Jul 5, 2020: Debunking NAR Dominionist Lies About God and America Exploring the odious replacement theology where Israel is now America... 3 3 Comment Count
Jun 29, 2020: Inside the Mind of NAR False Teacher Kris Vallotton Kris Vallotton got a might bit upset at people on his FB page. The ensuing post is what we focus on... 3 3 Comment Count
Jun 27, 2020: The Aimless Zeal of NAR Revival Chasers -- "No Sermon was Preached" Peeling apart the layers of the "revival chasers" teaching within the NAR... 1 1 Comment Count
Jun 22, 2020: From Judah to Laodicea to the American Church -- When the Word becomes an Offense A prophetic warning for the church and those that claim to lead it... 3 3 Comment Count
Jun 16, 2020: There is No Terror of His Majesty -- Proverbs of Ashes from the NAR Dominionist Shane Idleman brilliantly displays all facets of the depraved NAR dominionist mind... 1 1 Comment Count
Jun 16, 2020: Dr. Michael Brown -- When NAR Politics and Racism Collide In response to the latest offering from Brown, who pays lip service to the racism he swears he is against. 1 1 Comment Count
Jun 7, 2020: Jeremiah Johnson & the NAR Have a Demonically Uttered Prophetic Word A false prophet prayed and a demon answered...what a surprise 2 2 Comment Count
Jun 2, 2020: NAR Dominionism -- Seven Mountains Covered in Whitewash Karen Hardin claims God is showing her that wearing masks means the church is being silent...more dominionism...nothing to see here 3 3 Comment Count
May 29, 2020: This Week in NAR Dominionism -- Is THIS Who You Stand With? A collection of recent stories and quotes from the leaders of the apostate church... 1 1 Comment Count
May 24, 2020: Driving Purposefully Through the Blood of 100,000, The Indifferent Church of the NAR Age Some churches reopen today amidst the backdrop of 100,000 dead in America. the country mourns as the NAR celebrates... 2 2 Comment Count
May 22, 2020: NAR Dominionist Nationalism -- The Last Idol of the Church Age Breaking down the corruption of NAR dominionsm within the church amidst the COVID crisis... 3 3 Comment Count
May 12, 2020: Jonathan Con Selling the Latest NAR Dominionist Revival Gathering Another year, another last chance to repent gathering from the NAR heretics of this country... 9 9 Comment Count
May 9, 2020: California Mega-Church Hirelings Plan to Expose Their Sheep to Collect Tithes 1500 churches plan to defy the California lockdown order. They have deemed the tithes as "essential." 3 3 Comment Count
May 4, 2020: NAR, Word-Faith Teaching -- God Will Restore Your Youthful Appearance? Katie Souza is at it again. Mandatory healing stretched to pretend God must restore our youth as well... 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 30, 2020: Kingdom Now, NAR Dominionist Theology Maligning the Church "Apostle Joseph Mattera is back again, espousing absurd NAR dominionism and maligning the church. 2 2 Comment Count
Apr 22, 2020: NAR Hirelings Continue to Offer Carnal Arguments for Their COVID Insanity Another day another crazy NAR preacher making carnal argument to ignore this pandemic... 3 3 Comment Count
Apr 12, 2020: False Pastor Who Insists on Meeting -- "True Christians Do Not Mind Dying" Pastor Tony Spell gives horrific interview with TMZ declaring his congregants do not mind dying... 2 2 Comment Count
Apr 8, 2020: Liberty Counsel -- Using Battered Women and Starving Children to Defend Heresy and Lawlessness The liberty Counsel is ramping up their PR campaign selling an aggrieved spirit to the church... 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 5, 2020: The Holy Ghost Bartender Defends His Indefensible Behavior The medai event pulled off by Rodney Howard-Browne continues as he releases a long, tired excuse of a statement... 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 2, 2020: Should Churches Meet -- An Infection of NAR Victimization It is time for the church to stop playing the victim of imaginary persecution... 3 3 Comment Count
Apr 1, 2020: John Burton Using COVID Chaos to Promote His NAR Dominionist Dreams NAR still seeking to destroy the church and replace it with their Charismaniacal vision... 1 1 Comment Count
Mar 31, 2020: The NAR and the Arrest of Rodney Howard Browne -- Standing with Heretics and Fools The arrest of Rodney Howard-Browne is not persecution. No matter how the NAR wishes it was... 1 1 Comment Count
Mar 28, 2020: God Is Sifting -- COVID, The Remnant and the Apostate Church What is God saying to the church during these difficult times... 1 1 Comment Count
Mar 24, 2020: Shawn Bolz -- Shameless False Prophet Smearing Whitewash on COVID Prophecy A month ago false prophet Shawn Bolz said that God said the caronavirus was at the end...sigh 1 1 Comment Count
Mar 11, 2020: NAR Idiocy and the Coronavirus -- Blaspheming the Way of Truth Three coronavirus stories this week highlight how false teachers damage the cause of Christ... 1 1 Comment Count
Mar 10, 2020: NAR Experiential Christianity Says it is Time to do Away with Church Another plea from the NAR to eliminate church in favor of our personal experience... 1 1 Comment Count
Feb 28, 2020: Dancing with Those Who Dance with Wolves -- Second Degree Separation Should we associate with those who enable wolves? No. 1 1 Comment Count
Feb 27, 2020: This Week in NAR Dominionist Absurdity - Voting Democratic is Sinful Taking NAR dominionist idol worship to a new low... 1 1 Comment Count
Feb 25, 2020: NAR Dominionism Pretending This World is Your Home Debunking an NAR dominionist argument that we are of this we are not. 1 1 Comment Count
Feb 21, 2020: This Week In NAR Absurdity -- God is a Capitalist God is so far above our ways. We really need to stop placing carnality upon Him... 1 1 Comment Count

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