Jul 18, 2019: The End-Times Perfect Storm of Heresy Series -- The Mega Church Purpose driven, seeker friendly, NAR, false signs and lying wonders, dominionism...all carried out through the mega church model... 1 1 Comment Count
Jul 16, 2019: Friend of God Worship and Theology -- Damage Assessment 15 Years Later Examining the damage wrought by one of the worst worship songs in our lifetime. 2 2 Comment Count
Jul 12, 2019: Bert Farias' NAR Insanity -- Vote Republican or You Are an Enemy of Christ Bert Farias crosses the line in his demented worship of this country and Christians who discern should be worried about what is coming... 1 1 Comment Count
Jul 10, 2019: NAR Stooge Dr. Michael Brown Confuses Patriotism with Partisanship, Forgets Christ Dr. Michael Brown continues to drink the NAR Kool-Aid. Now only one party sounds patriotic...i wonder which one? 1 1 Comment Count
Jul 9, 2019: Setting James Dobson Straight Regarding State Sanctioned Child Abuse at the Border As Christians it is time to stand up to the false Christian leaders who sanction the unconscionable in the name of Jesus. 1 1 Comment Count
Jul 3, 2019: Arrogant Todd White Goes Full Copeland Prosperity -- Does Not Care What You Think Todd White has learned so much from Chief Wolf Kenneth Copeland and he does not care what you think... 1 1 Comment Count
Jul 2, 2019: Unrepentant Assemblies of God Seeking to Reignite the False Fire of Brownsville Not satisfied with the demonic manifestation at the first Brownsville false revival, the Assemblies of God and Dr. Michael Brown are doubling down. 3 3 Comment Count
Jun 27, 2019: How The NAR Dominionism Corrupts the Minds of Pastors Shane Idleman continues his descent into NAR political idol worship... 1 1 Comment Count
Jun 26, 2019: How The NAR Self-Importance Doctrine Affects Worship A peek into the self absorbed mind of an NAR worship leader... 1 1 Comment Count
Jun 25, 2019: Kris Vallotton Usurping the Throne of God - Believes He Never Sins When your theology is so bankrupt of biblical truth to begin with is it any surprise you end up here... 1 1 Comment Count
Jun 21, 2019: Dr. Michael Brown Aligns with Racism in the Kyle Kashuv-Harvard Debate Dr. Brown is at it again. Wading into the NAR controversy surrounding Harvard University and a conservative darling. 1 1 Comment Count
Jun 14, 2019: God Accused by Eddie Hyatt of Prophesying a Violation of His Own Word Faced with all of his arguments for allowing women pastors debunked, Eddie Hyatt blames God. 1 1 Comment Count
Jun 12, 2019: Beth Moore and the SBC Blames Church Sexual Abuse on Women not Being Allowed to Preach The SBC held a forum on church sexual abuse and concluded that if churches would just allow Beth Moore to preach this would somehow all go away? 1 1 Comment Count
Jun 7, 2019: Satan's Scheme for the Charismaniacal Transformation of the Church A frightening insight into the designs of Charismania redoing church in the image of man. 5 5 Comment Count
Jun 6, 2019: Defending the Indefensible Kenneth Copeland Stephen Strang over at Charisma News took it upon himself to defend Kenneth Copeland's latest demonic display with Inside Edition. 1 1 Comment Count
May 24, 2019: The Poisonous Teachings of the Purpose Driven Church Church leadership guru Carey Nieuwhof is out with new carnal guidance for pastors to ruin their churches. 5 5 Comment Count
May 23, 2019: How the NAR Experiential Christianity Corrupts the Role of the Holy Spirit Refuting the NAR don't put God in a box nonsense... 1 1 Comment Count
May 20, 2019: Local AG Pastor Defends Disobedience and Scrubs Page of Proof Provided An interesting exchange today led to a pastor with 40 years experience refusing to accept any counsel that he just might be mistaken... 1 1 Comment Count
May 17, 2019: This Weekend in NAR Dominionist Debunking Bert Farias take his turn of pimping for the politics of man over the Gospel of Jesus Christ... 1 1 Comment Count
May 16, 2019: Dissecting Another Anti-Discernment Hit-Piece Pastor Eric Davis of Cripplgate takes on discernment quite recklessly but lets see what the Bible actually says... 3 3 Comment Count
May 14, 2019: The NAR Dominionism Sliding Scale of Insane Trump Worship and American Idolatry With 2020 looming, the NAR Trump forces are coming out strong and in some cases blasphemously. 3 3 Comment Count
May 12, 2019: Debunking Common NAR Dominionist Arguments Debunking the misuse of Ekklesia and other NAR talking points... 1 1 Comment Count
May 10, 2019: Encouraging Women to be Disobedient to Celebrate Mother's Day Mother's Day brings out the Christo-feminists again... 1 1 Comment Count
May 8, 2019: Shane Idleman, Franklin Graham's Lost Witness and NAR Political Idolization Enough is enough. Stop defending the indefensible. 1 1 Comment Count
May 3, 2019: Dr. Michael Brown -- Shilling for the NAR Yet Again Dr. Brown is at it again - defending the NAR while pretending to know very little about it... 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 22, 2019: The Wolf-Defenders Are Out in Full Force After Chan Attends The Send Once Francis Chan started being criticized for dancing with wolves, the defenders of the seeker friendly industrial complex sprung into action... 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 22, 2019: Darren Wilson -- Delusional, Demonic, or Deceitful? Darren Wilson is trying to draw viewers to his heretical movies but his testimony of how it all started reveals more than he intended. 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 18, 2019: Sorting Through Biblical Truths, Opinions, and Misunderstanding About Mental Illness A look at one of the more controversial subjects within Christendom... 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 16, 2019: An Open Letter to Shane Idleman Regarding the Francis Chan Controversy A detailed response to a recent podcast from Pastor Shane Idleman about false teaching... 1 1 Comment Count

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