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Christianity and Matters Such as Marxism, Capitalism, and the Poor

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Yeah, we proved that in the 1950's and have spent the past sixty years dismantling it into oblivion now. Finishing high school now is a guaranteed ticket into the working poor. College is now required to have any shot at the lower middle class, which is rapidly being eradicated. The racist attitude here is also quite stark. This is the same welfare queen nonsense from the Reagan era. The notion that the social safety net can become a hammock is a racist trope designed to marginalize the marginalized even further. The real problem is that the entry level of work in America is now not a step up from the poverty of government reliance giving no motivation to leave welfare. The solution is not to eliminate the welfare but rather to improve the standard of living.

Perhaps the more disturbing thing here is how quickly McKinney abandoned scripture and Christ as the barometer. It does not matter what economists, who favor capitalism to begin with, think of Marx anymore than it matters what Marx himself thought. Finland, Denmark and Sweden do no matter either. The Heritage Foundation certainly does not matter. While it is true that there already is socialism baked into the American system that is irrelevant as well. The only thing that matters is what God says. I randomly chose some verses you can find above in the key verses. This was not even trying hard, believe me. All of these things were not said because the Judeans were illegitimately rich. This is one of the recurring themes throughout the bible and we would be wise to get on the right side of this argument. Stop demonizing those that need the most. Why in the world would you be believed when trying to share Christ if you refuse to share anything of this world?

"Allowing Marx to define capitalism for him, Olson offers a dishonest depiction of it: "What would Jesus advocate for if he were here, in person, physically, today? I believe he would speak out prophetically, as did the Hebrew prophets, against those who advocate government that allows the weak, the disadvantaged, the sick, the disabled, the poor to fall through the cracks simply to keep in place 'economic freedom' for the rich and powerful." But having a drunk atheist define capitalism is as reasonable as letting atheists define Christianity; they won't come close to the truth. The 19th century was the golden age for laissez-faire capitalism in the U.S. and U.K. because theologians considered it to be Christian economics. It lifted citizens in both nations to extraordinary levels of prosperity compared to previous centuries. And because of our greater wealth, Christians took care of the poor better than anyone in history, without subsidizing alcoholics or men who refused to work." - Roger McKinney

There appears to be so much hate and disdain in the heart of Roger McKinney. But for the grace of God go I is something he apparently never considers. I am grateful that I won the "where were you born" lottery that automatically consigns so many to a life of abject poverty. I was not and am not, rich but I am not foolish enough to think that I did not have opportunities that so many people never have. A life on government welfare is not some extravagance that we should be taking offense at. We barely bat an eye when untold billions are doled out in corporate welfare but heaven forbid a penny goes to the poor without examining history and social economics through a Marxist lens. This is bad enough from the world but remember these are Christians making these arguments. Who would Jesus impoverish?

"Yet Olson considers capitalism a great evil. Does he analyze the economic theology of great proponents of capitalism, such as Francis Wayland, a Baptist Pastor, president of Brown University when it was a Christian school, and author of one of the most popular economic textbooks of the 19th century? No, Olson doesn't bother. Few theologians have devoted the time necessary to learning economics. Like Francis Wayland, Paul Heyne was one who did, and he is worth reading, especially Are Economists Basically Dishonest? Christians should shun PhD-gilded theologians who, bored with theology, stray into the lanes of other disciplines like economics. They know no more than any random man off the street in other fields. And doing so, they dishonestly try to project the authority of their PhD in one field onto their ill-informed opinions in another. What would Jesus advocate for if he were here, in person, physically, today? He would promote laissez-faire capitalism, because He wrote the Book from which the principles of capitalism came." - Roger McKinney

Yeah, no. Just because man twists the teachings of Christ to fit their economic narrative does make Jesus a capitalist. McKinney sadly offered very little in terms of a defense of the notion he was proffering. Was Jesus a socialist? Of course not but you do have to admit that many of His teachings were very much for the people and anti-establishment. Was He capitalist? Of course not and one can make a cogent argument that His teachings on wealth were clearly the opposite. The problem of course is that Jesus Christ was neither capitalist or socialist. He was the Son of God and because His kingdom was not of this world trying to define Him with carnal terms is folly. His message and ministry were solely about the eternal life, not this mortal one we have become so enamored with. He cared about money as much as He cared about politics, which is to say not at all. You want my taxes? Go catch a fish! Let me close by stating what should be obvious to everyone who claims to be Christian. Before the pandemic, in 2019, the United States had a combined wealth of 96 trillion dollars yet 34 million people lived below the poverty line. Someone dies from poverty every 12 minutes in this country. If you think Jesus looks at these things and wonders how Marxism compares to the teachings of Francis Wayland then you are sadly mistaken. Wake up before you are stranding before Christ trying to explain why you spent your life preventing poor people from being treated with an ounce of dignity, or even a hot meal. Capitalist or socialist? Get over yourself and try helping someone. Not theoretically, but actually.

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