Sep 14, 2019: Depression, Anxiety, Suicide and The Church In the wake of another pastoral suicide; a look at the issues the church still does not get right. 1 1 Comment Count
Sep 11, 2019: Is Calvary Enough for You? A Look At Two More Blasphemous Healing Arguments We examine these false doctrines often because lives are at stake... 2 2 Comment Count
Sep 10, 2019: Sign of the Times - Copeland, Engle and the Pope Call for Unity Kenneth Copeland and Lou Engle work hard on Satan's blueprint for the end times one world church... 1 1 Comment Count
Sep 9, 2019: Jesus Culture New Hit Calls the Lord an Uncontrollable, Voracious, Wolfish and Greedy God The new song from Kim Walker Smith of Bethel will make you want to disinfect and take a shower... 1 1 Comment Count
Sep 8, 2019: Rick Joyner Comes Alongside the Scooby-Doo Investigation into Todd Bentley Rick Joyner calls for the Dr. Brown faux biblical investigation into Todd Bentley...imagine my surprise... 2 2 Comment Count
Sep 6, 2019: 42 Million Reasons to Doubt Benny Hinn What to make of the recent Benny Hinn statements regarding the prosperity gospel. 1 1 Comment Count
Sep 5, 2019: Dr. Michael Brown and the NAR Clown Car to Investigate Todd Bentley Dr. Michael Brown is going to investigate the Todd Bentley fiasco...what can go wrong? 2 2 Comment Count
Sep 4, 2019: Dr. Michael Brown -- Enabling Wolves with False Authority Shell Game Dr. Brown is back trying to stop people from showing any glimpse of discernment over false teaching... 1 1 Comment Count
Aug 31, 2019: Word Faith Theology -- The Sin of Lucifer Revisited An examination of the word faith heresy and how it relates to the Luciferian sin. 1 1 Comment Count
Aug 28, 2019: A Glimpse Inside the Carnal Mind of A Christian Leadership Guru A long expose into the depraved mind of a Christian leadership expert... 1 1 Comment Count
Aug 27, 2019: Dr. Michael Brown, Todd Bentley and the Charismatic Cover-Up Todd Bentley falls again and Dr. Michael Brown is there to pick him up... 1 1 Comment Count
Aug 26, 2019: Scripture Should Seek a Restraining Order for This Assault by Kris Vallotton Kris Vallotton turns to scripture to try and prop up his false teaching with horrifying results. 1 1 Comment Count
Aug 22, 2019: Cessationism and the Charismata -- Part Two -- The Gift of Tongues Closing the discussion on the abuses of the gifts in the church today. Examining tongues. 4 4 Comment Count
Aug 16, 2019: Rick Warren Tries to Defend His Unbiblical Practice of Small Groups Rick Warren is out again, propping up his lies regarding small groups... 1 1 Comment Count
Aug 13, 2019: Another Victim, Hillsong Songwriter Follows Josh Harris Out the Door, Denouncing Jesus Another victim of the Apostate Church has left the faith, denouncing Jesus as he leaves. 1 1 Comment Count
Aug 9, 2019: Ezekiel Chapter 22 - Interpretation for Israel and Application for the Church When we examine the state of Israel in Ezekiel 22 we see stark parallels to the church today... 1 1 Comment Count
Aug 5, 2019: John Hagee --Where's My Money! Don't Make me Send God After You! -- A Tithing Tale John Hagee says God is coming to get ya if you don't fork over His money! 1 1 Comment Count
Aug 3, 2019: "The Call to Glory is the Mantle of Proximity" - Ryan Lestrange or Cheech Marin? The truth is always stranger and funnier than fiction... 1 1 Comment Count
Jul 30, 2019: Examining Discernment in Worship Taking a look at how well we discern when it comes to worshiping God. 3 3 Comment Count
Jul 23, 2019: Setting the Record Straight on Charismata, Cessationism, and Abuse of the Gifts (Part 1) An explanation of my position on the gifts of the Holy Spirit... 1 1 Comment Count
Jul 18, 2019: The End-Times Perfect Storm of Heresy Series -- The Mega Church Purpose driven, seeker friendly, NAR, false signs and lying wonders, dominionism...all carried out through the mega church model... 1 1 Comment Count
Jul 16, 2019: Friend of God Worship and Theology -- Damage Assessment 15 Years Later Examining the damage wrought by one of the worst worship songs in our lifetime. 3 3 Comment Count
Jul 12, 2019: Bert Farias' NAR Insanity -- Vote Republican or You Are an Enemy of Christ Bert Farias crosses the line in his demented worship of this country and Christians who discern should be worried about what is coming... 1 1 Comment Count
Jul 10, 2019: NAR Stooge Dr. Michael Brown Confuses Patriotism with Partisanship, Forgets Christ Dr. Michael Brown continues to drink the NAR Kool-Aid. Now only one party sounds patriotic...i wonder which one? 1 1 Comment Count
Jul 9, 2019: Setting James Dobson Straight Regarding State Sanctioned Child Abuse at the Border As Christians it is time to stand up to the false Christian leaders who sanction the unconscionable in the name of Jesus. 1 1 Comment Count
Jul 3, 2019: Arrogant Todd White Goes Full Copeland Prosperity -- Does Not Care What You Think Todd White has learned so much from Chief Wolf Kenneth Copeland and he does not care what you think... 1 1 Comment Count
Jul 2, 2019: Unrepentant Assemblies of God Seeking to Reignite the False Fire of Brownsville Not satisfied with the demonic manifestation at the first Brownsville false revival, the Assemblies of God and Dr. Michael Brown are doubling down. 3 3 Comment Count
Jun 27, 2019: How The NAR Dominionism Corrupts the Minds of Pastors Shane Idleman continues his descent into NAR political idol worship... 1 1 Comment Count
Jun 26, 2019: How The NAR Self-Importance Doctrine Affects Worship A peek into the self absorbed mind of an NAR worship leader... 1 1 Comment Count

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