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September 14, 2023

The Charismatic Oprah of Angels - Personal Angel Slaves for Everyone!

By Anthony Wade

Blake Healy from Atlanta Bethel School for Supernatural Silliness is back...


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For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds. - 2Corinthians 11:13-15 (ESV)

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Recently we highlighted a newer face on the crazy Charismatic circle. Blake Healy is the Director of the Atlanta based Bethel School for Supernatural Gobbledygook. Healy employs a new grift, however. He sells the notion that he has mundane and routine contact with angels. Now there are some folks who play around with silly angel theologies like Jennifer LeClaire, but they stop way short of defining their ministry by it. LeClaire for example only dabbled to sell a book where she claimed to be able to command and release the angels of abundant harvest. Ugh. Healy's claims are equally ludicrous and lead people astray. False signs and lying wonders may seem harmless but they are not. Misrepresenting God and His word always produces victims. Angels exist. They are completely biblical. What hucksters like Healy do is take the one biblical nugget and simply make up nonsense out of whole cloth and pawn it off as being spiritual because they know it is not biblical. Let us reason together through the above linked short article from Healy.

"As a "seer in the spirit" from a very young age, Blake Healy says that, although he had the ability to do so, he didn't feel a natural compulsion to interact with angels. As he grew older and got more involved in the ministry, Healy began engaging more and more with angels in the spirit realm. And, as he became more knowledgeable about them, some people began to pepper him with questions about "guardian" angels, who they are assigned to and what exactly they are tasked to do." - Charisma News

Let's start with the key verses today which find Paul teaching that false teachers should not be surprising to us since even the devil disguises himself as an angel of light, as do his servants. The most famous false angelic example of this is Joseph Smith and his claims that an angel visited him in the woods behind his upstate New York house and gave him a new gospel writ upon golden tablets. From this absurdity, Mormonism was born, and Smith added two books to the canon of scripture. This is why God included in the bible that even if an angel gives us a new gospel, we are to mark them accursed. Look, if Blake Healy claimed to have had some interactions with angels that might be vaguely believable, although unlikely given his apostate association with Bethel. He is claiming perpetual interactions with angels all of the time since he was a child. We can also discern that the number of ridiculous things he clearly makes up leaves us with only one of two conclusions. Either Blake Healy is a liar, or he cannot discern that he is having demonic visitations over and over again.

"In his first book, "The Veil," Healy, the director of the Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry, revealed the different kinds of angels he has seen over the years. Those include what he calls "protection" angels. Healy notes that many of these angelic beings "stand near the front door of people's homes (or churches), looking far off into the distance, with their main mission being to offer a 24/7 security presence for the human who are present inside that particular dwelling place." Healy has seen all types of angels since he was a child. He's seen worship angels, whom he says take a great amount of time to prepare a room where a church or worship meeting will be held, or simply a gathering of believers. These angels are often seen floating above the room with bowls in their hands that hold different colored liquids symbolizing different properties of blessing that God would like to bestow upon those people who choose to come to that gathering." - Charisma News

Ok, so protection angels stand guard at your door like security and for some reason are staring off into the distance. This kind of teaching is born out of the false theology of Bethel, where we are elevated, and God is diminished. We are so special. We merely "partner" with the creator of the entire universe! So why wouldn't God give us our own security detail? They float above the room with bowls of different colored blessings? Did Kat Kerr write this nonsense? Once again, Bethel promotes this blessing theology as well where God exists to bless our socks off because of how wonderful we are! Remember Bethel is the place where the false glory clouds were pumped in through the air conditioning vents. They claimed to find gold dust, gemstones and angel feathers. What's a little multi-colored blessing bowl theology? Just par for the course.

