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"The Call to Glory is the Mantle of Proximity" - Ryan Lestrange or Cheech Marin?

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"In the glory, the people of Israel found supernatural health and life. Miracles and healing are common in the glory realm. There was also provision and financial miracles; Israel was loaded down with silver and gold! The glory will bring economy into your life. The glory cloud covered them, and the fire led them. We need both the fire and the glory. We need the cloud of God's peace and presence, but we also need the burning fire that purifies us and baptizes us. Glory is multifaceted! Go for uncommon and unusual realms of glory. Glory overrides the report of man and releases the authority of heaven. Glory does not just bend natural law; it defies it! Tumors disappear in the glory. Cells are literally changed in the glory. When you enter the glory, you exit the limitations of earth." -- Ryan Lestrange

Where in the world do you see Israel experiencing supernatural health and life? Besides all of these things Ryan is now selling the notion that the glory will bring financial miracles? Tumors disappear in the glory? Cellular activity changes in the glory? Ryan's mouth is now writing checks God has no intention of cashing. It is so pitiful to have to deconstruct this teaching. It is not prophetic but pathetic. Glory in the bible was always something that belonged to God. The second key verse from today is one that Ryan must have forgotten in his zeal to steal the glory of the Lord. Can God be any clearer beloved? My glory I give to no other. Can God heal that tumor? Yes, but He also may not. Either way He deserves the glory due to Him. It is not the glory that defies natural law but the God who created all of the laws!

"We are not called just to seek the glory; we are called to carry and release the glory. The glory is a part of who we are. We are glory carriers. Where we go, the glory of God goes! As Ruth Ward Heflin wrote in her book Revival Glory, "When you discover things that seem to contribute to the glory, do those things more; and when you find things that seem to diminish the glory, stop doing them. It's as simple as that." God wants to cover the whole earth with His glory (Hab. 2:14). He wants the glory to reign over the nations. Our job description is to uncover, unlock, explore and release the realms of glory. We are called to teach nations about glory. We are called to bring people out of bondage and into glory. The glory is in us! It is part of our new nature. We are called to manifest the glory (2 Cor. 3:12-18). As manifest sons of God, glory is our inheritance. We should decree glory. Expect glory, and pray for more revelation of the glory (Ex. 40:34-35). God spoke to Moses from the midst of the cloud of glory. This is what God desires to do in our day. He wants to speak to kingdom leaders from the midst of the cloud. He wants to bring them into glory realms so they carry the breath of the glory to the people of God. He wants to bring them forth as ambassadors of the glory. Jesus was conceived in glory. The Hebrew word in Luke 1:35 for "overshadow" was often used in connection with the cloud in the Old Testament. God is the glory in the midst of His people (Zech. 2:5). Jesus was received up in the cloud (Acts 1:9). Jesus was conceived and sent into the world in glory, and then the Father received Him back to heaven in glory. Wherever you find Jesus, you find the glory. If we have been with Jesus, then we have been in the glory realm. We will manifest the glory of God. We will manifest the fire of God. We will manifest the cloud of His presence." -- Ryan Lestrange

How many absurdities can you find in this one paragraph? How many times to try and usurp the power and glory of God? We are not going to manifest His glory or His presence. We cannot be called to carry and release God's glory because the bible says He will not share it! Ryan needs to try being a humility carrier for once and stop with these bizarre and unbiblical fairy tales. Habakkuk 2:14 does not say that God wants us to cover the earth with His glory -- it says the earth shall be so covered. This theology is dangerously close to the NAR dominionist vision. God does not need us to teach nations about His glory. Nor does He need us to unlock realms of glory. His glory is NOT our inheritance beloved. Do not fall for such demonic teaching! God spoke to Moses from within His glory to protect Moses and nowhere did He share that glory with him. If God wanted to speak to leaders today in the same manner -- He would, and he certainly would not need Ryan Lestrange's help to do so. You know why you find glory when you find Jesus? Because Jesus is God! Ryan Lestrange is not!

"The Miracle Realm. There is a miracle dimension. In this space, natural law is subjected to the law and authority of God. In this dimension, blind eyes open. In this dimension, crooked limbs are made straight. In this dimension, bondage falls away. In this dimension, financial turnarounds happen suddenly. The disciples were charged to minister from the dimension of the miraculous. As ambassadors of the kingdom, they were instructed not just to articulate but also to demonstrate (Matt. 10:5-8). Ministering from the position of kingdom jurisdiction and authority releases a strong flow of the miraculous. When we know who we are, we are able to manifest the power of God. Miracles are connected to identity." -- Ryan Lestrange

Sorry to burst your charismatic bubble but there is no miracle realm. This is simply Ryan Lestrange making things super-spiritual that are not. God heals. He opens blind eyes. He straightens crooked limbs. This has nothing to do with other realms. The disciples were not charged with ministering from this imaginary realm. Note what Ryan finally admits this has been all about -- we are able to manifest the power of God. This is the same old sin of Lucifer that he then offered to Eve in the Garden. To be like God. I know who I am beloved. I am a servant of the Most High and do not wish to try and usurp His power or His glory.

"In Mark 5:38-43, Jesus miraculously heals the daughter of a man named Jairus. When Jesus addressed Jairus' daughter, He saw the girl as asleep, not dead. We know that in the natural realm the girl was dead. So what was taking place here? What was Jesus doing? How was Jesus moving? What was Jesus thinking? I believe Jesus was speaking from another dimension. He was subduing one reality with another reality. This is in essence the conversion of two spiritual forces--the prophetic anointing and the spirit of faith, which are married together and function as forces in the kingdom of God. Faith sees the thing as finished. Faith aggressively demands that the promises of God be fulfilled (Matt. 11:12). Faith pleases God (Heb. 11:6). It is important to note that anytime you please God, you will receive from Him." -- Ryan Lestrange

You can believe it Ryan but that doesn't make it true. Beloved, we are not to add to scripture what we think. If God wanted us to understand that Jesus saw this girl sleeping because He was seeing her in some other dimension -- the bible would say so. God is not ambiguous. He was not subduing one realty with another. He was commanding life over death, which in case Ryan forgot, is one of the greatest things about Jesus. Pay very close attention here. Faith does not see things as finished as Ryan is describing -- arrogance does. Faith would never demand anything let alone the promises of God to be fulfilled. Faith understands they will be fulfilled without placing such carnal demands upon the Creator of the universe. Anytime you please God you should reflect on what He has already done and not be seeking more and more temporal blessings.

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