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Deconstructing the NAR False Teaching on "Biblical Worldview"

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This is the distorted NAR view on the world. Instead of seeing the lost as people in need of the Gospel to come out from the world they think it is the job of the church to manage and disciple whole nations, which is biblically ludicrous. Reading the commentaries on this verse we see that this is better translated as "make disciples of all the heathen." The usage of nations was to direct us into the gentile nations, different from the nation of Israel. Individual people are saved by hearing the Gospel, not entire nations. Outside of coming out from the culture of Satan, there is no application of the Bible to those who think the things of God are foolishness to them.

"3. The church needs to speak the language of Babylon. After gaining a biblical worldview, believers need to speak the language of the culture they are in. Every discipline in life has their own subculture with their own nomenclature (vocabulary describing nuances in their work). In the same way, football utilizes words associated with the game, like "touchdown," the disciplines of political science, economics, sociology, education and nonprofit charities all have terminologies we have to master if we want to speak prophetically to them and communicate with their mind molders. A methodology that involves quoting Bible passages and preaching to gatekeepers of culture doesn't usually work unless they are in a personal crisis. Consequently, believers already successfully immersed in a particular discipline need to think through the biblical concepts that apply to their field of work and articulate those concepts in secular terms that unchurched people can connect with, since the Bible has the best ideas because it reflects God's thinking. Mature believers who do this skillfully can expect to be elevated to the highest places of prominence in their respective fields. Furthermore, pastors and leaders who want to reach the unchurched in their communities not only need to continually study their changing community demographics and provide practical services that people need, but they also need to adequately represent themselves when making announcements. They can do this by losing some of the unnecessary religious jargon that the average attendee cannot understand or connect with. (When public speaking or preaching, sometimes every other word out of the mouth of the pastor is "amen", "praise the Lord" or "hallelujah," and it turns off the unchurched, who think part of the salvation package is adopting a weird religious nomenclature that doesn't track with their present lifestyle.) This is an unnecessary stumbling block, which can be removed if church leaders can learn how to eliminate religious lingo and talk as normally as they do when in the workplace environment." - Joseph Mattera

Beloved, this is straight up purpose driven humanistic nonsense. The term unchurched was introduced in the Purpose Driven Church and is used instead of unsaved because we don't want to upset those who are lost. Just think about the garbage he is proposing here. That pastors should refrain from saying praise the Lord, amen, or hallelujah because it might turn off the unsaved! Acts 2 teaches us that church is for the saved! Why would we cater to goats who do not seek God? Preach the Gospel and let the Holy Spirit draw. Saying praise the Lord is not "religious lingo." I would love to see Mr. Mattera standing before Christ explaining this.

The fourth step deals with raising children in the Bible and I take no issue with training children to be more biblically literate but the goal here is still silly because Mattera only offers this so that they can grow to lead and influence culture. David did not hide the Word in his heart so that he might lead better. The larger point here remains that all the training in the world is irrelevant if they see a compromised church continuously lying in bed with the world. Similarly, step five is nurturing Christians to be world changers in every realm of society. These points have so much overlap, the point is the same. The Bible does not command us to lead this world but to lead people out from it.

"6. We should welcome unbelievers into our church communities even before they accept Christ as Lord and Savior. Churches that think biblically but speak secularly are in the habit of embracing their communities even before they accept Jesus Christ as Lord. Instead of getting the community to come into the church, we need to send church members out to our communities as servant leaders. The church can become a hotbed of community activity in which those outside the church believe that the church building is now their community center for a wealth of information, resources and even community board meetings. In this way, the people on the outside of the church will feel comfortable with the people of the church and will be more inclined to step inside the sanctuary for a Sunday service." - Joseph Mattera

I understand that this sounds right beloved but it is not. We are not supposed to lure people in by playing to their carnal needs and then mug them with the Gospel. We should always welcome first time visitors and be friendly within the community but the church should serve the saved. This purpose driven NAR theology is why the church is so wrong today. It starves the sheep, caters to the goats, and hides the Gospel for fear of offense. We need to not only think and speak biblically but live and lead as well.

"7. We should produce problem solvers for the greatest global challenges. I believe the time has arrived when the world will come to pastors and believers for advice and answers on how to deal with the pressing problems they are facing in their communities. The church should not only produce the greatest prayer warriors and worshippers the world has ever seen, but it should also produce the greatest thinkers, entrepreneurs and strategists the world has ever seen. Presently, the world is waiting for a person to articulate answers regarding our failing economy, global terrorism, cures for cancer and AIDS, environmental issues, disaster relief strategies and more. Why shouldn't people representing the Kingdom of God come up with these solutions?" - Joseph Mattera

If you believe that the world will come to the church for advice in solving the world problems I fear you may not have read the Bible at all. Remember the key verses! The world will hate us beloved not ask us for help. Now, if you are called to be a scientist and happen to cure cancer then praise God. You do that however in your capacity as a scientist, not to take over the world.

The final point is ironically doing more and writing less. Ironic in that all we see from Mattera is writing about this subject. The truly sad thing is I do not doubt the sincerity of Joseph Mattera. As my pastor says however, you can be sincere and sincerely wrong. Beloved this world is passing away. Every day, with each passing news cast, only those who do not want to see it cannot. The only thing that can save them is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the chosen vehicle for delivering the Gospel is the church. The devil would love nothing more than the church to be distracted on things that cannot save anyone. Trying to influence a satanic culture to behave better is ridiculous and will save nobody. Taking over the culture will save nobody. Having more Christian movies, politicians, or even laws - will still save nobody. The NAR wants to take dominion so it can continue to make money and expand power. It has nothing to do with Jesus. If it did, it would focus on the only thing that can save somebody; the Gospel.

Reverend Anthony Wade - November 23, 2017

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