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Trying to Excuse the Idolization of Nationalism

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The first heresy he mentions here is known as replacement theology, where the church replaces Israel. Only it is worse than that because instead of the church, America replaces Israel. Mattera is correct to denounce this nonsense where people claim that this country is somehow under covenant with God, using the Mayflower Compact or other historical landmarks. What Mattera fails to see is that the very movement he supports is directly in bed with those who have replaced Israel with this country. He should ask David Lane or Eddie Hyatt, both of whom he shares the pages of Charisma News with. Or Stephen Strang who runs Charisma. Or Larry Tomczak. The list goes on and on as so many have climbed aboard the dominionist train. It is only marginally comforting that Mattera points out the sheer lunacy of the "Trump Christians" who have ascribed salvation status, prophet status, and almost deification status to the thrice married philanderer. The pages of Charisma News have declared that Trump was the second coming of Elijah with a Deborah mantle or the literal reincarnation of King Cyrus. While Mattera is right that it is wildly unbiblical to connect any person or political party to the kingdom, he desires to do exactly that with his final offering, which we will break down into segments to better digest and understand that what Mattera seeks is no better than the previous three arguments he dismissed.

"Salt and Light Nationalism - This form of Christian nationalism comes about through gospel permeation, not top-down political coercion. True gospel permeation in society eventually influences a nation with Judeo-Christian principles. After all, Jesus called His followers "the salt of the earth" and "the light of the world," (Matt. 5:13a, 14a), not the salt of the church and the light of the pew. This is an express declaration by Jesus that He expects believers to be prophets to the world." - Joseph Mattera

Yeah, no. This notion that we are all to be prophets is rank heresy as the key verses expressly state that only the spirit of God decides who receives what gifts. This notion that all can prophesy however is part and parcel with NAR dominionism. There is a vast difference between representing Jesus Christ and pretending to be His prophets. Notice however that Mattera desires that "Judeo-Christian" principles influence this nation." That is the same goal as the previous three versions of Christian nationalism he offered and dismissed. He continues:

"The Lord's prayer takes it further as it involves praying for God's kingdom and will to be done on earth (not just in church buildings for two hours on a Sunday morning) as it is in heaven (Luke 11:2-4)." - Joseph Mattera

The prayer for the kingdom of God to come refers to the second coming of Jesus Christ. The NAR dominionist warps this into the belief that our role as believers is to bring the kingdom of God to earth itself. On that glorious day beloved, Christ will make things on earth as if they were in heaven. Read Revelation. The lion will lie down with the lamb. The bastardization that Mattera traffics in is well known in the apostate church in this country. On earth is if in heaven is a literal mantra of Bethel Church. It is a dangerous false teaching.

"Thus, since God claims the earth for Himself, there is no such thing as neutrality in this world. A nation bases its laws and policies upon biblical ethos or autonomous humanism. Consequently, all Christ-followers should work for biblical righteousness in their civic government and model the values of the kingdom in their particular sphere of influence. If every church were making disciples and releasing them to serve in the workplace, their nation would see transformation from the bottom up through changed hearts and minds." - Joseph Mattera

It was only a matter of time before reason went out the window because this entire position is unreasonable as well as unbiblical. What Mattera and the NAR always fail to see is that this position places faith in man. He is relying upon man to pass laws that are based on his view of biblical ethos and not what he refers to as autonomous humanism. The reality is whatever laws are passed will be based on autonomous humanism only they will be thinly disguised as being pious when they are not. Even if a man was raised in the church and sent into politics what assures us that his "biblical ethos" will win out? Nothing. The bible assures us that all have turned from God and none pursue Him. Even if someone fought their flesh enough to try and enact laws that were more grounded in Judeo-Christian ethos, what is accomplished for the kingdom? Absolutely nothing. You cannot legislate salvation unto people. Maybe you can provide some behavior modification but mostly sin will simply be driven underground. For example, we have laws in this country against murder, which is based upon the biblical ethos. Has all murder stopped because of this law? Of course not. Laws against robbery are on the books, based on thou shall not steal and how is that working out for us? Sin will always be sin and no matter how righteous you think your candidate is, he or she remains a sinner. Most Christians in church leadership I have seen could not handle the administration of the church building they are associated with let alone an entire nation. Mattera's fanciful notion here neglects to realize that the majority of churches in this country are entirely heretical to begin with! Why would we want them anywhere near the levers of power in this country?

"As far as "salt and light" Christian nationalism, we are responsible as individual believers for loving our neighbor as we love ourselves. We cannot care for others if we do not take care of ourselves. The apostle Paul also commands Christians to manage their household and care for their family members (1 Tim. 3:5, 5:8). The command to take care of one's own family first can be logically expanded to include providing first for your nation since a nation sustains the ecosystem needed for healthy biological families." - Joseph Mattera

Huh? How in the world is it logical to expand taking care on one's family to taking care of an entire nation? That is asinine on its face. When Jesus walked the earth His people were under Roman oppression. They suffered the type of persecution that NAR dominionists could not even imagine. What did Jesus say about this? Absolutely nothing. What did He teach about it? Absolutely nothing. What did He do about it? You guessed it - absolutely nothing. His kingdom is not of this earth. Being a shining city on a hill means maintaining a healthy Christian family based upon biblical values amidst a sea of unrighteousness within this world. That is how people will want what you have. You cannot force it upon them. You cannot legislate it upon them. Trying to force the lost to be saved is beyond lazy. It is also the same sin as that which Lucifer fell for and Eve. To be like God. The Lord gives the increase - not us! Mercifully, Mattera concludes:

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