doctrine and the power of the Holy Spirit. It's possible to be "Bible taught" but not "Spirit led"--straight as a gun barrel theologically but just as empty. The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life (see 2 Cor. 3:6)" -- Shane Idelman.

I have checked these facts. It is easy for Hinn or Joyce Meyer to stand on the millions of dollars they have fleeced from God's flock and lament that maybe they were too extreme on the prosperity side. Benny Hinn should be low hanging fruit for a discerning Christian. He pretends to knock waves of people over with his suit coat. He has mangled the bible to defend bilking people of their money. Speaking at an event is tacit endorsement Shane. Unless you preach against the very people or theologies of the event, as Chandler did, you are endorsing them. Remember Chan has also publicly praised the wolves in question and threatened Christians everywhere with hell if they dare criticize them. And don't hand me this nonsense that you do not know who they are! Research! Google is available to all! Do the work of a Berean if you claim to be a pastor! The verse from Corinthians is being misused here. This is about how the law kills but the Holy Spirit brings life not that the bible kills. If we are truly spirit led we will allow the spirit to lead us directly into all truth.

"Don't get me wrong. Theological and expositional teachings are essential to Christian living, but how often are theology students encouraged to fast and pray as well as study? How often are they taught brokenness and repentance in addition to translating the Greek language? How often are they taught the surrendered life? We can sometimes be more concerned about a master's degree than a degree from the Master. All of us need to be filled with God's Spirit. We need gentleness, love, grace, and mercy to overflow from our hearts. Then, and only then, can we preach, write and speak with boldness for the truth. Sadly, it appears that many are eager to be critical. God help us. When we point out error, we should be broken and humble, not excited about it." -- Shane Idleman

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