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Jennifer Devious Calamari Leclaire -- Propheseer Training and Fleecing the Flock

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Hear this, you heads of the house of Jacob and rulers of the house of Israel, who detest justice and make crooked all that is straight, who build Zion with blood and Jerusalem with iniquity. Its heads give judgment for a bribe; its priests teach for a price; its prophets practice divination for money; yet they lean on the Lordand say, "Is not the Lordin the midst of us? No disaster shall come upon us." -- Micah 3: 9-11 (ESV)

So it was during the days when Jotham was King of Judah and Ahaz ruled Israel that corruption was rampant in the land and throughout the people of God. During this time the Lord employed many prophets, Isaiah most notably. A contemporary of Isaiah was Micah. The prophet Micah is best known for the verse that spells out what the Lord requires from us who follow Him. To love mercy. To do justly. To walk humbly before our Lord. A powerful verse from a lesser known prophet but in the key verses today we will go to another section he penned in which we see the level of corruption that was rampant in his day and as we know, is rampant today in God's church as well. All that is straight they make crooked. Those in charge mete out justice for a bribe. Those in the pulpits teach for a price. Those that claim to be prophets practice divination for money. Yet their collective words ring hollow and empty as lives are destroyed while they insist that the Lord is in their midst and nothing bad will ever befall us. If that does not describe the modern church in America, nothing does. The New Year brought with it "prophetic" declarations where everyone will be blessed, no one will be in the valley and the future is so bright we all gotta wear shades. Cult of personality mega church pastors charge six figures to speak at other churches; teaching for a price. Itinerant prophets provide personal prophecies for everyone. A love offering is a small price to pay for such positive divination.

The false prophet industry has grown in its intricacies and lunacy. Anyone who can master Facebook Live is now a prophet. They have created their own schools to loan themselves credibility they simply cannot get anywhere else. They then convince the masses that they can teach them the gifts of the Spirit! That they can train them to become prophets! This is big business beloved. Don't believe me? Let us turn to one of the most loony-tune prophetesses alive today, Jennifer Leclaire. The former editor at Charisma News, Leclaire has written tomes about angels fighting the Jezebel spirit or something equally ridiculous. Do not despair beloved because she always says there is some kinda shift coming that will change the atmosphere and allow some sort of movement. Just in case people forgot, Leclaire was the one who prophesied that there was a "sneaky squid spirit stalking her." This led to "Squid Gate", where Dr. Michael Brown refused to rebuke such abhorrent nonsense and has been properly marked as a gatekeeper for the NAR and Charismaniacal madness ever since. Everyone loves a nice side of calamari with their pasta but not with their doctrine.

You would think such a blatant egregious claim from God would be enough to disqualify Jennifer but you forget that the first rule of The False Prophetic Complex is to protect the brand. As long as Leclaire can bring people in and open their wallets, she is an asset worth protecting at all cost. I have talked with Leclaire supporters and I can tell you the deception is wicked and thick. Just in case anyone is thinking of being lured in with a free dish of squid, let us peruse Ms. LeClaire's own website and see how many ways she is currently stealing from the children of God. Her latest scam is to open what she is calling a "School of the Seers"; which is linked above. I am sure everyone remembers the Biblical grounding for the School of Seers from 2Equivocations Chapter 23 but seriously -- is this what modern Christianity has devolved into? Let us reason together through this slop of false theology Leclaire is selling remembering that she wants to charge you $300 annually to attend this school, which is run out of a Holiday Inn motel room at the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

"Seers, arise! God wants you to function in the fullness of your giftings. Believers, begin to see! God wants you to open your eyes to the spirit realm, with dreams and visions! Just like you don't have to be a prophet to prophesy, you don't have to be a seer to see. God wants you to see what He is trying to show you.On the last day of the Global Prophets Summit, I was teaching about the seer's anointing on Facebook Live from my hotel room. I had no idea the Lord was going to overwhelm me with His presence and give me a new anointing, commissioning and mandate to raise up seers and seeing people." -- Jennifer Leclaire

How profoundly absurd. The scam always starts with pseudo-piety. It is always blamed on God so as to prevent people from legitimately questioning the veracity. So we are supposed to believe that God has given Jennifer "Sneaky Squid" Leclaire a new anointing, commissioning and mandate to charge $300 per year to pretend she can raise up "seers." There is this great big mystical world God is trying to show you! But alas! You can't see! Beloved, there is no "seer anointing." There is no Office of the Seer. The term is only use a small handful of times in the Old Testament and in one spot it explains the usage:

