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Fake Demon Buster Jenny Weaver Sells Victimhood for Just $20 Per Month

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So Jesus again said to them, "Truly, truly, I say to you, I am the door of the sheep. All who came before me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not listen to them. I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. - John 10:7-10 (ESV)

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We have covered briefly some of the new breed of demonology You Tube false teachers that are taking root, especially with the youth in churches today. Greg Locke was a forerunner, although he has seemingly moved on now to a more mainstream ministry endorsed by Charisma News. He is of course still a horrific dominionist and NAR hireling but his overt focus on the false demon deliverance nonsense has seemingly abated. I know I have covered people like Alexander Pagani at least once as well, but one name the slipped my radar I was recently asked about and that is someone named Jenny Weaver. Jenny has an interesting backstory in that she was formerly arrested, homeless and claims to have been bound in witchcraft. She has since however parlayed the demonology niche into a full-blown ministry grift. One of the first things these hucksters do is they set up some recurring way of billing people, so as to set up a steady income from the grift and then they expand out from there. She is under the tutelage of Ryan Lestrange, which should be all you need to know to be able to discern how false she is. This is similar to someone like Jennifer LeClaire, who is "covered" by James Goll. That means she pays Goll a recurring fee for being able to use his name to lend her credibility. In Weaver's case, she feeds off of whatever credibility Lestrange has.

The core grift for Jenny Weaver is ironically enough called "the core." This appears as a reasonably priced mechanism for generating a base revenue for the grifter. For $20 per month, each core member gets full access to whatever material, podcasts, teachings, prayer and other nonsense, that Jenny produces. She sells this as her personally mentoring you. This may seem small time until you see that they now boast 13,000 core members. If true, that is an established $260,000 per month that Jenny has set up for herself, which may explain how the Internet has her net worth at about a million dollars so far. From this, Weaver can launch other money-grubbing initiatives, similar possibly to what LeClaire has done. So far, we see Weaver has her own school of ministry coming. Can't wait to see the charges for that. I say this as the background to the above video from Weaver regarding her desire to pray against "mind controlling spirits" and "Octopus Spirits." Perhaps this is her homage to the masterclass grifter LeClaire and her silly "sneaky squid spirit" from a few years back. I am not going to respond line by line because I am hopeful that something this egregiously stupid is really low hanging fruit. There are no octopus demons beloved. Realize the core teaching, see what I did there, of demonology is so antithetical to scripture. A person cannot have the indwelt Holy Spirit and a demon. Let us reason together once more.

At the five-minute mark Weaver is setting her foundation of the notion that Christians are suffering from "mind controlling" demons whose mission is to steal, kill and destroy. Let me start with the correction I always must make when false teachers misuse John 10:10, which I have included with context as the key verses today. Even well intended solid teachers constantly misuse this scripture. The thief discussed here is NOT the devil. It is not some lurking demon in our mind. With all delicious irony, it is false teachers. Jesus enters the sheep pen through the door and when He speaks, His sheep know His voice. All others are thieves and robbers, and the true sheep will not listen to them for they are teaching falsely. If we enter faith through Christ, we are saved and will find pasture. If we enter through the false teacher, we will be robbed of eternal life. That is how we end up saying "Lord Lord" on the Day of Judgment. Jenny's premise here is laughable but transparent. She is selling something unbiblical by playing to a feeling probably every Christian has. We all struggle to do what we know God wants. The reason why of course is baked into our sin nature. The flesh wants what the flesh wants. There is a reason why we are to walk out our salvation with fear and trembling. Jenny seizes on this common occurrence in the lives of every believer and blames the reason for defying God on external factors - mind controlling demons. This feeds the victim mentality that demonology must sell. Our sin and shortcomings are not our fault! We are just victims of these mind controlling octopi demons. That is why people want to buy the garbage she is selling. She literally says these demons will cause you to not want to obey God. How absurd. She actually says that even though the spirit inside us wants to obey, these demons are somehow stronger? Realize that is what she is selling. That the Holy Spirit inside of you is simply not strong enough to fight off the octopi demon that is sharing the space inside of you. How pathetically ridiculous and how weak is Jenny saying God is? Remember, the Holy Spirit IS God!

Continuing on, Jenny claims mind control is the number one weapon the enemy uses. Once again, ridiculous. The enemy appeals to vanity, hatred, and all of the things inside of us that are not of God. He sells us on the same sin he committed, which was to be God. He tries to get us to doubt His word, and thus doubt God Himself. None of this is mind control and none of this is accomplished by indwelt demons overpowering the Holy Spirit. Jenny goes on to teach that these demons will lead us into sin and rebellion, once again, consigning us to the role of helpless victim, when we are actually the perpetrator. Let us take for example someone living in an adulterous relationship, cheating on his spouse. Are these choices we make? Do we not choose to call the person, reserve the hotel room, and continue the affair even though we know we should not? Even though we know God hates it? Well, if you pay the $20 per month to Jenny Weaver, you buy your exoneration. Now it is not you doing these things but some nebulous marine spirit that has their tentacles wrapped around your will, causing your rebellion. Right. Try explaining that to your wife and her divorce attorney.

At the 6:30 mark, she says that paranoia and suspicion is not "discernment" but are rather two more by products of being controlled by these made-up demons. She goes on to claim that these demons can cause physical sickness and rottenness of the bones, whatever that is supposed to be. Apparently, they can also cause heart problems, asthma and allergies. All this time you thought you were allergic to peanuts but maybe you have an octopus wrapped around your medulla, who knew? I tell you that I am allergic to bovine excrement, and I am starting to feel pretty symptomatic right about now because she starts to threaten anyone who might disagree with her nonsense to "boot them in the mighty name of Jesus" from the live stream. Wait a minute, I thought they were under the manipulation of a mind controlling demon? Why isn't that the explanation for their disagreement and "trolling" as Jenny put it? So, adulterous relationships must be an aquatic demon but dare to disagree with Jenny and that must be something that deserves removal from the group. Right, gotchya.

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