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Prophecy - Stop Complaining and Pony up Your Money to the Apostate Church

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Hear this, you heads of the house of Jacob and rulers of the house of Israel, who detest justice and make crooked all that is straight, who build Zion with blood and Jerusalem with iniquity. Its heads give judgment for a bribe; its priests teach for a price; its prophets practice divination for money; yet they lean on the Lord and say, "Is not the Lord in the midst of us? No disaster shall come upon us." Therefore because of you Zion shall be plowed as a field; Jerusalem shall become a heap of ruins, and the mountain of the house a wooded height. -- Micah 3: 9-12 (ESV)

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Bill Yount has released what he believes is a prophetic word; which I have linked above. We can rest assured this is a false word that did not come from the Lord. God would not use a cesspool such as Charisma News, to spread any word He might have. Prophesy in and of itself must always be reflective of the final revealed will of God -- not some hodgepodge of visions and things that deceitful hearts believe they have seen in the spirit. I do not doubt Yount saw this vision in the spirit realm just not that the Holy Spirit had anything to do with it. There are other spirits in the world beloved. We war against principalities in heavenly places. The truth is that the devil enjoys the current state of the church. He enjoys the rampant false teaching and greed because less and less people are being saved. Millions are being falsely converted. But the Purpose Driven Industrial Complex always requires more and more money. Television programs are not cheap. Cult of personality preachers are not cheap. So consider this word from Yount a pledge drive from the forces of darkness and let's reason through this together beloved.

"In the Spirit, I saw words coming out of the mouths of God's people that appeared to be forming chain-like links hooking together. With each negative comment, our words became like a chain that grew, wrapping itself around the object we were complaining about. One of the largest chains I saw was wrapping around finances. Each time someone would say, "I don't have enough money," this chain became reinforced with strength, wrapping more tightly around their wallets and purses. As this complaining continued, I saw huge locks come upon these chains as a spirit of poverty and depression begin to fulfill the words that were being spoken." -- Bill Yount

Note the false prophetic buzz words beloved - a spirit of poverty and depression. Note the way the sheep are portrayed -- as complainers. Not even an inch of compassion for what people might actually be going through financially. When we read about the early church in Acts we see that everyone brought what they had so the body of believers needed nothing. These financial resources did not go to feed the shepherds but rather to feed the sheep. Do not miss the obvious word faith heresy at the end here. Yount is claiming that the words being spoken were beginning to be fulfilled in reality. This is the core of the little gods theology of Meyer, Dollar and Osteen. That our literal words have the power of creation in them when the Bible says only the words of God have such power. According to Bill Yount however, claiming to be revealing what God has shown him, when we say that we have financial strife this somehow activates a spirit of poverty and depression and those spirits fulfill the words we have spoken. What utter garbage. I hope you packed your bags because it sure seems like we are going on a guilt trip.

"I saw enormous chains come over whole ministries and churches. Wherever two or more people were gathered together and began to say, "We don't have enough money for this or that in our ministry or church," huge chains began to wrap around whole ministries, congregations, pulpits and altar rails. I saw a muzzle come over the mouths of many pastors when just a few members were agreeing and saying, "We can't afford to pay him that much!" Chains started growing around the pastor's whole family as the spirit of poverty continued to increase in churches, like a little leaven leavening the whole lump. I saw churches closing as chains and locks were being installed on their front doors as the spirit of poverty overcame many, stopping them from giving tithes and offerings." -- Bill Yount

Really. Where do we start? God gave you a message where it was a problem that tithes could no longer be brought even though tithing is not a New Testament command? Completely violating Galatians 5, which explains that tithing has been nailed to the cross and by insisting upon it once again we sever Christ from us? Or maybe we should focus on the abuse of the biblical reference to a little leaven. When Jesus taught this He was of course referring to sin. Yount continues his fantasy about a spirit of poverty that does not exist. As his false vision expands we see that our not giving can result in entire ministries and congregations shutting down. Pastors hear me well -- if your giving does not match your vision than your vision is not from God. The problem is pastors today are trained on the purpose driven models of church growth which says you must always be prepared for the church to come, not the church you have. How arrogant and selfish.

