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Charlie Sham (p) - Lying Visions, Worthless Divinations from the Deceit of His Own Mind

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· That Whitmer will stand for judgment before Christ pleading for mercy

· The people of God will somehow rejoice in her tears

So how did Charlie Shamp do in this very detailed prophecy he released in late June of 2022? Absolutely none of this came remotely close to coming true. Whitmer won reelection in November of 2022 in a landslide. No chaff. No stubble. No corruption exposed. No threshing sledge. No bizarre scene of Christians celebrating her demise. None of it. Do you know why? It wasn't because he released it too soon. It wasn't because he did not consecrate himself enough. It was because God never said it. Let me repeat that. God never said it. Just like He never said any of the other silly, NAR, dominionist prophecies Shamp proudly displays on his page. Back to the Charisma article.

"For those skeptical of Shamp's prophetic words, Shamp says he welcomes them to come to his website,, and his YouTube channel, Destiny Encounters, to check out the validity and authenticity of not only the words God has given him, but also the timing of those words. Shamp says there are a number of prophetic words he has received in the past that are beginning to come to fruition in this current season. One of them involves the exposure of corruption and the revitalization of the United States." - Charisma News

A common tool the false prophet uses are vague prophecies with no apparent timeline. This allows any changing news to be applied to the prophecy, no matter how old. The translation needed here is that the reason there is corruption is that there is a Democratic president and that all Republicans are righteous. This is the overarching theme of dominionists. Their current standard bearer is facing four different felonies but it's the other guy that is corrupt. If you think God wants the church to defend as righteous a man who cheated on all three of his wives, the last one with a porn star while his wife was pregnant, then I do not know what bible you are reading. None are righteous and neither party cares about the cause of Christ. As for the invite to check his accuracy, thanks. I have. Let us now turn to a prophecy from Mr. Sham dated July 30, 2022. The political tenor back then was all in favor of the up-and-coming Ron DeSantis. Ron was being coronated as the heir to the Trump legacy as more and more people were souring on the Donald. Fast forward to today and we see DeSantis is being annihilated by Trump in all polling as he implodes his future political prospects by picking fights with Mickey Mouse. Shamp did not know that back then, even though he claims to be prophetic so instead, we received the following "prophetic" word called, The Righteous Man Will Flourish:

'The word of the Lord came to me saying, "Son of man what do you see?" I see a palm tree flourishing in the summer sun. The Lord spoke again, "You have seen correctly. For I will take this palm tree and transplant it to Washington DC in the days ahead. I will make this righteous man to carry my message to Washington when he has been fully prepared. I will make Ron a rod of authority in Washington. He stood in the storm that came called Covid and was not moved. He will stand when the hurricane hits and will not bend nor break. Then I will plant him in the nation's capital to be a rod of authority and a pillar of righteousness to rebuild the nation. I have raised up the trumpet to sound the alarm. I will raise up this Ron as a rod and he will shout with my righteous sound. What has been will be again. I raised up a Ronald who came as a Palm Tree to Washington and helped rebuild America in the past. He fought against terrorism and tore down the walls of communism. I will once again raise up a Ronald to help fight against terrorism and tear down the walls of communism with a shout. The nation will flourish like the palm tree for I hold America in the palm of my hand and will use this righteous man."' - Charlie Shamp

Note all of the inane Republican talking points. DeSantis' inaction on COVID in his state cost people their lives. It should not be celebrated! Ronald Reagan is held in esteem apparently by God despite overthrowing other country's governments, ruining the national economy for decades and potentially cutting a deal to hold the hostages in Iran until he was elected. This is just propaganda and the notion that God would pick sides with equally immoral creations is absurd. Getting back to this specific prophecy however, Charlie Shamp is now all in on Ron DeSantis becoming the next president. He released this false word when all the political signs were screaming DeSantis but now, it seems highly unlikely. Can't wait to see him explain this one away. The rest of this article is just more Republican talking points and conspiracy theories like Hunter Biden's laptop and accusing China of attacking the US with the COVID virus.

The bottom line is the God who spoke everything into existence is not wasting His time adjudicating political morass in Michigan. These are the things that bother men, not God. So, man tries to co-opt God. He tries to pretend God is on his side politically. That is what the NAR dominionist movement does every day. One of the tools it uses are willful idiots like Charlie Sham (p). He comes at us armed with the latest GOP talking points but first pretends to have consecrated himself before God instructed him to release the talking points. Except the vast majority do not come true. So, either Shamp makes God a liar, or Shamp himself is lying. He doesn't really have a red bat phone connected to the throne room. Whatever demons talk to him they are not God. Gretchen Witmer is still Governor of Michigan. She isn't chaff blowing in the wind. Ron DeSantis seems to have as much chance being president as he has in his never-ending brawl with Goofy. Those were just two randomly selected false prophecies I chose to read. Think about the sheer arrogance it takes to leave these false prophecies up on his page! Not only does he treat his followers with brazen contempt for their intelligence but he simply thinks they are too lazy to read his own website! As if you need me to tell you - mark and avoid.

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