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The Ongoing Assault on Religion by Hyper-Spiritualism

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The Lord spoke this to you? Really? No Dawn, He most certainly did not. Your deceitful heart spoke this to you. You are reminded of Matthew 15:8? Perhaps you should have checked the context. Jesus is rebuking the Pharisees by quoting Isaiah. Specifically, He is rebuking them for making void the Word of God in favor of their traditions. You know, like you are advocating right now. Forget the Word! You need an experience! You are just complacent and dignified! You need a spiritual encounter! This is exactly what Jesus was speaking against when He quoted Isaiah saying they draw near to God with their mouth but their heart remains far away. You see the heartbeat of God is not found in losing oneself over to emotional manipulation. No beloved. The heartbeat of God is found in Scripture. Only Scripture can change someone's life. Only the Gospel has the power of God unto the salvation of men. So if you feel you must roll around on the floor just bring a Bible with you so that when you are done with your emotions you can actually turn to the Word and hear from the Lord.

The rest of this statement is just hyper-spiritual mumbo-jumbo. Placing one's head in the lion's mouth is the pinnacle of a religious spirit? What does that even mean? It is beyond stupid that someone who simply wishes to adhere to what God has already said in His Word is actually trying to domesticate Jesus. The power is in His Word beloved, not in some esoteric experience that is completely left up to our own subjectivity and lying hearts. Hill concludes in three parts:

"Religion is content to cage the lion. Authentic relationship with the Lord finds a way to unleash Him while operating in His order. As I think about King David and his lack of apology for being undignified, I wonder when we as the church will reach that state of being without apology for our radical love for the Lord. Lions do not apologize for being lions." -- Dawn Hill

This is such utter nonsense beloved. No one is trying to cage the lion and last time I checked God was God. We couldn't cage Him if we wanted to. In the one chapter we looked at from the life of King David, we saw him not apologize to his wife and Uzzah struck dead. People like Dawn Hill need to focus on the Uzzah story a bit more. Worship is a natural outpouring of love for God but how can we say we love Him while not obeying Him? As Jesus once lamented, why bother calling me Lord if you refuse to do what I say? David probably thought the cart was a safer way of transporting the ark; no big deal. Uzzah probably felt honored and never could have imagined the ark falling over onto the ground. His reaction to stop the ark from touching the ground was surely benevolent but the reaction from God sure wasn't. His intentions did not matter. His heart did not matter. His worship did not matter. All that mattered was his disobedience.

"When our concern for others' thoughts about our display of worship overrides God's desire to commune with us, we are under the influence of a lion tamer. When the lion comes on the scene in the absence of lion tamers, man's agenda is nowhere to be found. Submission to His presence is not an issue. Pure abandonment abounds, and Jesus is able to transform us from faith to faith and glory to glory. This is why the devil hates authentic revival, and he fights it through confinement." - Dawn Hill

What is Dawn Hill saying? That God cannot commune with us unless we are writhing on the floor? The truly sad thing is that she cannot see how what she is promoting is entirely man's agenda. How the behaviors she advocates for draw attention away from God and onto ourselves. We all know people like this. Traveling from one service to the next tent meeting. Constantly chasing the next big experience but never quite changing from any of it. A sense of godliness but denying the actual power of it. Beloved, God does not want abandonment! He said he did not leave us as orphans! In the mid-1990s there was the revival in Toronto which saw the same manifestations Dawn Hill is bragging about. By 2000 it was over. Everyone had their experience and went home. No one was revived. Shortly after that Brownsville saw the same manifestations and everyone exclaimed revival but there is nothing left today from that either except the disturbing videos of people clearly demon possessed and blaming it on God. A few years after that a tattooed biker showed up in Lakeland Florida punching and kicking people to impart healing and claiming it came from the Holy Spirit. The NAR thought it was such a great revival that they sent their top Apostle, Bill Johnson to anoint him with oil and commission him a prophet. He fell from grace the very next day for an affair with his secretary. God will not be mocked. The devil does not hate abandonment of reason and the safe confines of biblical truth. He welcomes it. He relishes it. Do not be fooled beloved. Lying on the ground does not make you spiritual. Allowing the indwelt Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth and illuminate the truths of Scripture does. Religion is not a dirty word. God ordained it. Yes there are useless religions and the Bible warns us what they are. So save your holy laughter, kundalini spirit, soaking prayer, gold dust, gem stones, angel feathers, glory clouds, sneaky squids, mantle coverings, shifting atmospheres, and the wickedly deceitful abandonment of the Word of God. I know that lion all too well. He is seeking whom he might devour but we can tame him through the only thing that has the power to do so -- the Word of Almighty God.

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