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Jan 11, 2022: The Grift of the Spirit - Bethel Continues to Mock God by Creating "Prophetic Lab" A look at the latest scam from Bethel Church...mocking God 3 3 Comment Count
Jan 5, 2022: "Christian" Leaders Outraged at Ban On Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer The latest in fake Christian outraged engineered by political operatives disguised as Christian leaders... 1 1 Comment Count
Dec 28, 2021: Carter Conlon Goes Full NAR Dominionist - The Great Apostasy Deepens Yet another giant has fallen prey to the Apostate NAR Dominonist Church... 3 3 Comment Count
Dec 23, 2021: Hark! The Soundness of Doctrine in Christmas Hymns Some of the best theology is found in Christmas hymns... 3 3 Comment Count
Dec 22, 2021: Teamster Angels to Deliver You Trucks Filled with Blessings, Seriously, Stop Laughing Get ready for the most ridiculous prophecy since the sneaky squid spirit! 1 1 Comment Count
Dec 15, 2021: False Apostlette and Prophetess Makes Mockery of Prophecy Yet another false prophet showing us how to discern such... 3 3 Comment Count
Dec 10, 2021: Virus' & Vaccines - It is Time for Christians to Stop Following the Stupid People It is time for most Christians to wake up or shut up when it comes to vaccines and this pandemic... 5 5 Comment Count
Dec 9, 2021: Andrew Wommack - It Isn't God Who Decides Who Gets Healed and Who Doesn't God is sovereign and decides when and who to heal. Not according to Andrew Wommack... 1 1 Comment Count
Dec 3, 2021: Jennifer LeClaire Adopts Canada to Pray for an Escape from Vaccines LeClaire defending the Canadian pastor arrested for refusing to obey the law... 1 1 Comment Count
Nov 23, 2021: The Deceitful and Wicked Hearts from the False Prophets Network Delving into the mind and heart of a false prophet... 3 3 Comment Count
Nov 5, 2021: At Long Last, I Debunk Anthony Wade Turns out there is a pastor in Ohio named Anthony Wade using God to excuse not taking the vaccine. Good thing I am here to debunk him. 1 1 Comment Count
Oct 19, 2021: Understanding and Perfecting the Unity of the Saints Dr, Michael Brown divides the body of Christ and then wonders why we are divided... 3 3 Comment Count
Oct 16, 2021: Debunking Dominionist Arguments Regarding Critical Race Theory The deeper apostate Christians get into NAR dominionism, the more bizarre their positions become... 1 1 Comment Count
Oct 15, 2021: 101 Ohio Pastors Officially Sign Off as COVID Ignorant and Stupid There are 101 pastors in Ohio who sent a letter to the president against saving lives through vaccines. Yes, they claimed to be pastors. 1 1 Comment Count
Sep 30, 2021: The Whiny, Wimpy Apostate Church Crying Cancel Culture, Playing the Victim The COVID pandemic has revealed the apostate church and exposed it for what it is... 5 5 Comment Count
Sep 23, 2021: Charismania - Setting the Church and Sound Doctrine on Fire A detailed examination of the false signs and lying wonders within Charismania 1 1 Comment Count
Sep 22, 2021: Teaching the Idolization of America - My Evil Politician is Better than Yours! Your perceived lesser evil is still evil...tread carefully 1 1 Comment Count
Sep 20, 2021: Hillsong Justice - Assault with Act of Indecency Results in Return to Ministry Hillsong is in cover your butt mode again as yet another scandal has spread through their ranks... 1 1 Comment Count
Sep 19, 2021: How Dominionism Kills - Pastor Loren Sandford - Died September 18, 2021 Stop listening to pastors who are so far out of their lane when it comes to life and death issues... 1 1 Comment Count
Sep 16, 2021: Republican Operative Dr. Michael Brown Defending the Rich in the Name of Jesus Dr. Michael Brown for some reason weighs in on tax policy...ugh 1 1 Comment Count
Sep 13, 2021: Kris Vallotton Admits He is a Conduit for Satan Who Does Not Hear From the Lord What happens when a false prophet writes a handbook for prophecy? Let's find out! 1 1 Comment Count
Sep 7, 2021: More Charismaniacal Nonsense - Teaching How to Speak in Tongues Sorting through the false teaching on modern day tongues is hard enough let alone debunking those who think they can teach it. 1 1 Comment Count
Aug 31, 2021: Abracadabra! Decreeing and Declaring the Word Faith Heresy A deeper dive into why the charismaniacal practice of declaring and decreeing is indeed heretical. 3 3 Comment Count
Aug 16, 2021: Prophetic Vortexes, Swirls and Whirlwinds - Oh My! This is one ridiculous prophecy for us to look at today... 3 3 Comment Count
Aug 11, 2021: Dr. Michael Brown Continues to Make Unbiblical Arguments for Mixing Politics and Faith Yet another carnal attempt to justify the NAR position of Dominionism. 1 1 Comment Count
Aug 3, 2021: All-Powerful Charismaniacal Prophetic Deliverance Minister Commands Death Itself False Apostle Kathy DeGraw uses every Charismaniacal catch phrase in one article... 1 1 Comment Count
Jul 29, 2021: Debunking the Defense of Using Hillsong, Bethel, Elevation Music in Church Why Hillsong, Bethel and Elevation music should not be used in sound churches today... 1 1 Comment Count
Jul 23, 2021: Spiritual Schizophrenia At Bethel - Multiple Prophetic Personality Disorder Did you know there were four different prophetic personalities? Yeah neither did God... 1 1 Comment Count
Jul 22, 2021: "I Love the Bible but"" - Never Ends Well A deep dive into the world of Charismania and how they minimize the bible. 1 1 Comment Count
Jun 24, 2021: Sitting in a Swirl of Bovine Excrement, Kris Vallotton Will Make You A False Prophet for Only $400 Kris Vallotton is back and seeking your money. In return, he will make you a false prophet too! 3 3 Comment Count

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