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Odds & Ends - Dave Ramsey Gets Sued and Chick-fil-A Commits Heresy?

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"In the golden days, Chick-fil-A was truly a conservative, principled business, standing firm on the rock-solid Christian foundation laid by its founder, Truett Cathy. Yet today, we witness a spectacle of cultural capitulation that reeks of Marxist-inspired "equity" and "inclusion," words that subtly drip with the venom of anti-white racism and the pervasive, relentless drumming of queer activism." - Disntr

Yes, a spectacle of cultural capitulation. It reeks of Marxist inspiration. Interesting that they used the term "anti-white" racism because they usually do not say the quiet part out loud. What was Chick-fil-A's great sin? They hired a Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, apparently in 2021. Apparently, the outraged stupidity of disntr is also a tad slow in catching up. Mind you this person is not involved politically in anything. Their role is in making the company of Chick-fil-A to be more inclusive, diverse and have more equity, or fairness. I must not use the same bible translation that disntr does. Is there a "Bizarro-World" Beatitudes that speaks to the Christian values of whiteness, unfairness and exclusion? This does not seem like it will end well.

"In a move that can only be described as a modern-day Judas kiss for the billions upon billions of Christians around the world, Chick-fil-A has thrust Erick McReynolds into the limelight as the company's VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. McReynolds, who speaks of "mutual respect" and "dignity" as his driving force is nothing but a veneer masking the company's steady abandonment of its fundamental Christian roots, as it kowtows to the beat of cultural 'wokeness.'" - Disntr

So, hiring McReynolds is akin to betraying Jesus Christ? Do these people realize that Chick-fil-A makes chicken? Fast food chicken? Was Jesus against mutual respect and dignity? What gospel account are they reading? We are all aware that Jesus was a Middle Easterner, right? I know we have been sold a whitewashed Sassoon Jesus over the years but that's just marketing. Disntr gives up the game here though in referencing the nonsensical, false battle against something called woke. Let me assure you beloved, to be Christian is not to be asleep. We do not serve a sleepy Jesus either. If you honestly think that this level of vitriol and hate is even remotely associated with the gospel, I suggest you stop watching political shows and start reading your bible. When we stand before Christ, he is not going to listen to tales about how you fought wokeness. Or how you owned the libs. Or how you banned books. Or how you boycotted companies. Or how you avoided fast food chains that promoted the venom of anti-white racism. In Jesus' day everyone hated the lepers, but Jesus touched them and healed them. They wanted to stone the woman caught in adultery, but Jesus shamed the would-be moral assassins. When His own disciples wanted to call down fire from heaven on those wicked Samaritans, Jesus rebuked them. Are you getting the point yet?

"One must wonder, when did Chick-fil-A decide to forsake the eternal truth of the Gospel for the fleeting applause of the cultural elite? When did they trade the 'narrow gate' for the broad highway of fashionable social movements? It seems we have our answer, and it's as disappointing as it is revealing." - Disntr

This is the end result of worshiping this world instead of the eternal. Of worshipping carnal politics instead of Jesus Christ. This is the NAR beloved! This is dominionism! If you honestly think that a company has turned their back on the eternal gospel because they want to try and have fair hiring practices, then I fear for your personal salvation. The narrow road and broad path are about our sin and salvation, not anger because a company decided that they should hire more than just white people. Do not be caught in the middle of this evil beloved. The bible says Jesus Christ died for ALL, not just those that look like us, talk like us or vote like us. So, we have our answer indeed. This is not even remotely Christian.

"Let's be clear - diversity in and of itself is a beautiful tapestry of God's creation. But when it's used as a Trojan horse to infiltrate with doctrines contrary to biblical principles, that's where the line must be drawn. And "equity" is a Marxist trojan horse of the highest order, trampling on individual merit under the guise of collective equality." - Disntr

This article has been too clear. You cannot pay lip service to diversity and then find bogus reasons to be against it. What unbiblical doctrines have been introduced through diversity? By the way, enough with the Marxist boogeyman. God has not enshrined our form of government as holy. The concept of equity simply means fairness. Individual merit is meaningless if the people involved had different starting points. Besides these cultural arguments we must not lose sight of the fact that this is being presented as being against Christ. As if Christ was not fair or inclusive. It smears His name and cause, making a mockery of our faith.

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