Jan 18, 2019: Deconstructing the Word of Faith Doctrine A recent blab it and grab it article provides a great opportunity to take apart the entire word of faith movement... 1 1 Comment Count
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Dec 10, 2018: The Danger of Over-Spiritualizing the "Gift" of Singleness -- Part One A look at another taboo subject in the church - single Christians. Yes, we are a thing. 1 1 Comment Count
Dec 4, 2018: Transactional Christianity -- the Whoring Out of Jesus Through a Laodicean Spirit New article from Charisma News highlights the "God wants us all rich" theology... 1 1 Comment Count
Nov 30, 2018: Ohio NAR, American Dominionism, and Superstitious Paganism Passed Off as a Move of God Apparently God was destroying the bee community in Ohio...that is until local pastors wrote a letter and gained His favor. No, I am not kidding. 1 1 Comment Count
Nov 21, 2018: Charisma News Teaches to Have Nothing More to do with Francis Chan The fall of Francis Chan continues to new depths... 1 1 Comment Count
Nov 17, 2018: The Biblical Guide for Those Hurt by the Church Some simple biblical steps to take when you are hurt by the church... 3 3 Comment Count
Nov 12, 2018: Do We Care What God is Actually Trying to Say in John 10:10? Time to exposit one of the most misused verses and discover that the thief is not referring to the devil... 3 3 Comment Count
Nov 7, 2018: The Stark Difference between Being Charismatic and Charismaniacal There is a difference between believing in the gifts of the spirit and believing false signs and lying wonders... 3 3 Comment Count
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Nov 3, 2018: James McDonald - Making False Biblical Excuses to Sue Brethren Disturbing allegations against James McDonald have led him to eviscerate the bible to defend suing former members in court... 1 1 Comment Count
Oct 31, 2018: Time for a Caravan of Truth -- Stop Building Walls Around Our Faith Demonizing people in need should not be a political story for Christians but a biblical one... 1 1 Comment Count
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