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Dr. Michael Brown Vs. Dr. Michael Brown - This is What Dominionism Does To You

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'You do not take off the Christian hat when you put on the hat of the policeman (or soldier or veteran). In fact, if you need to take the Christian hat off when you do your job (meaning, you cannot live by your Christian principles while doing your job), you should find another job. Now, let's say that you're a Christian and a gun owner living in America and the government wants to take away your legally owned firearms. You will oppose the government's actions as an American who happens to be a Christian. But will you make a separation between your faith and the Second Amendment? Will you compartmentalize the two? I seriously doubt it. Chances are that the thought wouldn't even come into your mind. In fact, you would probably call other Christian friends urging them to pray and strategize with you. You would think to yourself as Christians, "We need to prevent this kind of dangerous government overreach, not just for our sake but for the sake of the generations to come. This is a matter for prayer and action." And so you would pray, "Heavenly Father, we're asking You to help us fight against these ungodly forces. This tyrannical takeover must be stopped. In Jesus' name, amen!"' - Dr. Michael Brown

What??? Here we see full blown dominionism on pitiful display by someone trying to sound moderate! This is a perfect example of how Christian nationalism rots the brain. Brown has taken a political issue, guns, and offered up one side of the political debate to defend. That is fine but then he ascribes that side to being "God's side." Look at the absurdity of the prayer! People who merely disagree with him are deemed "ungodly." In this country in 2020, over 45,000 people died from gun violence. In Uvalde Texas 19 elementary school kids were gunned down, some so badly only DNA could be used to identify them. In 1983 there was a mass shooting in New Zealand and they responded by banning all assault weapons. Result? No more gun violence in New Zealand. In 1996, 35 people were killed in an Australia shooting. They responded the same way and got the same result. Now, I am not politically advocating for either side but you have to be myopically stupid to think only your side is righteous when your side has the 45,000 dead folks on it. Brown sees nothing wrong with Christians organizing prayer for what the flesh has deemed "dangerous governmental overreach." What if you are a Christian on the other side of the debate who has lost a child to senseless gun violence? Are you now "ungodly" because you think there should not be weapons designed for war in the hands of 18 year-olds? Does Brown think that he is going to hear well done my faithful servant because of his battle to keep Uzi machine guns on the market? The actual problem here is a political one. The position of pro-gun no matter what, is a political position, held by the Republican Party in this country and the church has been co-opted by the Republican Party. That is why pastor Mario Murillo has said all Democrats are demon possessed and lunatic Greg Locke has said they are all going to hell. Their position is not righteous. It is myopically stupid. No party or political persuasion cares for the cause of Jesus Christ. None.

"After all, isn't this what our Founding Fathers did in America? Wasn't the revolutionary war fueled by preaching from our pulpits? Didn't the ministers help stoke the fires of revolution? And didn't Benjamin Franklin say that, "Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God"? The answer to these questions is yes, indicating the ease with which we can merge our faith with our patriotism. And it can easily be argued that, at certain times in history, it is right and fitting to merge the two. It can also be argued that now is one of those times, as the radical left, embodied in the current administration, has launched an all-out assault on our most fundamental freedoms." - Dr. Michael Brown

More revisionist history. America was founded in rebellion, which last time I checked God was not in favor of. That rebellion was firmly rooted in economics, not religion. No taxation without representation ring a bell? The Boston Tea Party had to do with TEA, not scripture. If ministers helped stoke the fires of revolution, they should hardly be bragging about it. Look now how Brown has veered into justifying nationalism and faith being mixed. Sure, only at "certain times" but he gets to decide when those times are? Or maybe Greg Locke does? Faith does not work like that. Brown presents this backdrop for the sole purpose of justifying this point in history as "one of those times." His perceived enemy is the "radical left." This is of course a political term, derived from political operatives. It can describe people who think the government should help people and not corporations. It could describe people who believe that healthcare should be a right in the richest country in history. It also could describe the people we discussed earlier who lost their child to gun violence and now believe a responsible society should do something about that. These are all tenable positions, with none of them having any more righteousness than the other. What Dominionism does is it corrupts the thought process and the heart. It is designed by Satan to have the church despise the very people who may need the gospel the most. You remember the gospel, don't you Mike? The left is no more radical than the right. Benjamin Franklin may have believed in rebellion against tyranny but when Jesus Christ waked the earth He taught no such thing. In the face of real tyranny and oppression, he proclaimed the gospel because His kingdom was not of this earth!

"But this is where we need to be careful. On the one hand, many fine Christians are joining together to push back politically, just as those with other ideologies are pushing for their agendas politically. We have every right to do this as Americans, but it is our faith that fuels our convictions and informs our voting. That's why we pray for our elected officials, and that's why we pray for God to turn the tide in our nation. There is no separation here between our faith and our patriotism, between our loyalty to God and our loyalty to America. Let us impact our nation for good." - Dr. Michael Brown

Remember, this is the moderate position! Just because "other ideologies" behave one way that does not mean we as Christians respond in kind. What Brown is advocating for here is political retribution. The fact that America gives us the right to do something does not mean it is righteous at all. Brown gives the standard line here about faith informing our voting. This is a lie cooked up in political think tanks to get Christians to vote Republican, no matter what. Let's play this out to its logical conclusion. The very best a Christian can argue is that their choice is the lesser of two evils. We know there is no righteousness in man, all have turned away. The problem with the lesser evil argument is that it is merely your perception of the lesser evil. You do not actually know that. Secondly and more importantly, you still end up vociferously defending evil! God is not going to turn the tide of this nation. Do you know how I know? Because I read my bible. God promises us a great apostasy, which is already underway through the NAR dominionist and purpose driven heresies. He does not promise a great end-times revival. God does not save entire nations. People are saved, and not from politics but from sin. Look at the definitive nature of the dominionism Brown believes in. There is no separation to him between our faith and our patriotism. No separation between our loyalty to this pagan nation and our loyalty to God Almighty! Heaven forbid that we would ever elevate anything to level of God in our lives and then dare to call it good.

"On the other hand, loyalty to Jesus is still distinct from loyalty to America (and on an entirely different level), and Second Amendment rights (to give one example) are not on the level of Scripture. Accordingly, as followers of Jesus, we are called to die rather than deny Jesus. As believers, we are not called to die rather than surrender our weapons. There will also be different perspectives during a war, because of which there were British Christians fighting against American Christians in the Revolutionary War and northern Christians fighting against southern Christians during the Civil War. Does that mean they were killing each other in Jesus' name, or does that mean that national issues can sometimes divide true Christians? The answer is obviously the latter." - Dr. Michael Brown

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