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Kris Vallotton Defends Beth Moore and Paula White as "Two of the Finest Leaders of our Time"

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Jesus founded the women's liberation movement? I must have missed that verse. Was it in 2Prevarications? In all seriousness, this statement is asinine on its face. Jesus came to liberate all of us from sin, regardless of gender. Notice how Kris mixes some truth with some deception, a calling card of the enemy. No one is arguing that women should not be taught, spoken to in public, or protected from people wanting to stone them. Jesus did not however empower women to minister. Sorry Kris, you made that one up. Yes it is true that three women and John stayed for the crucifixion but that does not change the key verses. Kris then presents the women going to the tomb as an act of faith based upon Jesus preaching He would be resurrected but that is not true either. They visited to prepare the body for burial. The women did not believe either! They asked where the angels had hidden their Lord! Stop lying to try and prop up your disobedience! Why are you mocking the disciples by placing "world changers" in quotations Kris? Did they not change the world or was that accomplished by women in your theology as well? They only ran back to tell the disciples because they were instructed to. It is so frustrating to have this conversation when one side simply refuses to be honest.

"Consider that with 40 authors writing the Bible over a period of 1,450 years in several countries and multiple cultures, in various situations and in the Old and New Covenant, only one man seems to restrict women from leadership and teaching--the great apostle Paul. If God wanted to restrict half the population from leading or teaching men (kind of a big deal, I think), then why are 39 authors virtually silent on the issue, while Paul seems specifically to restrict women? And once more, why does Paul write to nine different churches or church leaders, but only restrict women in three locations? Why does Paul empower women in some places and limit them in others? I'd like to propose that the cultural context of the letters which restrict women is the key to understanding Paul's instructions." -- Kris Vallotton

I would like to propose that you are a heretic who does not understand the bible. This is what the other side is reduced to. Reading into things what is simply not there. By downplaying Paul he misses the point that there are 23 New Testament books, excluding the Gospels since Jesus was still alive. Of those, Paul wrote 14, which is 61%. Even if you insist on including the Gospels, Paul still wrote over 50% of the New Testament. God did not have to write about this in the Old Testament because there was no issue. Now, let me explain how hermeneutics works. Cultural context is important to understand why a writer wrote what he wrote -- not to change what he wrote. So sure, there may very well have been those specific problems at the churches he included these instructions to but we believe God still wrote the letters. God still divinely inspired the letters. Not only that, but Peter even refers to Paul's letters as scripture! So when Paul is writing to Timothy and giving him instruction about orderly church service he has no idea God is the one inspiring the words for the benefit of the entire church throughout the generations. What Vallotton is proposing here is dangerous and the tactic used by liberal denominations to allow sin. God is no respecter of man, time nor culture. He transcends culture. You can dismiss nearly every single scripture by making a "that's no longer culturally relevant" argument. Christians do not engage in such evil practices.

"I spent hundreds of hours doing Biblical and historical research on women in the church for my book, Fashioned to Reign - Empowering Women to Fulfill Their Divine Destiny. I've had so many questions about Paul's instructions this week, that I want to give away the two chapters of my book that specifically unpack the Biblical reasoning behind empowering women. You can get Chapter 5 -- "Jesus: Founder of the First Women's Liberation Movement" and Chapter 6 -- "The Misunderstood Apostles" for free by clicking here. I pray these bring clarity to you!" -- Kris Vallotton

This is about selling a book! Wow. I did not see that coming. Usually Kris writes about how God wants us all rich. This is a departure even for him. He must really see a money angle in seizing on this debate. If I am in the mood for self-flagellation, maybe I will download these chapters and read them but for now, let's continue here:

"For now, let's examine one argument that is common in some Christian environments" the idea that men are to rule over women. One of the curses over women in the book of Genesis was increased pain during childbirth, but the verse that had the greatest negative impact on womanhood was God's proclamation that their husbands would rule over them. The Hebrew word for "rule" is mashal, which means "to have dominion." It is imperative for us to realize that before the curse, husbands and wives were commissioned to co-reign together (see Genesis 1:27--28). It was only after the curse that husbands were given dominion over their wives (It's important to note that men were not given authority over women, but again, husbands were given authority over wives.) Yet even under the Genesis curse, Old Testament women were empowered to be prophetesses, judges, queens, and leaders. When Jesus gave His life up on the cross, He became sin for us and thus destroyed the curse that was propagated against us (including the curse that caused husbands to rule wives) in the Garden of Eden." -- Kris Vallotton

He is so brazen with his strawmen arguments. I have never, ever heard anyone make the argument that men are supposed to rule over women. This is not about rules but rather it is about roles. No one is making an argument that women cannot prophesy either. There was only one recorded judge that was female and while Deborah deserves credit for her role in Israel's history, you do not make doctrine out of one outlier in 6000 years of history. As for queens, yes women can marry kings. As usual, Kris sticks on the end of some truth some muddying of the waters. Women can serve in leadership, just not in the church with authority over men. The key verse does not change no matter how many scriptural gymnastics Kris Vallotton likes to traffic in. Despite his entire premise being false, he cannot even properly exegete his lies. The only curse in Genesis was for the land. Man was given dominion over women because she refused to listen to her husband before the fallen state. The curse Christ broke on the cross was the curse of sin, not some fable Kris made up in the garden that never happened. Do women still have pain in childbirth? How can that be since Kris says the curse has been broken?

"The apostle Paul put it this way, "Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law, having become a curse for us--for it is written, 'Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree'" (Galatians 3:13). When Jesus died on the cross, He broke the curse off mankind. Paul also said, "For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death" (Romans 8:2). But 2000 years later, much of the Church has only applied God's redemption to one gender and relegated women to the ball and chain of the Garden tragedy. The fact is that in the last hundred years, many countries of the world have begun to champion women, giving them places of leadership in politics, in business, in education, and in almost every realm of society, while much of the Body of Christ won't even allow them to be elders in a church of fifty people. It's appalling and we need to wake up! In light of these things, my question is, "What makes us think that men were set free from the curse of the Law at the cross, but that women should still be under the curse that allows husbands to dominate them in the name of God?" In fact, Christian women who have been redeemed and transformed by their Savior ought to be among the most powerful people on the planet." -- Kris Vallotton

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