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God Has Sent the Strong Delusion of the Apostate, NAR, Dominionist Church

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"It is our turn now because the misery caused by the Left and Wokeness will ignite the largest influx of conversions to Christ we have seen in our lifetime. The billions of dollars spent to erase the Christian faith will prove to be an utter waste. We are entering a season where Christian influence in America will greatly increase. He who holds power to reverse plots, make plans backfire, and boomerang the wrath of man has been quietly working. Soon His handiwork will be revealed. It is a massive harvest of souls that are being ripened by misery, corruption, and tyranny. How do I know this is true? Because I have already seen it." - Mario Murillo

If you want to understand Matthew 7 and how so many "churched" people will stand before Christ only to say "Lord Lord" let us break this down here. The influx of conversions Murillo speaks to is as false as his teachings. I read a recent interview with a former ministry leader from Steven Furtick's apostate church, Elevation. He admitted that they would plant people in the congregation to raise their hands and pretend to want to be saved to encourage others to do the same. This level of manipulation is rampant throughout the apostate system as all one needs to do to be told they are heaven bound, is raise their hands, and repeat a trite, silly sentence that is passed off as a salvation prayer. In Joel Osteen's church this is about three sentences. In Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life, it is eight words. There is not some billion-dollar plot to eliminate Christianity from America. That is just plain stupid. There is however a coordinated push back against the dominionist apostate church that seeks to inject theocratic norms within the melting pot society that is America. There is no massive harvest of souls coming beloved and we know this because of the bible. What Murillo has witnessed is a massive influx of people raising their hands to say eight words and thus receive the great delusion that Mario is teaching. They may very well go on to great ministry works within that apostate church. They may witness great signs and lying wonders in Jesus name only to stand before Him and discover He never knew them!

"The Spirit of God is telling us it is our turn now. Political, corporate, and media villains have had their day and their say. It is our turn now. I wrote this book, "It's Our Turn Now" (Charisma House, 2023) because something shocking and unexplainable started happening in our tent crusades. At the height of a pandemic lockdown""in California, the bluest state in America""thousands were being converted to Christ. You can barely get Californians to a Christian meeting when it is convenient. But then they started coming during a lockdown. It filled me with questions: Why were they overflowing the tent now that leaving their house was almost impossible? What was happening? Why was it happening?" - Mario Murillo

Ahh, the grift. To be honest I was not expecting this as Murillo is not usually this transparent but this entire "it is our turn" nonsense was designed to sell you a book. How pathetic. The larger spiritual answer is found in the key verses. They were coming because God had sent them a strong delusion because they did not want the truth. On the ground however, is it so surprising that people faced with a worldwide plague would reconsider God? This is akin to the observation that there are no atheists in foxholes. Remember though, filling Mario's tent only means they got to hear about how evil Democrats are and how voting Republican can save your soul. Then they raise their hands. Then they said whatever quick and dirty "prayer" Mario offered up while Murillo's workers were eagerly counting the hands so they could announce how robust their revival is! Narrow is the path beloved and every raised hand only further populated the apostate church. I might add here that many of these churches, opened way too soon and against government orders for public health and safety. Many sheep were led to the slaughter of COVID by their own shepherds. Many of the shepherds themselves died after mocking the disease. But it's our turn now, right?

'"It's our turn now." That phrase kept repeating in my heart. It was a clue of some kind. The feeling kept growing within that I would witness some great event. Then the scales fell off my eyes. I realized that, as glorious as our tent crusades are, they are only a small part of a great and widespread phenomenon brewing nationwide. That is why I believe there is an urgent warning from the throne of God to get ready for harvest. The church has been through so much these last few years. The last thing we need is a book that raises false hopes. This book's message is not another case of prophetic wishful thinking about some future event. This is happening now.' - Mario Murillo

No Mario, it is not. It is true that we are in the end times and the harvest is ready, but the fields are within the tents of Mario Murillo. The church has been through so much? Seriously? Tell you what, let's blow up this false teaching right here. Notice how he claims this fantastic revival is only brewing in America? There is an urgent warning from the throne of God to get ready for the harvest but only in America? Why is there not an equal revival in China? Where is the plea to get ready for the harvest in the Middle East? What about our brothers and sisters in poor third world countries around the world? Are they not part of the church? Why is God only "reviving" America? Because that is the end product of worshipping America. The NAR Dominionist cares only about this country. He is laser focused only on this country. Thus, all of the prophecy, warnings, teachings and aspiration are germane only to this country. God does not operate that way beloved. You see, while Mario Murillo is getting his followers all jazzed up about the faux persecution of the Ten Commandments in front of courthouses, real persecution is going on in the countries that do not have the government this country enjoys.

"Yes, evil is exalted in America. Yes, it looks bad for the church. Indeed, those who control the teleprompters have a clear message: "Christians have no place in the America we are building. You are not wanted""and soon you will be discarded." But listen to Jesus in John 4:35: "Do you not say, 'There are still four months and then comes the harvest'? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!" Jesus is telling anyone who will listen that the harvest is now. Do not think more must happen before we harvest souls. Do not look at the frightening pictures. Look with spiritual eyes to the fields. I will show you why all the armies in the world cannot stop a vessel of God whose time has come.' - Mario Murillo

Evil is exalted throughout the world because man is evil. Notice however the victimhood again as Mario sets up his false war. Somehow, we are to believe that in a nation with 63% Christian people, that Christians are being persecuted. That some unforeseen power (hint hint, it's the Democrats) is recreating America without Christians. This is patently absurd. I will tell you what is happening, however. The false church Mario represents keeps trying to force their beliefs on the rest of society, regardless of their own beliefs and they continue to push back on it. So yes, society is telling the apostate, dominionist church they are not wanted. Mario is right about one thing - the harvest is getting ready. The problem is that people like Mario Murillo have planted weeds throughout the wheat and both will grow side by side. The harvesters know the difference and those that have believed the strong delusion will stand before Christ and lament, Lord, Lord.

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