We can't afford to pay him that much? Paul said he must preach the Gospel not he must get paid for it. Look at the imagery here. The pastor will not preach if he is not paid enough? Please, then he is a hireling anyway. Now the Bible says a workman is worth his wages and I take no issue with a pastor making his living on shepherding the sheep but it crosses a line of unseemliness at some point. Maybe when you declare a six million dollar estate as a "parsonage" like Kenneth Copeland does. Maybe when you send out fundraising letters to your sheep so you can raise 71 million dollars for a new Learjet like Creflo Dollar did. Or maybe when you are just a local pastor who thinks that if he doesn't make "X" amount of dollars than he is just being muzzled.

'I then saw in the Spirit one person stand up in a church that was about to close its doors. This person lifted his wallet towards heaven and thanked God that he even had a wallet. Though nothing was inside it, he was praising God that he had the breath to praise Him in spite of his lack of finances. As this man started lifting up his wallet with thanksgiving and praise, the chain snapped off it, and the Lord spoke audibly to this church, "Let everything that has breath, praise Me! In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you and this house."' -- Bill Yount

No Bill you did not see this in the spirit of God. It reminds me of the key verses today from Micah's rebuke of the false prophets in his day. The corruption was at every level. Those in charge perverted justice for gain. Those skilled in teaching and preaching did so only for a price. Those that fancy themselves prophets practice divination for money. The church is built on the blood of sheep left to wander until Christ's return and the iniquity it still revels in. yet despite these things do not the false prophets of today insist that the Lord is in the midst of it all? That no disaster shall ever befall us! What promise is Yount making here on behalf to the Lord? That if you wave your wallet in the air that God is going to supernaturally fill it with money? The conflation of praise and money here is particularly odious.

"A revelation was breaking forth upon God's people that just breathing qualifies us to praise and worship Him. "In God We Trust" became a sermon as someone pulled out their last dollar bill and began to read what was written on their money instead of counting how much they didn't have. God spoke. "Don't count your money--read it! Count on Me!" Ministries, churches and their members were being freed as chains and locks began to melt from the presence of the Lord as they discovered God was their source." -- Bill Yount

Wow, what miserable, greedy creatures Bill Yount believes us to be. He needs a little history lesson here as the "In God We Trust" talking point is often based more in fantasy than reality. The truth is that In God We Trust was not officially adopted onto paper money until the communist red scare of the 1950s. It was use to divide people against each other. Now Yount has revealed the secret! All we have to do is read our money and shackles will fall off unfunded church mandates across this country! This is all nonsense of course. We can have faith, know God is in control and bemoan our dire financial situation. We do not need to read the dollar bill to know that we trust God.

'A fresh oil of giving flowed upon God's people as they became thankful. As they started thanking God for their wallets and purses though empty and needy, I saw a key being turned in a door of a bank in heaven filling wallets, purses, ministries and churches with whatever they needed. I saw the future of many churches so blessed and prosperous from members giving freely that pastors had to announce to their congregations. "We have enough money! Please pray to see where God would have us use the extra finances that have come in."' -- Bill Yount

Wow. Did Bill Yount just whore God out like some prostitute? Let me see if I have this trash correct. People who genuinely do not have money should not voice so, and become complainers which apparently enable a fictitious "spirit of poverty." If we do, this fake poverty spirit will then fulfill in reality what we have spoken and bring it to pass. We could however hold up our empty wallets and thank God for the existence of the empty wallet which for some reason will trigger God to open a bank door in heaven and supernaturally fill our wallets, purses, ministries and churches!

A bank door in heaven. Seriously? Beloved, discernment starts with this. It is an absurd comment to think that there is a blessings bank in heaven and God is the only one with an ATM Card. The sadly ironic thing here is that Yount returns to the Acts biblical model but fails to see that the church leadership while certainly acting as facilitators were not beneficiaries. People were rallying around God for each other. Beloved we do not need these feel good open mic prophe-lies about exploding wallets. Or the notion that the hucksters who live to rob you are going to stop one day and says "no mas."

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