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NAR Dominionist Grifter Sean Feucht - Rags to Riches by Fleecing the Flock

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"Of course, it is easy to find "faith leaders" willing to sign their name to a letter denouncing Let Us Worship. But those very same faith leaders echoed a chorus of avowed Satanists, which makes me wonder which group should examine their beliefs. Simply put, to stand for the truth of the gospel is dangerous. Fear not, for it is Truth"and only the truth"that sets us free." - Seam Feucht

First of all, it is sad that anyone, even other church leaders, who dare question his grift are summarily dismissed as aligning with avowed Satanists. This is a silly and transparent tactic of trying to dismiss critics without actually answering the very real concern about his financial gains and motives. Not to mention his perpetual stirring of the hatred pot in this country. The larger problem here of course is this continuous misuse of the term "gospel." This is a common refrain from all dominionists. That they are just trying to spread the gospel. NONSENSE. Feucht does not spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. He spreads the gospel of Sean Feucht, and the sole beneficiary of that gospel is Sean Feucht. The true gospel is repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand not if you try to stop me from playing my guitar, I will have you ended by my elite security force/kill squad. Jesus Christ did not have a place to lay His head. He did not have five acres in Nazareth and a gated community home in the Jerusalem suburbs where John the Baptists was his celebrity neighbor. Paying lip service to Christ while selling fear and loathing is not the gospel. Remember, his home church is Bethel so even if he stopped the grift, his theology is that of Bill Johnson and that aint the gospel either.

"The Let Us Worship movement started as a response to an injustice I witnessed firsthand in my home state of California during the early stages of the Covid pandemic. Had churches in California been afforded the rights to gather, the same rights that strip clubs and bars never lost, we probably wouldn't be here today. But the government telling Believers to stay home, while strippers and bartenders could go to work, was the final straw. This birthed a movement that continues today. By simply obeying God's prompting, what started as a one-day worship revival became the Let Us Worship movement, with hundreds of revivals and hundreds of thousands of lives (likely millions) transformed by encountering God." - Sean Feucht

As usual, Feucht is employing revisionist history to defend his grift and to try and blame God for it. It is true that the California direction when COVID hit was murky at best but a review of the reporting at the time reveals that strip clubs were not allowed to stay open unless they acted solely as restaurants, which were allowed to remain open with restrictions. I am sure there were local businesses that were behaving outside of the restrictions but those are matters for local law enforcement, not Sean Feucht. The more important point is that churches were not asked to shut down either. They just could not hold the large corporate gatherings that have come to mis-define the church due to the Purpose Driven Church teachings. Most churches still figured out how to be the church during a time when the world so needed them. They still did online services, worship and collections but this would never be enough for cult of personality pastors who think they are the church. Bethel Church as over 11,000 members. The crisis was created by the NAR because it fit the Republican Party narrative. Feucht used this time of great turmoil to start his American tour. Even though he brags no one caught COVID that is doubtful. Pastor Loren Sandford once bragged as much too and is now dead from COVID. Even John MacArthur bragged the same and then had to admit that he had COVID for a month, which almost killed him and that it had ravaged his church. The ego here is uncontrolled as Feucht thinks millions of people were transformed by his grift. Well, maybe their bank accounts were. God did not prompt this grifting Sean and you know it.

"We don't know the full outcome yet of the Let Us Worship movement (and maybe won't know until we reach the other side) but we know God is not finished yet. The injustice we encountered prompted us to take action. America needs revival because the status quo isn't working. Historic revivals have shaped our nation in the past"the 1st and 2nd Great Awakenings, Azusa Street, Jesus People Movement"is critical to our nation's future. We need a powerful move of God to sweep our nation once again. In our travels across the globe, we've seen, felt and experienced urgency and desperation." - Sean Feucht

That's odd because William Seymour after Azusa saw his congregation be reduced to just a small black church and he died serving there. I do not recall him buying summer homes or hobnobbing with celebrities. Guess he did not have Sean's real estate guy. The NAR is constantly chasing this false promise of revival because it is so vague that it can be easily manipulated. Want to brag you are doing something - just say revival has come! Want to drum up support, resentment, anger, and money - say it is so desperately needed. The bible does not promise a great end times revival. Just a great end times apostasy and Sean Feucht is leading the way on that.

"Why? Because brokenness is rampant in our society. Kids are gripped by anxiety, marriages are failing at record rates, drug addiction claims lives in all areas of society, and it's only getting worse. In America, there is no shortage of hurt and not enough evidence of healing. We see people healed and restored all the time, and we want to point people to the only One who heals and restores. And we've watched God set people free in Idaho and all across America. God has freed addicts from the grip of addiction. God has freed the hopeless from suicidal ideations. And God has freed the confused from the grips of gender dysphoria. God has healed marriages, sicknesses, and relationships, and the tangible evidence of His power is dangerous to a fallen world." - Sean Feucht

All of the glorious claims are of course unsubstantiated and designed to gin up the crowds. Look, can God do all of these things? Absolutely but He is not doing them through a raving heretic like Sean Feucht. The reason why this country continues on the path it is on is because of the church. It is because people who claim to lead the church think nothing of threatening the lost while increasing their net wealth by 31,000 % in just one year. When Rolling Stone exposed the finances, the absolute lame response from Feucht was:

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