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Kris Vallotton -- Claims God Takes Scripture Verses Out of Context

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Prophecy is most assuredly NOT simply repeating whatever popped into our wickedly deceitful hearts and claiming it is from the Holy Spirit. Prophecy is hearing from God directly and in the New Covenant, that is generally only accomplished through His word, which is the final revealed will of God. The Lord did not assure all of the books in the canon of scripture only to forget something that He now wants to inform His church through the likes of Kris Vallotton. He now goes to great lengths to twist himself into a pretzel so his foundation of seeking to hear from God in at least eight different ways has been established. He builds it of course on poor scripture understanding and cobbling together unrelated verse fragments. At the end he concludes that if we have not heard from the Lord in the past 24 hours then we probably missed His voice. That of course is a silly conclusion reached by a silly man. Let us dive directly into his eight alleged ways to hear from God.

"1. Visions - Visions of the Mind occur when the Lord "projects" images and pictures onto the "screen" of our imagination. Most often, this is how the Holy Spirit speaks to us. Visions often appear like hieroglyphics--pictures that require interpretation. So as the Holy Spirit speaks to us through these pictures and images of the mind, we must turn around and ask Him what the pictures mean. (Acts 2:17-18)" -- Kris Vallotton

If this sounds absurd to you, then you have probably been taught correctly. This is the base argument for experiential Christianity. This notion of the Lord projecting something onto the screen of our imagination resides nowhere in scripture. We have the verity of scripture to rely upon! Why would the Lord resort to relying upon our imagination! The bible tells us in Genesis that the imagination of a man's heart is evil from his youth! Notice how this entire premise is subjective? All random thoughts now are assigned to the Holy Spirit? What Vallotton does here is to bring his wicked thoughts onto the same plane of truth as the holy word of God! After all if it is assigned to the Holy Spirit then God Himself said it! To further this insanity, Vallotton claims that those thoughts that cannot be understood are somehow hieroglyphic in nature and must be interpreted. Not by someone else, as Paul established with the gift of tongues, but rather by ourselves; I mean through the Holy Spirit; wink wink. So according to Kris Vallotton, God loves to randomly project images onto your brain but makes them unintelligible until you have a secondary conversation with the Holy Spirit. That is ridiculous.

"2. God's Still Small Voice - At times, the Lord speaks to us in a still small voice from within our spirit. We may underrate the power of God's whispers and even ignore these inklings when we expect to rather hear a booming, audible voice. God's still small voice can be heard as a passing thought, sudden impression, or internal "sense" of something that God is saying. We see this illustrated in the Book of First Kings. In this account, God is not in the strong wind or the earthquake, but rather He is in the gentle blowing (1 Kings 19:11-13)." -- Kris Vallotton

Much like the first option, Kris is staying with experiential Christianity's theology. His primary ways of hearing form God are merely ways to hear from himself. This is not surprising since Kris Vallotton is his own god. The notion of a still small voice is a sacred Pentecostal cow that needs to be tipped over. It does stem from the life of Elijah as Kris references here but what Kris fails to realize is that he is not Elijah. This portion of scripture is what is known as historical narrative. It is a descriptive text designed to describe events that have occurred in history. It is not however a prescriptive text, where God is instructing everyone. Even Kris is forced to admit that maybe it is not exactly a voice but more of an inkling. Some kind of external feeling we must discern as coming from the Lord and not the pizza we ate the night before. Yet the story shows that Elijah HEARD the small voice. It was not external nor an inkling. God is not ambiguous yet Kris is forced to pretend that any random thought, impression, or internal sense of something can now be attributed to God. It is quite revealing that the top two ways Kris Vallotton believes God speaks to us is through two wildly unbiblical notions of projected visions and whispered inklings that are really just ways to hear our own still small voice and the desires of our wickedly deceitful hearts and then blame God for it.

"3. Angels - Angels are another avenue that God uses to communicate with us from the heavenly realm. Throughout the New Testament, angels spoke to people and gave them instructions for their lives (See Luke 1:26-38 for a famous example when the angel Gabriel visited Mary, the mother of Jesus). It's important to remember that while angels deliver messages, the source of the instruction is from God." -- Kris Vallotton

Another facet of the NAR false signs and lying wonders theology is an over-obsession with angels. Now let me be clear. Angels are real and the bible does speak about them. The scripture Vallotton references here is accurate. The problem is in taking what was a rare event and trivializing it to the level of hailing a taxi. The angel Gabriel only visited Mary to let her know that she would be miraculously pregnant with the Savior of the entire world! to take this miraculous event and say that it means that God speaks to us through angels so much that it is third on our list of means of godly communication is beyond abusive to the scriptures. God sent angels to Daniel, Zechariah, and still yet other instances. That does not mean that angels is a primary way God speaks to us beloved. Kris and Bethel trivialize angelic encounters to the point that they become meaningless. Bill Johnson claims he was just sitting in a diner when angel feathers stared falling all around him. He called them signs that make you wonder. I think he means signs that make you wonder if Bill Johnson remembered to take his meds.

"4. Creation - Creation itself is a voice from the Lord that speaks to us in many ways, specifically by echoing to us the truth about who God is. The mountains speak of His strength, the rivers of His provision and the flowers of His beauty (Psalm 19:1-2). Another way creation speaks to us is when God causes nature to do things that are actually prophetic acts. Here's a wild story for you...One year, every time we would meet at Bethel Church to pray, a roadrunner would show up outside the glass door with a lizard in its mouth! This went on for months until we realized that the Lord was calling us to go out to the roads, the highways, and the byways and compel the lost to come in! One day the roadrunner managed to find his way inside the church. In a desperate attempt to get out of the building, he hit a window and died. The Lord showed us through this event that if we did not reach out to the lost, to "go outside of our fall walls" so to speak, that our church and movement would die." -- Kris Vallotton

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