Sep 20, 2021: Hillsong Justice - Assault with Act of Indecency Results in Return to Ministry Hillsong is in cover your butt mode again as yet another scandal has spread through their ranks... 1 1 Comment Count
Sep 19, 2021: How Dominionism Kills - Pastor Loren Sandford - Died September 18, 2021 Stop listening to pastors who are so far out of their lane when it comes to life and death issues... 1 1 Comment Count
Sep 16, 2021: Republican Operative Dr. Michael Brown Defending the Rich in the Name of Jesus Dr. Michael Brown for some reason weighs in on tax policy...ugh 1 1 Comment Count
Sep 13, 2021: Kris Vallotton Admits He is a Conduit for Satan Who Does Not Hear From the Lord What happens when a false prophet writes a handbook for prophecy? Let's find out! 1 1 Comment Count
Sep 7, 2021: More Charismaniacal Nonsense - Teaching How to Speak in Tongues Sorting through the false teaching on modern day tongues is hard enough let alone debunking those who think they can teach it. 1 1 Comment Count
Aug 31, 2021: Abracadabra! Decreeing and Declaring the Word Faith Heresy A deeper dive into why the charismaniacal practice of declaring and decreeing is indeed heretical. 3 3 Comment Count
Aug 16, 2021: Prophetic Vortexes, Swirls and Whirlwinds - Oh My! This is one ridiculous prophecy for us to look at today... 3 3 Comment Count
Aug 11, 2021: Dr. Michael Brown Continues to Make Unbiblical Arguments for Mixing Politics and Faith Yet another carnal attempt to justify the NAR position of Dominionism. 1 1 Comment Count
Aug 3, 2021: All-Powerful Charismaniacal Prophetic Deliverance Minister Commands Death Itself False Apostle Kathy DeGraw uses every Charismaniacal catch phrase in one article... 1 1 Comment Count
Jul 29, 2021: Debunking the Defense of Using Hillsong, Bethel, Elevation Music in Church Why Hillsong, Bethel and Elevation music should not be used in sound churches today... 1 1 Comment Count
Jul 23, 2021: Spiritual Schizophrenia At Bethel - Multiple Prophetic Personality Disorder Did you know there were four different prophetic personalities? Yeah neither did God... 1 1 Comment Count
Jul 22, 2021: "I Love the Bible but"" - Never Ends Well A deep dive into the world of Charismania and how they minimize the bible. 1 1 Comment Count
Jun 24, 2021: Sitting in a Swirl of Bovine Excrement, Kris Vallotton Will Make You A False Prophet for Only $400 Kris Vallotton is back and seeking your money. In return, he will make you a false prophet too! 3 3 Comment Count
Jun 21, 2021: Second Alberta Pastor Plays the Victim for the Self-Absorbed Church Another Canadian Pastor stages his arrest for publicity... 1 1 Comment Count
Jun 14, 2021: Shawn Bolz - Slathering the Lost with Sloppy Agape and Calling It Love Examining one of the foundational heresies of Bethel and purpose driven churches... 3 3 Comment Count
Jun 12, 2021: Answering the Question of Using Hillsong or Elevation Type Music in Church Examining an often controversial topic that really should not be so 1 1 Comment Count
Jun 10, 2021: Having Decimated the Cause of Christ, Rick Warren to Retire Rick Warren is retiring, after setting fire to all of Christendom... 1 1 Comment Count
May 28, 2021: Why Jack Hibbs Remains Wrong for Reopening His Church Amidst Pandemic Pastor Jack Hibbs is still trying to defend his decision last year to reopen his church in the middle of a plague. He remains wrong. 1 1 Comment Count
May 25, 2021: Charismaniacal Bible Butchering to Defend Mandatory Healing Heresy The latest apostlette usurping God's power and sovereignty... 1 1 Comment Count
May 18, 2021: The Totality of Christ - A Teaching From Matthew's Gospel An examination of the Gospel of Matthew 7:15-27... 1 1 Comment Count
May 17, 2021: False Prophet Jeff Jansen Removed from Ministry. (Not for False Prophecy as that is Apparently OK). Jeff Jansen has been removed from ministry for leaving his wife. Leaving reality? That was not an issue... 3 3 Comment Count
May 10, 2021: Mark Driscoll - New Tales of Abuse, Unbiblical Authority and No Accountability Reports out of Mark Driscoll's new church sound an awful lot like his old one... 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 26, 2021: April Means Sugar-Coated Candy Unicorns for Everyone! The latest ridiculous prophesy from Charisma News... 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 19, 2021: Confusing Idiocy and Arrogance with Freedom - Christians and Masks A Christian walks into a grocery store and picks a fight with everyone... 3 3 Comment Count
Apr 16, 2021: The Faux Persecution of GraceLife Church in Canada - A Purpose Driven Tragedy Latest update from GraceLife has the church hiding where it is now meeting to avoid the authorities. Cause that's the message of Christ? 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 12, 2021: Mark Driscoll - When an Evil Man Tries to Teach about Evil Men Mark Driscoll is back and the heresy remains the same... 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 10, 2021: Jeremiah Johnson's Double Shot of Nonsense A glimpse into the depraved mind of false prophet and teacher. 3 3 Comment Count
Apr 8, 2021: Canadian Government Builds Fence Around Church Due to COVID/Science Denial Canadian pastor crosses the line regarding COVID and the government shuts him down correctly. 1 1 Comment Count
Mar 31, 2021: Joseph Prince's Petulant, Spoiled Brat Christianity - God Loves Greedy Christians! Good old fashioned sermon review of the master of greasy grace, Joseph Prince. 1 1 Comment Count
Mar 17, 2021: NAR Pastor Uses "Cancel Culture" False Narrative to Paint Himself the Hero It's time to cancel the false narrative of cancel culture... 1 1 Comment Count

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