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August 2, 2019

"The Call to Glory is the Mantle of Proximity" - Ryan Lestrange or Cheech Marin?

By Anthony Wade

The truth is always stranger and funnier than fiction...


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And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them and confirmed the message by accompanying signs. -- Mark 16:20 (ESV)

I am the Lord; that is my name; my glory I give to no other, nor my praise to carved idols. -- Isaiah 42:8 (ESV)

Ryan Lestrange is crazy. In psychological terms, he is a loon. The problem is that he markets himself as a prophet of God and is leading far too many gullible people away from God through his gobbledygook of pious sounding sci-fi and occasional bible mangling. The link above is to his latest incoherent rant about the glory and miracle realms so fasten your seatbelts and I promise you that I added nothing to his word because I don't need to. Even though Ryan's own words are best for depicting him as the fool he is, I did have to skip some of this long, twisted article for the sake of time. Besides, you can only say, "that's ridiculous" so often.

"The Bible's most breathtaking miracles were often the result of another realm being manifested in the earth. Those who represent the kingdom of God act in an official capacity as fully authorized ambassadors of the King in all His glory. Wherever they go, a supernatural zone of power and glory transforms the space around them. Jesus had fully commissioned the burgeoning New Testament church with the weight of the kingdom. His followers went about demonstrating the power of the kingdom (Mark 16:20). When they did so, they were functioning from a higher dimension. A dimension is not a time but a space and location. Our life on earth is marked and measured by times and seasons. God provides insight and wisdom concerning the prophetic season we are in. Rightly discerning the times is a prophetic gift, but a dimension is something altogether different. It is a space, a place and a location. When we were born again, we were born not into a season but into a dimension. The Bible speaks of the kingdom as a realm, a place, a reality, not as a time. In John 3:5, Jesus says, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God." In this verse, "entry" does not refer to a time or a season but a place. Through the gateway of salvation, we move into the space of the kingdom. As we come into proper understanding of the weight and reality of the kingdom, we are able to subdue the forces of hell at work in the earth realm." -- Ryan Lestrange

It seems Ryan has left the earth realm a very long time ago. I do not believe he will be returning. It is almost embarrassing that I have to point these things out, but realms are not manifested when miracles occurred. Jesus operates in all realms and realties beloved. There is no supernatural zone of power and glory surrounding those that represent the kingdom of God. There is supposed to be a supernatural display of humility and peace, but not personal power and glory. I made Mark 16:20 the first key verse to show how Ryan loves to mangle the word of God. Does this verse say that the followers displayed the power of the kingdom and thus it must be in a higher dimension? No beloved -- God performed the supernatural to confirm their spoken word of truth. There is no such thing as a "prophetic season" just like when we are born again we are not born into a new dimension. Ryan Lestrange has left this dimension a long, long time ago.

"The Glory Realm. Glory is the atmosphere (the space) around the throne. The call to glory is a mantle of proximity. Walking in glory requires abundant revelation of the nearness of God. I love the glory realm! The sweet incense of intimacy is experienced in the glory realm. The fragrance of God's presence is manifest in the glory realm. Angels dwell in the glory realm. Unusual, shocking things take place in the glory realm. Authentic glory does not just give you an unusual experience; it brings unusual freedom to your life. Psalm 105:37-45 is one of my favorite glory passages in the Bible. God led His kids out of slavery and bondage with a cloud and fire. This realm of authentic glory brings forth uncommon deliverance. As the glory of God enters a space, demonic bondages fall like a stack of dominoes. This is the picture of what God does in the glory realm. In the glory realm, they were led out! There are people rising in the glory realm who will follow the cloud and fire to bring their generation out of bondage, disease, fear and darkness, and into the glory of God." -- Ryan Lestrange

Yes beloved, there are many people who take this man seriously. Glory is not the atmosphere around the throne -- he made that up. The call to glory being a mantle of proximity was so bizarre I made it the title of this devotional. Walking in the glory requires abundant revelation of the nearness of God? The connections he then makes between his made-up glory realm and the Exodus is barely coherent. Apparently, he was not done basking in the false glory:

"In the glory, the people of Israel found supernatural health and life. Miracles and healing are common in the glory realm. There was also provision and financial miracles; Israel was loaded down with silver and gold! The glory will bring economy into your life. The glory cloud covered them, and the fire led them. We need both the fire and the glory. We need the cloud of God's peace and presence, but we also need the burning fire that purifies us and baptizes us. Glory is multifaceted! Go for uncommon and unusual realms of glory. Glory overrides the report of man and releases the authority of heaven. Glory does not just bend natural law; it defies it! Tumors disappear in the glory. Cells are literally changed in the glory. When you enter the glory, you exit the limitations of earth." -- Ryan Lestrange

