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Debunking Common NAR Dominionist Arguments

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Ekklesia is perhaps one of the most abused words by NAR dominionists. It most certainly does not mean a governmental gathering under apostolic leadership. That is obviously an NAR talking point; to believe that the apostolic is being reformed by God in today's church. The key foundation of the church is not to be a house of prayer for all nations. It is to be the place where the saints glorify God and are raised up in Christlikeness. Ekklesia is also not a governmental gathering. There is one place in the bible, Acts 19:39, where Ekklesia is used to represent a gathering of citizens to discuss legal matters. The rest of the usage is meant to represent the church, such in the key verse today. Ekklesia means "called out congregation." The church is called out of the world, despite Burton's NAR dreams of plunging it right back into it.

Burton's NAR silliness goes nuclear however with the notion that the church is meant to be a governing force in a city under apostolic leadership. Where in the world did he get this from because it sure is not biblical. Think about the implications of what Burton is saying here though. He is teaching that the church should be governing the world! This is the seven mountain mandate! The NAR poison could not be any clearer. Then he mocks those that think the church should be what the bible actually says it should be. A place for believers to worship God and learn through the preaching of the Word. How profoundly carnal and sad that John Burton believes the primary call of the church is to govern. No John; that is just your wickedly deceitful heart trying to revive Babylon. Pastors have been ordained to bring the light of the Gospel into the darkness, not persuade people politically or take over imaginary mountains.

"5. They want to stay out of politics. Did we not strictly command you not to teach in this name? Yet now you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching, and you intend to bring on us this Man's blood." Peter and the other apostles answered, "We must obey God rather than men" (Acts 5:28-29). Many pastors reveal they intentionally stay out of politics. Often they communicate this as if they are operating in some form of wisdom or caution, when in reality they are abdicating their responsibilities. We are called to legislate. We are called to govern. If the church is a governmental agency, as I shared in the previous point, it makes absolutely no sense that pastors would not address political issues in the nation. Often a desire to avoid politics has to do with fear of man and fear of loss. They understand the moment they get political is the moment they draw a line in the sand. We need leaders, not managers. We need people who will boldly draw that line and make it very clear that they won't be stopped as they deal with the crisis at hand. We wouldn't be as concerned about finding the right candidate for office, whether mayor of the city or president of the United States, if our church leaders had some guts and gave political leadership themselves. Peter responded to politics just as we must. We must obey God rather than men." -- John Burton

No John. We are not called to legislate. We are not called to govern. That is beyond ridiculous and unbiblical. Your previous unbiblical point about the church being a governmental agency has already been debunked. I love debunking such obviously unbiblical nonsense because once they try to leverage the bible, God exposes them. Peter did not respond to politics beloved he responded to the religious leaders of the time. If he had said these words before a Roman tribunal perhaps Burton would have had a point but here he does not. When Paul stood before Rome he did not take a stand against their politics and oppression. He actually preached the Gospel! That is what gets lost in NAR dominionism. They convince themselves they are doing this for Jesus but end up scattering people away from Christ in the process.

"6. They just want to preach the Bible. Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves (James 1:22). It sure sounds spiritual to say they just want to focus on the Bible, but it's not possible to only do that. You can't simply preach the Bible and ignore what's going on in culture. What do you do with all the accounts of the apostles and others who confronted culture, wickedness and the spirit of the age? If they are preaching and teaching the Bible, they must model their lives and ministries after the people they are studying. We need pastors with the spirit of Elijah. Where are those who lead like Gideon and tear down ungodly cultural altars? We must, without question, not only be hearers but also doers. If these heroes of the faith confronted culture, than we must as well." -- John Burton

You can't simply preach the Gospel? Seriously John? Are you sure you are a pastor? There are zero examples of apostles and others who confronted culture as you are espousing. There are plenty of examples of them going head to head with the false leaders of their faith but that is obviously something totally different. Jesus was apolitical at best. His followers wanted Him to be more political and deliver them from the oppression of Rome but He came to deliver them from the oppression of the devil. That is still the primary focus today of the Gospel. It can still deliver people from the oppression of sin but people keep being led astray by the likes of John Burton to pursue the removal of perceived oppression in this world. Elijah confronted the King of Israel. Gideon tore down Baal altars which the people of God had erected. They did not confront culture beloved. They confronted believers.

His last point was not especially coherent. The overall point has been made. The New Apostolic Reformation believes in apostolic leadership ruling not only the church but the world through the church. It is a distraction from the Gospel and the cause of Jesus Christ. It is solely focused on this world instead of the eternal. When asked point blank, Jesus said His kingdom was not of this world. Anything that distracts from the preaching of the Gospel cannot be of God. Burton reveals here more than most NAR adherents are willing to admit. That he firmly believes that apostles should rule cities through the church. That the Ekklesia is meant to be a governing body over unbelievers. These notions are wildly unbiblical and should frighten anyone with an ounce of discernment. If Burton truly wanted to be a doer of the Word than he would stop these carnal dreams of world domination and get back to preaching the true Gospel. Until then he is to be marked and avoided and we need to learn from his teaching what the plans of the growing NAR are so that we might be wary of the schemes of the enemy.

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