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Darren Wilson - Making Merchandise of the Sheep Through Sloppy Agape

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And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not. -- 2Peter 2: 3 (ESV)

I understand that for many mainstream Christians, Darren Wilson may not be a household name -- and that is a very good thing. Yet over the past few years he has gained traction within the false signs and lying wonders network of churches such as Bethel and IHOP. He has become a regular contributor to Charisma News, where his articles largely exist to sell his latest film project. Darren is a director of some of the most egregiously false Christian movies that have come out in recent memory. His two latest debacles were Holy Ghost and Holy Ghost II -- Electric Boogaloo (I don't know why that joke always makes me chuckle). These movies included such absurdities as the leg growing trick at a Korn concert and "healing evangelists" travelling the globe to stalk strangers with psychic tricks instead of heading to the local emergency room if they were so endowed from God as healers. They constantly talk about religious people as anathema who are trying to "put God in a box." Everything for them is always about love. But it is not godly love beloved. It is this sloppy agape love that ignores sin, refuses to discuss true repentance and eschews the Bible in favor of personal experience. Critics are dismissed out of hand as not being loving enough, being religious, or needing a deeper revelation of the Spirit. It is not the Spirit of God however that they traffic in. If it were, the Holy Spirit would lead them back into all truth which is only found within Scripture. Wilson's latest project that he is selling is called "Questions with God"; where Wilson and some of his accomplices sit around a kitchen table discussing questions that seem to be designed to deflect any of the common critiques they still get for being so wildly unbiblical. Last week the question was what to do with weird manifestations of the Spirit. Wilson always tells this fairy tale about how his parents received gold fillings from the Lord one church service. He is cozy with Bill Johnson who fakes "glory clouds", gem stones, gold dust and angel feathers regularly. Let us reason together as we review his latest article propping up his latest question, what does love actually look like?"

"In episode 7 of my new series, Questions With God, I ask the question, "What does love actually look like?" It's a question I have sought the answer to for the past 10 years, and it's what all my films and television shows have striven to uncover. 1 Corinthians 13 gives us the very definition of love, but defining something and living it out in a world and culture that is constantly trying to twist and distort that definition is something else entirely. For instance, is it more loving to pray for someone or to attend to their needs? Is it more loving to tell someone what they're doing wrong or to allow them to navigate their journey at their own pace? Is it more loving to explain the consequences of sin or to instead focus on the joys of Christ? It should come as no surprise that the world is confused about love if we Christians can't even agree on it!" -- Darren Wilson

Because Wilson is constantly seeking the next big extra-biblical experience, he never starts by looking for answers within the revealed will of God. What does love look like? Jesus teaches us explicitly that if we claim to love Him then we must obey His Word. God is love. That He so loved the world that He sent His only Son to die for our sins. This is love but not to Darren Wilson. To him it is this ethereal chasing of the wind that results in some kind of experience that is attributed to the Holy Spirit but clearly is not. Then he presents forced choices about what would be more loving. Praying for someone or attending to their needs. Having seen much of Wilson's work I know he believes the answer is attending to their needs. To Darren Wilson, praying is for the religious people. But lovers love on people. They attend directly to their needs. When you are essentially your own god it is of little wonder when you think you have more to offer than the Lord. Now, should we help people where they are at? Absolutely! James teaches us that it is little good to merely speak to people in distress and not attend to their needs. But beloved, prayer is second place to nothing.

Is it more loving to tell someone what they are doing wrong or to allow them to navigate their journey at their own pace? Once again, when you do not start with Scripture you are left chasing your own foolish and deceitful heart. The Bible says we are our brother's keeper. It says we are supposed to correct in love. The Word is righteous for reproof and correction. That's just religion to the likes of Darren Wilson. Like the people he follows there is zero sense of urgency. Joel Osteen believes that people already know what they do wrong so he does not go there. One year Rick Warren told pastors to not preach the Gospel for Easter so that the unsaved visitors would have reason to want to come back to your church. Every moment that we breathe in, someone is exhaling for the last time. Tomorrow is promised to no one. There is no "navigating the journey at our own pace." Our desired pace will avoid God every chance it gets. There is no love in watching someone constantly deny Christ and think that is just the journey they are on. The final forced choice here is it more loving to explain the consequences of sin or to instead focus on the joys of Christ? The fact that Wilson think this is a choice at all reveals how blackened his heart is. This is the definition of sloppy agape love. It is a love that denies the eternal realities that everyone faces. Let's all hold hands in a circle and sing Kumbaya until Jesus comes but when He does they will stand before Him and He will say: "I never knew you." Wilson continues:

"For most of my life I spouted the platitudes of love as the highest ideal for a Christian, but inwardly I hardly did anything about it. Knowing the right answer and changing your behavior to match it are two very different things, and that hypocrisy is precisely what riled Jesus up the most. It should be noted that Jesus, for all his kindness, grace and mercy that we so love to extol, was surprisingly vehement in his vitriol against certain people. If you were saying one thing but living another way, and especially if you were a "religious" person and should know better, He brought the fire and the fury of heaven down on you. Publicly. To bring spiritual men to such a froth that they literally want to kill you is no easy task, yet Jesus did it in a relatively short time frame. When the darkness in our hearts is exposed, it isn't fun. But how we react to that exposure will reveal everything about who we really are." -- Darren Wilson

As with most false teachers the longer they talk the more they reveal about the underpinnings of their false beliefs. To Wilson, love is the highest ideal for a Christian. His only problem was that he could not get his actions in alignment. The reality is that obedience, not love, is the highest ideal for a Christian. Jesus Himself laments why bother calling Him Lord at all if we refuse to do as He says. Wait a minute preacher! What about Jesus' new commandment to love one another! What about it beloved? Just like every other word spoken by our Lord we ought to be striving to obey it. God is love but as humans we mess it all up with our romanticized, sexualized, sloppy agape. If we hold obedience up as the ideal, love comes with the obedience. Suddenly there is no need for forced choices. We will pray and attend to the needs of people. We will show people what they are doing wrong out of a position of true love and not judgement. We will be our brother's keeper and focus on the joys of Christ.

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