"Activation angels, he says, seem to activate some kind of major power from God. And then there are "deep heaven" angels. One once appeared to Healy and presented God's plan in the form of a scroll as it pertained to Blake's life. The angel showed him that God allows human free will and is still in control of everything. But protection angels, Healy says, are much more than guardians. They are more like personal attendants who are constantly assisting and loving the person they are assigned to. They actively demonstrate love to their person through their entire life (including conception)." - Charisma News

This is just horrible. The arrogance to misrepresent God this way is staggering. This isn't a joke. Activation angels? Did Jennifer LeClaire teach him that one? They just activate some nebulous sense of major power from God? Why would God need an activation angel to do this? Not content with that Healy wants to sound even more mystical and pseudo-spiritual so we have "deep heaven" angels? Now I would lean toward this being a huckster hucking but this one story about the deep heaven angel giving him a scroll is fascinating because maybe a demon did convince him that his life needed to be this hodgepodge of heresy and drivel. Either way it is truly sad for the people who might otherwise be seeking the Lord and instead are told they have imaginary security details and deep heaven angels looking to unfurl your entire life plan for you. Perhaps the silliest teaching here is this notion that God would assign angels to be our personal attendants to just love on us from conception through death. Everyone? What if they never have believed in Christ? Once again though this is the Bethel "aren't we so wonderful" theology. We are so special that we get a personal assistant from God Himself from conception (the point made for politics) until death. Between you and I, my personal angel slave is in charge of my calendar, schedules my meetings and coordinates my outfits. Seriously, I pray you do not fall for such utter narcissistic stupidity.

"Healy says that these angels are symbolic of the all-encompassing protection of God. "This angel is more like a resourceful personal assistant," he says. "I have never met anyone with more than one, and I've never met anyone without one. Personal angels sometimes resemble the person they are matched with"for example, a blonde girl matched with a blonde female angel who resembles her. They serve as a representation of God's love and help for that person throughout their life." They have many tasks, Healy says, for the person they have been assigned to. But these tasks are not the main reason for their existence." - Charisma News

Really. Healy has never met ANYONE without a personal angel slave. This is like a bad Oprah show - you get an angel! And you get an angel! Everyone gets an angel! To say this is extrabiblical is an understatement. The bible says there are angels. Hebrews alludes to the concept of a guardian angel. That's it. Nothing about conception angels, deep heaven angels, slave angels, activation angels or any of the craziness discussed here. When the bible says the heart is the most wickedly deceitful thing ever this is specifically what it is referring to. Blake Healy just made this entire mess up. Or as we discussed earlier, he is so consumed by demons he will need Greg Locke to deliver him. Mercifully this dumpster fire ends:

"Personal angels do a lot of things for us. They pray for us, guard us and support us"but these are not their purpose. Personal angels exist because God wanted every person on this planet to have someone whose sole purpose is to love them well. Everything they do is an expression of this." Healy wants every believer to know reality of these "protection" angels, and to be comforted by the fact that, even if you are unaware of their presence, they are always available to help.

The fact that this guy is the director of a school associated with something that calls itself a church is quite disheartening for how deep into the end times we now are. The sloppy agape theology of Bethel and the apostate church in general is now on steroids. The sole purpose of these slave angels is to love us well? Remember that only Blake Healy claims this everyday interaction with angelic beings. Why would God assign us a slave angel to serve us continually, love us always and then make it near impossible to ever see or interact with them? He wouldn't. Look, I believe that one time at my old church we entertained angelic beings one night. The core of what made that special is the fact that it only has happened ONE time in 56 years. When you trivialize angels the way Blake Healy does you lose any sort of specialness. Any true sense of awe and wonder. Jesus prays to the Father for us. The Holy Ghost intercedes for us. I do not need these things marginalized or cheapened because I think I have a personal slave angel to take care of that pesky prayer life. If I find myself in need I am supposed to turn to God. If He dispatches an angel, like he did for Daniel, fantastic. I may never know it or realize it, but God as always gets the glory. With the Blake Healy doctrine, we now command the angels. We now can turn to them instead of God. Dear Lord, how do people not see through this? God is always available to help! Not His other creations. Mark, avoid, and stay far away from this absolute lunacy.

Reverend Anthony Wade - September 14, 2023

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Credentialed Minister of the Gospel for the Assemblies of God. Owner and founder of 828 ministries. Vice President for Goodwill Industries. Always remember that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.