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NAR Influence Over Politics Infiltrates Seminary Theology

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When you are focused on this world then politics matters greatly. When you are focused on the eternal life that is to come you realize that only the Gospel matters. The arrogance that is hinted here is almost Calvinistic in nature because it seems apparent that not only does Michael Kruger believe in these teachings as general concepts but he obviously feels as if he has figured out which party is the one God chooses. That is how the NAR operates as well as they have sold Christ out for 30 pieces of political silver to the Republican Party. Here is Kruger's final point:

"4. This phrase could simply mean that Jesus would never join a political party or that he would never have allegiance to a political party. Just because God does not (and cannot) unequivocally endorse either party is not the same thing as saying that it doesn't matter which party we vote for. Some parties (and some views) are more pleasing to God than others." -- Michael Kruger

Some parties are more pleasing to God? Really? This from a seminary president and theological professor? This whole article Kruger has gone out of his way to pretend he was not supporting a particular party but his own preference was obvious and now it comes out fully in this patently absurd claim that God views some political parties as more pleasing than others. Beloved, it does not matter what party you vote for. Can you imagine getting to heaven Jesus saying, "sure I'd love to let you in but c'mon -- Clinton in 96?" This thinking is dripping with carnality. That God cares so much about this country that He now picks favorites politically. This is so NAR it could easily be seen on Charisma News or preached by Michael Brown. Some final musings from Kruger:

At least as it pertains to the options discussed here, I would argue that this phrase is highly problematic. Each of the possible meanings above suffers from the same fatal flaw: all of them are trying to find a way to make politics a neutral affair for Christians. But, as I have argued above, this is a shockingly unchristian approach. It is almost suggesting there is a place in the world (even an ethical place!) where God has no concern about the direction we take. Rather than spending our energies trying to keep the Bible out of politics, we should work to let it back in. What I mean by this is that we need to stop telling Christians that whatever voting choice they make is as equally valid as another, and instead we should encourage them to apply Scripture to these political questions just like we apply it to every other area of life (whether it be economics, art, or medicine). -- Michael Kruger

Let the Bible back into politics. Encourage Christians to apply Scriptures to political choices. This is exactly what is already going on in this country under the spread of the NAR. Every election year there are "value voting guides" that are nothing more than advertisements for the Republican Party under the guise of "applying Scripture." So, Jesus was neither a Democrat nor a Republican. Obviously this is a true statement on its face but the meaning conveyed by Michael Kruger is very superficial. That people are just trying to not care about politics. I know this flies in the face of modern NAR thinking but God does not care if we give one lick about carnal politics. He did not charge us with altering the political landscape but rather with preaching the Gospel. By dividing people against each other, which is what politics does, Kruger divides the body of Christ. What happens when we wander out from the shallow end of the pool in this thinking? What are we truly saying when we say that Jesus would not be a Democrat nor a Republican? We are saying that Jesus Christ transcends the petty politics of man. When asked for tax money He said go catch a fish. The apostles all wanted Him to deliver them from the oppression of Rome; much like the NAR wants deliverance from the neo-liberal elite enemy they have created in their own mind. Even after He was crucified, the apostles asked if He now was going to deliver them from Rome. I get it beloved. I understand that this is the only life we know so we grow attached to it and fond of it. Especially in this country and all of its wonderful toys. When I hear someone espouse that Jesus was neither a Democrat nor a Republican I am brought back to our key verses for today. God is so far above the little titles we give ourselves and the bloated sense of importance we have. What the apostles could not see is the same thing that the NAR cannot see, which is the same thing that Michael Kruger cannot see. Jesus was not concerning Himself with this world but the world to come. When we get distracted with the politics of this world we leave the Gospel behind. The cause of Christ is not improving this world. It is not with trying to revive this world. It is not with trying to get the people who do not believe in God to behave better. It is all about the sacrifice Christ made for us on Calvary. He is neither a Democrat nor a Republican. He is the Savior of the world and it is time to stop allowing the NAR to infiltrate our collective Christian thought.

Reverend Anthony Wade - May 12, 2017

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