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The Next NAR Move - Part Two - Apostles and Prophets Reign, Pastors Become Small Group Leaders

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"You might presume that intercession is to be reserved for the mature, for those who have graduated from the equipping process. No! No! No! The best equipping center is the prayer room! If an 18 year old pimple faced young person fresh out of high school with no experience, no knowledge, no wisdom can join the Marines and fight for our country, he can do the same in the prayer room! Again, there is a place for pastors to nurture people like this, and, in fact, we need pastors not as senior leaders, but as smaller group leaders who can invest time into individuals. They need to prepare them quickly to respond to the coming instructions from the apostles and prophets. It would make sense to have serving with an apostle maybe ten to twenty pastors for every one hundred people in a church. Islamic prayer: The second pillar of Islam is salat, the requirement to pray five times a day at fixed times. Children are often required to fulfill this daily requirement by the age of 7. If a mosque can be jam packed full of people praying early in the morning on a weekday as happens in our area, and if children as young as 7 are praying five times a day in that system, certainly an all consuming, Holy Spirit fueled life of prayer for a Christian is not hard to imagine at all!" -- John Burton

What a bad analogy. The 18-year-old still has to go to training before being sent to war. Not every 18-year-old graduates from that training. Not all who graduate survive once on the front lines. Listen, everyone should pray and the church should lead the way but intercession is a specific ministry that does require some training, not to mention a calling. This whole prayer discussion has been a ruse to set up the next step in the pastoral destruction paradigm. To Burton, they are not even senior leaders because after all, they are not an apostle like he is! No, in his false authority paradigm, pastors are akin to small group leaders. Their only function is that of a lackey of the true church leaders -- the apostles and prophets. The power grab is obvious and if anyone has paid attention to the state of Charismania lately this should frighten them. Do you think the self-appointed apostle Bill Johnson should lead the church? Heaven forbid. Have you seen the gaggle of false prophets these days? Do you honestly want Jenifer "Calamari Queen" LeClaire, Rick Joyner, Crazy Ryan LeStrange or James Goll dictating the government of the church? Paul certainly did not. That is why he said to allow no more than two prophets even speak during a church service. These faux apostles and prophets need a small army of pastors apparently to deal with the masses as the real leaders just dictate what deceitful rubbish comes into their wicked hearts.

"Act like priests! When you stand as a priest before the Lord, you aren't representing yourself, you are representing others in corporate identificational prayer. ~James Goll

You are a priest, and that means that you have a job to do. You are a priestly intercessor before God and the call is to pray individually and corporately continually! In the coming church, under apostles and prophets, we all will show up and pray! That is church! Church services will be prayer meetings again! Personal expectations will be replaced by assignments to serve, give, pray and lay down our lives! We won't show up with our prayer lists or our own issues but rather we will represent the nations as we invest into them in prayer. We are all priests and we all carry extreme authority! This is church at its best!" -- John Burton

While the bible does say we are a royal priesthood; nowhere does it say therefore we are all priestly intercessors. The larger point is that the church can refocus on prayer without this radical departure from biblical church order. The clever sleight of hand pulled off here by Burton is to take the concept of being a sheep and being fed and warped it into "personal expectations" and negative connotations. This is the NAR dominionist belief. That sheep who expect to be fed are selfish and need to get out into the "mission field" to do the work of ministry. In Burton's hellscape he sees a church where sheep come in only to be sent out on assignments. He also is now advocating for not petitioning the Lord in prayer for any personal needs! That is completely unbiblical. We are all hurt and broken and imperfect. There is absolutely nothing wrong with coming to God with our needs. Everyone coming to church thinking they have extreme authority is not church at its best beloved. It is a recipe for utter chaos. The pastor at least went through school or has demonstrated over decades solid handling of the word of God. All we have with the John Burton's of the world is their assurance to us that God has called them to these lofty titles. Heck, even modern-day false prophets insist that they can be wrong 35% of the time and still be considered solid.

"The Simple Blueprint - Apostles and Prophets

The shift: Corporate leadership will shift from pastors to apostles and prophets primarily. Instead of merely relaying information, messages will be mostly challenging and directive with a clear expected response as the body is rallied to fulfill a corporate mission together. They will lead with the expectation that the entire unit will be moving in step with them as they fulfill the vision of the church in unity.

The difficulty: Those that are averse to responding to prophetic instruction or who simply want a 'pick me up' each week to help them make it to the next Sunday will suddenly find themselves well outside of the vision of the church. There will be costly calls to serve, give, pray and function as a priest before the Lord, and that will be unappealing to many. The new aggressive, fast moving military will be challenging to say the least." -- John Burton

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