Where in the world do you see Israel experiencing supernatural health and life? Besides all of these things Ryan is now selling the notion that the glory will bring financial miracles? Tumors disappear in the glory? Cellular activity changes in the glory? Ryan's mouth is now writing checks God has no intention of cashing. It is so pitiful to have to deconstruct this teaching. It is not prophetic but pathetic. Glory in the bible was always something that belonged to God. The second key verse from today is one that Ryan must have forgotten in his zeal to steal the glory of the Lord. Can God be any clearer beloved? My glory I give to no other. Can God heal that tumor? Yes, but He also may not. Either way He deserves the glory due to Him. It is not the glory that defies natural law but the God who created all of the laws!

"We are not called just to seek the glory; we are called to carry and release the glory. The glory is a part of who we are. We are glory carriers. Where we go, the glory of God goes! As Ruth Ward Heflin wrote in her book Revival Glory, "When you discover things that seem to contribute to the glory, do those things more; and when you find things that seem to diminish the glory, stop doing them. It's as simple as that." God wants to cover the whole earth with His glory (Hab. 2:14). He wants the glory to reign over the nations. Our job description is to uncover, unlock, explore and release the realms of glory. We are called to teach nations about glory. We are called to bring people out of bondage and into glory. The glory is in us! It is part of our new nature. We are called to manifest the glory (2 Cor. 3:12-18). As manifest sons of God, glory is our inheritance. We should decree glory. Expect glory, and pray for more revelation of the glory (Ex. 40:34-35). God spoke to Moses from the midst of the cloud of glory. This is what God desires to do in our day. He wants to speak to kingdom leaders from the midst of the cloud. He wants to bring them into glory realms so they carry the breath of the glory to the people of God. He wants to bring them forth as ambassadors of the glory. Jesus was conceived in glory. The Hebrew word in Luke 1:35 for "overshadow" was often used in connection with the cloud in the Old Testament. God is the glory in the midst of His people (Zech. 2:5). Jesus was received up in the cloud (Acts 1:9). Jesus was conceived and sent into the world in glory, and then the Father received Him back to heaven in glory. Wherever you find Jesus, you find the glory. If we have been with Jesus, then we have been in the glory realm. We will manifest the glory of God. We will manifest the fire of God. We will manifest the cloud of His presence." -- Ryan Lestrange

How many absurdities can you find in this one paragraph? How many times to try and usurp the power and glory of God? We are not going to manifest His glory or His presence. We cannot be called to carry and release God's glory because the bible says He will not share it! Ryan needs to try being a humility carrier for once and stop with these bizarre and unbiblical fairy tales. Habakkuk 2:14 does not say that God wants us to cover the earth with His glory -- it says the earth shall be so covered. This theology is dangerously close to the NAR dominionist vision. God does not need us to teach nations about His glory. Nor does He need us to unlock realms of glory. His glory is NOT our inheritance beloved. Do not fall for such demonic teaching! God spoke to Moses from within His glory to protect Moses and nowhere did He share that glory with him. If God wanted to speak to leaders today in the same manner -- He would, and he certainly would not need Ryan Lestrange's help to do so. You know why you find glory when you find Jesus? Because Jesus is God! Ryan Lestrange is not!

"The Miracle Realm. There is a miracle dimension. In this space, natural law is subjected to the law and authority of God. In this dimension, blind eyes open. In this dimension, crooked limbs are made straight. In this dimension, bondage falls away. In this dimension, financial turnarounds happen suddenly. The disciples were charged to minister from the dimension of the miraculous. As ambassadors of the kingdom, they were instructed not just to articulate but also to demonstrate (Matt. 10:5-8). Ministering from the position of kingdom jurisdiction and authority releases a strong flow of the miraculous. When we know who we are, we are able to manifest the power of God. Miracles are connected to identity." -- Ryan Lestrange

Sorry to burst your charismatic bubble but there is no miracle realm. This is simply Ryan Lestrange making things super-spiritual that are not. God heals. He opens blind eyes. He straightens crooked limbs. This has nothing to do with other realms. The disciples were not charged with ministering from this imaginary realm. Note what Ryan finally admits this has been all about -- we are able to manifest the power of God. This is the same old sin of Lucifer that he then offered to Eve in the Garden. To be like God. I know who I am beloved. I am a servant of the Most High and do not wish to try and usurp His power or His glory.