(Formerly in Israel, when a man went to inquire of God, he said, "Come, let us go to the seer," for today's "prophet" was formerly called a seer.) -- 1Samuel 9: 9 (ESV)

It is just another name for prophet beloved. So why all the subterfuge from Leclaire? Well this is more about creating a new business line than biblical accuracy. You see Jennifer already operates a bogus school for prophets. In that motel room you can learn such exciting topics as determining your prophetic expression, how to cultivate an accurate prophetic voice, how to sharpen your prophetic intercession, protocols for prophetic ministry, the statemanship of the prophet, battling Jezebel, and casting out devils. Sharpening my prophetic intercession, casting out devils and battling Jezebel? That almost makes the $397 bundle price a bargain! But wait, there's more! Jennifer promises on her next level to provide a "safe setting" to "exercise your gift." I am sure we all remember that Old Testament story when Elijah provided Elisha that safe setting to practice faking words from God, right? You don't? Do you know why you don't remember anything of the sort? Because it would be ludicrous! Oh well, even if you are not really a prophet at the end of turning over your money to Jennifer Leclaire, at least she promises to print you out a Certificate of Completion. That and a green screen could launch your fake Facebook prophetic ministry! Let's get back to the sales job for those who have not yet caught on that Seer is just another word for prophet:

'The next day at our special "What Do You See?" event, the Lord showed up to confirm His word to me in a mighty way. We had a move of God at the Awakening House of Prayer. After a teaching, impartation and activation, the Lord opened the eyes of so many people to see in the Spirit. It was incredible. The next day I went to Awakening Blaze Tampa and God did it again!

I know the Lord has called me to raise up seers and seeing people. Acts 2:17 says, "And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams."' -- Jennifer Leclaire

The Acts verse is actually quoting a verse from the Prophet Joel. It is a powerful verse beloved but it has nothing to do with seers or opening a fake school for them to make shameful gain off of them. This is just Jennifer trying to leverage a Scripture to give the appearance of piety and spirituality to her carnal schemes. I wish I was at her event. What do I see? I see a false prophetess stealing money from the sheep of the Lord promising to teach them gifts that only the Spirit can give out. I see a huckster, a liar and a scam. I see someone who will answer before Christ one day. The Squid Prophetess concludes the sales pitch:

"I have empathy for seers who have been misunderstood, persecuted and rejected from the mainline church. I want to see you activated at new levels and functioning in accuracy for the glory of God. Whether you are an experienced seer or just learning about the visual realm of the spirit world, I can help you navigate your gift--and I've been called to. Again I say, seers, arise! God wants you to function in the fullness of your giftings. Believers, begin to see! God wants you to see in the spirit." -- Jennifer Leclaire

Beloved this is more NAR, false signs and lying wonders, experiential Christianity. It is not biblical. Realize what Jennifer is selling here. She wants to see you activated in new levels of accuracy? Where is inaccuracy allowed in Scripture? Are you really seeing in the "spirit realm" or are you following the deceitfulness of your own wicked heart? She has not been called to help anyone navigate a gift that does not exist in the Bible. As we already saw, seer was used interchangeably with prophet. Leclaire is trying to pretend that one is hearing from God and the other is peeking into some mystical magical realm and seeing things. The only obvious reason for this dichotomy is money. You can pay $397 for prophetic training or $300 for the school of seers. I suppose she would cut you a deal if you wanted to become a "Propheseer." A combo price for double the heresy.

Unless you desire a more intimate connection with the master of the tricky cephalopod. Jennifer is there for you. Not just as a teacher but as a mentor. If you sign up to be mentored by Jennifer you should be aware there are two tiers. Tier One includes one monthly group call with Jennifer herself, access to a Facebook group to interact with others who are just as foolish as you, random bonus teachings on Facebook and weekly emails to inspire you. How much would you expect to pay for such detailed, nonsensical content? If you were thinking $500 for some reason, you are right! The cost of Tier One is $481 annually. Essentially you are paying 500 bucks for one 60 minute call per month, which is a shared experience with everyone else that signed up. The rest of this package is Facebook driven and a weekly email. Wow.

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