May 17, 2019: This Weekend in NAR Dominionist Debunking Bert Farias take his turn of pimping for the politics of man over the Gospel of Jesus Christ... 1 1 Comment Count
May 16, 2019: Dissecting Another Anti-Discernment Hit-Piece Pastor Eric Davis of Cripplgate takes on discernment quite recklessly but lets see what the Bible actually says... 3 3 Comment Count
May 14, 2019: The NAR Dominionism Sliding Scale of Insane Trump Worship and American Idolatry With 2020 looming, the NAR Trump forces are coming out strong and in some cases blasphemously. 3 3 Comment Count
May 12, 2019: Debunking Common NAR Dominionist Arguments Debunking the misuse of Ekklesia and other NAR talking points... 1 1 Comment Count
May 10, 2019: Encouraging Women to be Disobedient to Celebrate Mother's Day Mother's Day brings out the Christo-feminists again... 1 1 Comment Count
May 8, 2019: Shane Idleman, Franklin Graham's Lost Witness and NAR Political Idolization Enough is enough. Stop defending the indefensible. 1 1 Comment Count
May 3, 2019: Dr. Michael Brown -- Shilling for the NAR Yet Again Dr. Brown is at it again - defending the NAR while pretending to know very little about it... 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 22, 2019: The Wolf-Defenders Are Out in Full Force After Chan Attends The Send Once Francis Chan started being criticized for dancing with wolves, the defenders of the seeker friendly industrial complex sprung into action... 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 22, 2019: Darren Wilson -- Delusional, Demonic, or Deceitful? Darren Wilson is trying to draw viewers to his heretical movies but his testimony of how it all started reveals more than he intended. 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 18, 2019: Sorting Through Biblical Truths, Opinions, and Misunderstanding About Mental Illness A look at one of the more controversial subjects within Christendom... 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 16, 2019: An Open Letter to Shane Idleman Regarding the Francis Chan Controversy A detailed response to a recent podcast from Pastor Shane Idleman about false teaching... 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 13, 2019: Debunking the Latest Defense of Francis Chan and the Wolves He Defends Response to latest defense of Chan's fall from grace... 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 13, 2019: Deconstructing the "Lesson" Regarding Francis Chan and Defending Wolves Response to a recent article defending Francis Chan and the wolves he endorses... 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 3, 2019: The Blueprint for Worldwide Apostasy Revealed by Bethel Church Hiding in plain sight are the plans for how the great apostasy will spread worldwide... 1 1 Comment Count
Mar 25, 2019: It is Time to Pick up the Shepherds' Rod and Stop Excusing False Teaching Yet another clumsy attempt to silence discernment from a charismatic minister... 1 1 Comment Count
Mar 21, 2019: Kris Vallotton -- Just a Lunatic Promoting Spiritual Child Abuse Kris Vallotton gives 5 unbiblical ways to drag your children into his demonic version of the supernatural. 3 3 Comment Count
Mar 20, 2019: More Scriptural Gymnastics to Promote Christo-Feminism Eddie Hyatt is at it again. Mutilating scripture to try and say what God has not said... 1 1 Comment Count
Mar 18, 2019: Biblical Response to Francis Chan's Defense of Speaking at The Send Conference Francis Chan is trying to save his biblical bonafides but only serves to illuminate what the problem continues to be... 1 1 Comment Count
Mar 7, 2019: Shawn Bolz -- Living in an NAR Fantasyland More NAR dominionist dreaming courtesy of false prophet Shawn Bolz 1 1 Comment Count
Mar 5, 2019: Climbing Seven Mountains On The Road to Emmaus Joseph Mattera is at it again, pretending the bible supports the NAR dominionist agenda. It does not. 1 1 Comment Count
Mar 4, 2019: Binding the Heretical Convergence of General Cindy Jacobs Cindy Jacobs now says she can control the weather...sigh 1 1 Comment Count
Mar 1, 2019: Shawn Bolz Continues to Prophelie and Make a Mockery of the Holy Spirit Shawn Bolz pulled his usual psychic cold reading trick at the recent heretical event - The Send... 1 1 Comment Count
Feb 27, 2019: James Goll Shills for Contemplative Prayer, Visualization, Centering and Inebriation False prophet James Goll is out promoting pure evil as Christian doctrine... 1 1 Comment Count
Feb 27, 2019: Casting NAR Seven Mountains Heresy and Dominionist Idolatry into the Sea NAR dominionism continues to explode in growth. It is time to cast those seven mountains into the sea... 1 1 Comment Count
Feb 21, 2019: Pastoral Sheep-Beating to Protect Cult of Personality Fallen Pastor James McDonald James McDonald falls from grace and Pastor Shane Idleman comes out to split the bill between him and the sheep... 1 1 Comment Count
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Feb 14, 2019: The Anatomy of a Huckster -- Making Merchandise of the Sheep Using Jennifer Leclaire to show how Christian hucksters are operating today. 1 1 Comment Count
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Feb 7, 2019: The NAR - Pitching Their Tent Toward Sodom Examining the latest NAR bible twisting in the pursuit of worshiping this country... 1 1 Comment Count

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