"In Mark 5:38-43, Jesus miraculously heals the daughter of a man named Jairus. When Jesus addressed Jairus' daughter, He saw the girl as asleep, not dead. We know that in the natural realm the girl was dead. So what was taking place here? What was Jesus doing? How was Jesus moving? What was Jesus thinking? I believe Jesus was speaking from another dimension. He was subduing one reality with another reality. This is in essence the conversion of two spiritual forces--the prophetic anointing and the spirit of faith, which are married together and function as forces in the kingdom of God. Faith sees the thing as finished. Faith aggressively demands that the promises of God be fulfilled (Matt. 11:12). Faith pleases God (Heb. 11:6). It is important to note that anytime you please God, you will receive from Him." -- Ryan Lestrange

You can believe it Ryan but that doesn't make it true. Beloved, we are not to add to scripture what we think. If God wanted us to understand that Jesus saw this girl sleeping because He was seeing her in some other dimension -- the bible would say so. God is not ambiguous. He was not subduing one realty with another. He was commanding life over death, which in case Ryan forgot, is one of the greatest things about Jesus. Pay very close attention here. Faith does not see things as finished as Ryan is describing -- arrogance does. Faith would never demand anything let alone the promises of God to be fulfilled. Faith understands they will be fulfilled without placing such carnal demands upon the Creator of the universe. Anytime you please God you should reflect on what He has already done and not be seeking more and more temporal blessings.

"Miracles should not be uncommon in the ekklesia but a common, regular occurrence. Miracles are the fruit and evidence of our position in the kingdom. There are several gateways that bring the miracle realm into the earthly realm: Faith: This is one of the strongest and most consistent gateways. As we partner with the word of the Lord and stand in faith, we crack open the miracle realm. Acts of obedience: When the Lord stirs our hearts to action, and we move, kingdom results are unlocked. This was the case with the four lepers who decided to take action in 2 Kings 7:3 (MEV), asking, "Why are we sitting here until we die?" Angelic assistance: Psalm 34:7 tells us, "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and delivers them." Angels of the Lord are on assignment to minister to the people of God. In 2 Kings 6:17, Elisha prayed for his servant to see the armies of angels surrounding the city. When God opened Elisha's eyes, he saw the angel armies! God also sent an angel to assist Daniel in the lion's den by shutting the mouths of the lions, working a miracle of protection and deliverance (Dan. 6:22). Decrees: Speak the Word only. Atmospheres: Set the atmosphere and tone for the miraculous to take place. Impartations: Impartations, such as prayer cloths, can serve as gateways to the miraculous (Rom. 1:11; Acts 19:11--12). Gifts of the Spirit: The gifts of the Spirit--including prophecy, the word of wisdom, the working of miracles and the gifts of healing and faith--have the ability to open heavenly realms. The working of miracles, one of the gifts of the Spirit listed in 1 Corinthians 12, involves human participation in divine plans. There is typically a leading, an instruction or an action, and then a kingdom explosion! We see this in the story of Jesus healing a deaf man (Mark 7:31-37). As Jesus ministered to the man, He did something unusual. The working of miracles will often require unusual action. Don't ask God for the gift of the working of miracles and not be willing to do things that make no sense. You will have to step out of your comfort zone and be daring. You will have to do something that may be scary and unusual. The prayer was not lengthy. It was not seeking. It was commanding. Kingdom authority accesses kingdom miracles!" -- Ryan Lestrange

This is so usury beloved. Evidence of our kingdom position is displayed by our obedience. We do not partner with the Lord. That is straight up NAR nonsense. God is our Lord and Savior -- not partner and wingman. We have no power to set angels into action or set atmospheres. We certainly have no power to decree anything. Impartations and prayer cloths as gateways? What the heck is he babbling about? This all sounds far more demonic than Christlike. That is really what we are dealing with here. Ryan Lestrange has no kingdom authority. He is like the seven sons of Sceva trying to pretend he knows Jesus when he clearly does not. The problem is that if demons beat him naked like the sons of Sceva he would probably just call it some kind of anointing or mantle falling on him. Just consider though that no matter how crazy he is, and he certainly is, people still flock to him. That is the state of the apostate church today. The bible says when we worship in the spirit we still worship with our mind. Rolling around on the ground and barking like a dog? Spasmodic body heaves? Physical assault to "impart" healing? What won't people fall for in these end days. We will believe anything except the actual word of God. This article pretending to be prophecy is like watching an old Cheech and Chong movie. Just when you are hoping someone will say something lucid they come out with, "It's the call to glory dude; it's the mantle of proximity."


Reverend Anthony Wade -- August 2, 2019

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