Jan 15, 2020: The NAR Dominionist Political Idolization of This World Philippians Three debunks NAR dominionism. Stop worshiping this country. 1 1 Comment Count
Jan 13, 2020: Post-Scooby Mortem -- NAR Hack Draws Line in the Sand to Stand up for Bentley's Demonic Ministry Joseph Mattera, NAR dominionist and part of Dr. Michael Brown's investigative team has drawn a line in the sand for acceptable ministerial behavior. Apparently punching and kicking sick and old people are acceptable activities. 1 1 Comment Count
Jan 7, 2020: Analyzing the NAR Leadership Church Trend Worries for 2020 NAR church leadership guru reveals trends for 2020, ugh 1 1 Comment Count
Jan 5, 2020: Trump Idol Worship and Christian Electoral Myopia Enough with consigning people to hell because they disagree with your carnal politics. 3 3 Comment Count
Jan 2, 2020: Scooby-Doo Investigation Over! Brown Finds God Supernaturally Gifted Todd Bentley! The investigation is the aftermath courtesy of Dr. Michael Brown 1 1 Comment Count
Dec 30, 2019: Kenneth Copeland and the NAR Theology of Voting and Inferred Righteousness Charisma News turns to Kenneth Copeland to claim absurd theologies regarding voting and the upcoming election. 1 1 Comment Count
Dec 29, 2019: Christians and Psychotropic Medication -- 100 MG of the Truth Treading upon a delicate subject for many Christians... 3 3 Comment Count
Dec 26, 2019: Dispelling NAR Word Faith Christmas Impossibility Arguments Debunking the NAR myth that God will provide miracles for any problem we have... 1 1 Comment Count
Dec 24, 2019: The Left, The Right and The Wrong -- Transactional Christians Exposed by Christianity Today The kerfuffle over at CT reveals the split between the apostate church and bible believing Christians... 2 2 Comment Count
Dec 20, 2019: Bill Johnson's Biblically Ignorant Response to Resurrection Crisis Bill Johnson responds to the resurrection crisis by displaying breathtakingly poor theology... 2 2 Comment Count
Dec 16, 2019: The NAR -- Fighting to Preach Carnal Politics Instead of the Gospel Bert Farias says that preachers must preach politics, God says otherwise... 1 1 Comment Count
Dec 13, 2019: NAR False Signs and Lying Wonders Strategy to Deflect Discernment A look at a recent article supporting this known NAR heresy... 1 1 Comment Count
Dec 11, 2019: Kris Vallotton -- Mocking the Poor with Eight Arrogant and False Contrasts Vallotton is back selling his heretical and arrogant teachings on money... 1 1 Comment Count
Dec 9, 2019: The Driscolls -- A Family of Wolves Still Preying on the Sheep Mark Driscoll's wife has a new article out reasserting the Driscoll's stance that they are the victims in their sordid tale... 1 1 Comment Count
Dec 6, 2019: The NAR Dominionist Agenda Calls on Local Pastors to Let Their Church Die A self declared prophet of the NAR reveals the blueprint for how we get to the Revelation one-world church. 1 1 Comment Count
Dec 3, 2019: Deconstructing the NAR "Religious Spirit" Talking Point Breaking down the bible butchering theology of the alleged "religious spirit." 1 1 Comment Count
Dec 2, 2019: Using Paganism and Bible Mangling to Reinforce NAR Bless-Me Theology What Eddie Hyatt does to scripture in order to sell the NAR bless me theology should be criminal. 1 1 Comment Count
Nov 29, 2019: Kris Vallotton Spirit Guide Article Review -- Deceptive, Yet Revealing Kris Vallotton thought he was being slick with his new article but he only reaffirmed how false he is... 1 1 Comment Count
Nov 28, 2019: Rebuking the NAR, Purpose Driven False Tithing System Another article pushing tithing is debunked by understanding the bible... 1 1 Comment Count
Nov 22, 2019: James MacDonald Eyeing Ministry Return Through Faux Repentance Yes, he is back already armed with a horrible "apology." 1 1 Comment Count
Nov 21, 2019: NAR In-Fighting -- The "Relevant" Church vs. the "Cool Church" The NAR arguing how the relevant church is better than the cool church? Sigh. 1 1 Comment Count
Nov 8, 2019: NAR Offering Prayers for Their Political Idols -- Paula White Edition J. Lee Grady has gone full NAR advocating for a wolf because she has access to the White House. 1 1 Comment Count
Nov 7, 2019: NAR Charismaniacal False Teaching about Walking in the Blessings of Our Promised Land Dissecting the latest Charismaniacal butchering of the Bible. 1 1 Comment Count
Nov 6, 2019: Kris Vallotton -- Part Two - An Exercise in Getting Nearly Everything Wrong Review of chapter six of Vallotton's new book defending Christo-feminism. 1 1 Comment Count
Nov 4, 2019: NAR Core Tenet - Dominionist Replacement Theology Another NAR shill butchers the bible to support the cause of dominionism... 1 1 Comment Count
Nov 1, 2019: Kris Vallotton -- An Exercise in Getting Nearly Everything Wrong I have almost no words for how bad this is...well, almost. 3 3 Comment Count
Oct 31, 2019: Faux Outrage Vs. No Outrage -- Andy Savage & A Church That Does Not Understand Restoration Shouldn't sexual assault from the pulpit disqualify someone from ministry? 3 3 Comment Count
Oct 29, 2019: Kris Vallotton Defends Beth Moore and Paula White as "Two of the Finest Leaders of our Time" Kris Vallotton weighs in on the "Go Home" can see this one coming no? 1 1 Comment Count
Oct 28, 2019: Understanding The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) Examining the vision of C. Peter Wagner and what has and has not come to pass in today's apostate church. 1 1 Comment Count
Oct 24, 2019: As MacArthur-Moore Lingers -- A Guide to Deconstructing Christo-Feminism Instead of responding to every shot fired, here is a compilation of the standard arguments for Christo-feminism and why the bible says they are wrong. 1 1 Comment Count

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