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June 29, 2020

Inside the Mind of NAR False Teacher Kris Vallotton

By Anthony Wade

Kris Vallotton got a might bit upset at people on his FB page. The ensuing post is what we focus on...


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But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction. And many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of truth will be blasphemed. And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep. -- 2Peter 2:1-3 (ESV)

When reviewing work by false teachers it is often difficult because of the polish that they bring to their written game. Sermons are prepared and vetted. Articles go through revisions and edits. That is why it is important to monitor social media, where truth sometimes wins out over forethought. People are human and they react as humans. It is within these reactions that we see the cracks in the veneer they put up. In those moments we can sometimes catch a glimpse into the inner working of the depraved mind. Often in the running for most depraved is Kris Vallotton, the number two guy at the cesspool known as Bethel Church, pastored by Bill Johnson. Kris is an unapologetic prosperity preacher, writing entire books on concepts derived from his black heart such as a "poverty mindset." He is a staunch false signs and lying wonders preacher as well and a regular teacher at the heretical school of supernatural ministry at Bethel. In the many reviews I have done on Vallotton I am stunned at the depth of his lack of biblical knowledge and pure abuse of scripture. I say this as the backdrop to a Facebook post from Kris today after someone clearly got under his skin. It appears that Kris quoted renowned heretic TD Jakes and some folks took issue with it, as they should. Well, it seems that Kris done lost his mind over the critique so let us reason through the very next post he made and see if we can catch that glimpse we were talking about. Bring a flashlight beloved; it's dark in there.

"I do my very best to try and bring different perspectives to the people who follow me on my page. I believe that when we listen to one another with honor we find a place of wisdom. I have worked hard for many years to break the spirit of religion off of the minds of people and allow them to actually think. I love to inspire people to think for themselves." -- Kris Vallotton

You see Kris, the problem is that you pretend to be a pastor and bible teacher. It is the job of a pastor or bible teacher to bring the perspective of GOD, not "different perspectives." It is telling though that an alleged man of God would find wisdom at the place where we listen to other people with honor. That sure isn't biblical either. Wisdom is when we listen to God instead of other people. Not everyone deserves honor Kris. That is the point. TD Jakes deserves no honor among bible teaching, God-fearing men. Like you, he deserves nothing but our contempt and the working end of the shepherd's rod. The "spirit of religion" is another false teaching of yours. You use it whenever someone wants to get biblical. What you inspire Kris is for people to think outside of what God has already said and that is why you're are a false teacher from the pits of hell.

"But for whatever reason people wanna start a fight on my Facebook page with everyone. They find fault with anyone I quote, any position I bring up, or any subject I talk about. Personally I'm really sick of it! If you want to start a fight, do it on your own page. If you don't like the people that I quote or the positions that I take, don't follow me! I don't really understand why people even waste their time arguing with each other on social media. Do you really think you are changing anyone's mind? Are you really ridding the world of false teachers? I mean, how is that working out for you?" -- Kris Vallotton

Actually it is working out just fine Kris. Thanks for asking. You just have it slightly wrong as usual. Discernment does not seek to change the hearts of false teachers because the bible says their destruction is already set. No, the object is not ridding the world of you but rather saving people who listen to you. Does it happen often? Not as often as I would like because you are good at what you do but those singular emails I receive are worth it. When someone comes out from the darkness you or another false teacher has held them in and into the glorious light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Yeah, it is working out just fine. So the point is not to argue. It is just to hold the bible up to what you say and allow the Holy Spirit to draw people asway from you while there is still time.

"It's okay to disagree with people without branding them with some terrible name. Just because I disagree with someone doesn't mean I don't love them. There is a ton of pressure being applied to society to make people conform to their way of thinking. I am a free thinker, I refuse to be frightened into thinking like the crowd. My loyalty isn't to a political party, it's 100% to the King and His kingdom." -- Kris Vallotton

No Kris, you don't. You see, if you truly were loyal to the King then you would do what He says. You would not preach falsely. You would not have taught that God takes scripture out of context, as you once did. You would not mock and belittle the poor as you constantly do. I know you will not conform Kris. The key verses assure me of that. Your condemnation is not idle. Your destruction is not asleep. God will not be mocked. I don't want you to think like the crowd Kris. I just want to get the crowd away from you.

