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#1 12/3/2019 Deconstructing the NAR "Religious Spirit" Talking Point (Anthony Wade) Breaking down the bible butchering theology of the alleged "religious spirit."1 1 Comment Count
#2 12/2/2019 Using Paganism and Bible Mangling to Reinforce NAR Bless-Me Theology (Anthony Wade) What Eddie Hyatt does to scripture in order to sell the NAR bless me theology should be criminal.1 1 Comment Count
#3 11/29/2019 Kris Vallotton Spirit Guide Article Review -- Deceptive, Yet Revealing (Anthony Wade) Kris Vallotton thought he was being slick with his new article but he only reaffirmed how false he is...1 1 Comment Count
#4 11/28/2019 Rebuking the NAR, Purpose Driven False Tithing System (Anthony Wade) Another article pushing tithing is debunked by understanding the bible...1 1 Comment Count
#5 11/22/2019 James MacDonald Eyeing Ministry Return Through Faux Repentance (Anthony Wade) Yes, he is back already armed with a horrible "apology."1 1 Comment Count
#6 11/21/2019 NAR In-Fighting -- The "Relevant" Church vs. the "Cool Church" (Anthony Wade) The NAR arguing how the relevant church is better than the cool church? Sigh.1 1 Comment Count
#7 11/8/2019 NAR Offering Prayers for Their Political Idols -- Paula White Edition (Anthony Wade) J. Lee Grady has gone full NAR advocating for a wolf because she has access to the White House.1 1 Comment Count
#8 11/7/2019 NAR Charismaniacal False Teaching about Walking in the Blessings of Our Promised Land (Anthony Wade) Dissecting the latest Charismaniacal butchering of the Bible.1 1 Comment Count
#9 11/6/2019 Kris Vallotton -- Part Two - An Exercise in Getting Nearly Everything Wrong (Anthony Wade) Review of chapter six of Vallotton's new book defending Christo-feminism.1 1 Comment Count
#10 11/4/2019 NAR Core Tenet - Dominionist Replacement Theology (Anthony Wade) Another NAR shill butchers the bible to support the cause of dominionism...1 1 Comment Count
#11 11/1/2019 Kris Vallotton -- An Exercise in Getting Nearly Everything Wrong (Anthony Wade) I have almost no words for how bad this is...well, almost.3 3 Comment Count
#12 10/31/2019 Faux Outrage Vs. No Outrage -- Andy Savage & A Church That Does Not Understand Restoration (Anthony Wade) Shouldn't sexual assault from the pulpit disqualify someone from ministry?3 3 Comment Count
#13 10/29/2019 Kris Vallotton Defends Beth Moore and Paula White as "Two of the Finest Leaders of our Time" (Anthony Wade) Kris Vallotton weighs in on the "Go Home" can see this one coming no?1 1 Comment Count
#14 10/28/2019 Understanding The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) (Anthony Wade) Examining the vision of C. Peter Wagner and what has and has not come to pass in today's apostate church.1 1 Comment Count
#15 10/24/2019 As MacArthur-Moore Lingers -- A Guide to Deconstructing Christo-Feminism (Anthony Wade) Instead of responding to every shot fired, here is a compilation of the standard arguments for Christo-feminism and why the bible says they are wrong.1 1 Comment Count
#16 10/23/2019 Hillsong Shills For Halloween -- Imagine My Surprise (Anthony Wade) A Hillsong pastor provides ten different and heretical reasons why Christian should celebrate Halloween. Hillsong. That should be enough to make you say no.3 3 Comment Count
#17 10/22/2019 The MacArthur Moore Mess -- Christo-Feminists New Woke Rallying Cry is "Go Home" (Anthony Wade) Enough of the faux outrage over a pastor correctly rebuking a heretic...1 1 Comment Count
#18 10/18/2019 C'mon. Let's Be Honest About Halloween (Anthony Wade) It's that time of the year..Christians and Halloween.3 3 Comment Count
#19 10/11/2019 The Next NAR Move - Part Two - Apostles and Prophets Reign, Pastors Become Small Group Leaders (Anthony Wade) Part Two of examining the next strategy of the NAR - and apostolic takeover of the Church...1 1 Comment Count
#20 10/10/2019 The Next NAR Move? Destruction of the Role of Pastors Leading the Church -- Part One (Anthony Wade) I do not usually hype my writing but this is an important article for believers to read...1 1 Comment Count
#21 10/8/2019 RT Wright Explores His Imagination to Support Christo-Feminism (Anthony Wade) Same old tired and unbiblical arguments for women preaching with authority over men...1 1 Comment Count
#22 10/4/2019 Sermon Review -- Joseph Prince -- A Transference of Wealth in the Last Days (Anthony Wade) Reviewing a disgusting sermon from the master of deception, Joseph Prince.1 1 Comment Count
#23 10/3/2019 Dr. Brown Uses Machiavelli, the Talmud, & the Kitchen Sink to Defend His NAR Dominionism (Anthony Wade) Dr. Brown tries again to pretend to not be a helpless shill for the President...1 1 Comment Count
#24 10/1/2019 Carnal Leadership Taught by Carnal Experts within the Purpose Driven Church (Anthony Wade) Debunking the purpose driven church growth heresies that are far too common these days...1 1 Comment Count
#25 9/30/2019 Within the Dangerous Mind of Kris Vallotton and the Heresies of Bethel Church (Anthony Wade) A horrific look into the teaching of Bethel Church via Kris Vallotton...3 3 Comment Count
#26 9/27/2019 James Goll -- Teaches How to Make a Mockery of Prophecy and God (Anthony Wade) Infamous false prophet James Goll teaches wannabe false prophets the tricks of the trade...1 1 Comment Count
#27 9/14/2019 Depression, Anxiety, Suicide and The Church (Anthony Wade) In the wake of another pastoral suicide; a look at the issues the church still does not get right.1 1 Comment Count
#28 9/11/2019 Is Calvary Enough for You? A Look At Two More Blasphemous Healing Arguments (Anthony Wade) We examine these false doctrines often because lives are at stake...3 3 Comment Count
#29 9/10/2019 Sign of the Times - Copeland, Engle and the Pope Call for Unity (Anthony Wade) Kenneth Copeland and Lou Engle work hard on Satan's blueprint for the end times one world church...1 1 Comment Count
#30 9/9/2019 Jesus Culture New Hit Calls the Lord an Uncontrollable, Voracious, Wolfish and Greedy God (Anthony Wade) The new song from Kim Walker Smith of Bethel will make you want to disinfect and take a shower...1 1 Comment Count

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