"I do my best to love everyone, no matter their party, race, religion or sexual orientation etc, not just when its popular but it's a life long journey. But like Jesus, loving you has nothing to do with whether or not I agree with you. Those two things are completely separate issues for me. I don't know what it means to disagree, agreeably. I have strong disagreements with many of the culturally cool crowd. But I do know what it means to honorably disagree with people. Because I love people no matter their persuasions and I am a free thinker, I have a lot of friends with whom I have major disagreements with. But I can also learn from other people's journey because my honor for them is not based on their opinion." -- Kris Vallotton

Did Paul honor Peter when Peter was acting hypocritically? Did Elijah honor the prophets of Baal or did he accuse their false god of being too busy in the bathroom to answer their prayers? Was Jesus showing the Pharisees honor when He called them whitewashed tombs? It is not your job to honor everyone Kris. It is your job to call balls and strikes. To say what sayeth the Lord and what He has not said. You choose the opposite road. It is not love to allow someone driving off a cliff to hit the accelerator. After all, its their journey. That is cruelty, not love.

"I am a teacher and a spiritual guide to many. That's the call on my life, so I will teach what I believe to be the truth whether or not it's popular with the in-crowd or grows my ministry, increases my offerings or effects how many people follow me on social media. John the Baptist proved that you don't have to reflect the world's mindsets to be relevant to culture. I refuse to be a echo in a world that has made cloning their cause. Instead I want to be His voice to a world that has become morally bankrupt in my lifetime." -- Kris Vallotton

So being a spiritual guide is your calling? You don't care about the in crowd, growing your ministry or increasing your offerings? Please, your last book was called Poverty, Riches and Wealth! Who are you kidding? Does this quote sound familiar?

"But what if God never meant for us to be poor? What if wealth could actually be related to your relationship with Him, not from a place of begging or striving but rather from the inside out?" -- Kris Vallotton

Yeah, what if? What if you were not a dangerous heretic? You don't care about social media but have over 300,000 followers on Facebook? Kris, you do not have to worry about reflecting the world's mindset -- you are the world's mindset!

"How right does someone have to be before their worthy of honor? Are there exceptions in life? Honestly, for me there are. But prayerfully my exception box is shrinking as I get more of His heart for His creation." -- Kris Vallotton

If they claim to be a prophet and are saying God said something? They need to be 100% right in order to be worthy of honor. People who claim to be representing God, as you do? Yeah you need to be right Kris about the maters of God because the very salvation of your listeners is on the line. You can like the Dodger and I can like the Mets. No one is right or wrong there, although you are close. You keep forgetting however that you are supposed to be a pastor and a teacher of the bible. The honor you deserve is directly proportional to being right and you never are when it comes to the things of the Lord.

"There is a lot of hate in the world, especially right now. But hate can't cast out hate, nor will dishonor destroy dishonor. It's a time listen honestly, learn honorably and interact humbly. The goal of communication is not agreement, it's understanding." -- Kris Vallotton

It sounds so right Kris but it's not. As a life coach or motivational speaker, this was great. As a pastor however this was nonsense. It is time to listen, learn and interact with the word of God. You have to understand. Preachers are not trying to get people to agree with them but with God. Your goal as a pastor or teacher of the bible is to convey the Gospel not to try and understand where the person who needs Christ is coming from.

"I too am growing in all of this. I am certainly not a glowing model of perfection and I have not always kept my own values. I have had to apologize to people more times then I care to count. But repentance is good for us, and humility, although painful at times, really positions us for promotion with God. I want to ask you kindly, if you don't value me, please stop following me. It will help make both of our lives more peaceful. Thank you!" -- Kris Vallotton

No offense Kris but it is not my goal, nor my desire to make your life more peaceful. I pray your life is so devoid of peace that you stop selling snake oil for a living. For the record, I don't follow you because I do not have to. You broadcast your false teachings for all to see. Through this small glimpse however you have provided us with some insight into the core deception you are under that is shared by all false teachers I would imagine. Decades of purpose driven, seeker friendly theology has convinced you that this is about you. So when someone, innocently or not, questioned why you would quote someone as heretical as TD Jakes you could not see how it was not about you. It was not even about Jakes. It was about God and His Gospel. You remember them don't you Kris?

I guess not.

Reverend Anthony Wade -- June 29, 2020

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Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.