Apr 26, 2021: April Means Sugar-Coated Candy Unicorns for Everyone! The latest ridiculous prophesy from Charisma News... 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 19, 2021: Confusing Idiocy and Arrogance with Freedom - Christians and Masks A Christian walks into a grocery store and picks a fight with everyone... 3 3 Comment Count
Apr 16, 2021: The Faux Persecution of GraceLife Church in Canada - A Purpose Driven Tragedy Latest update from GraceLife has the church hiding where it is now meeting to avoid the authorities. Cause that's the message of Christ? 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 12, 2021: Mark Driscoll - When an Evil Man Tries to Teach about Evil Men Mark Driscoll is back and the heresy remains the same... 1 1 Comment Count
Apr 10, 2021: Jeremiah Johnson's Double Shot of Nonsense A glimpse into the depraved mind of false prophet and teacher. 3 3 Comment Count
Apr 8, 2021: Canadian Government Builds Fence Around Church Due to COVID/Science Denial Canadian pastor crosses the line regarding COVID and the government shuts him down correctly. 1 1 Comment Count
Mar 31, 2021: Joseph Prince's Petulant, Spoiled Brat Christianity - God Loves Greedy Christians! Good old fashioned sermon review of the master of greasy grace, Joseph Prince. 1 1 Comment Count
Mar 17, 2021: NAR Pastor Uses "Cancel Culture" False Narrative to Paint Himself the Hero It's time to cancel the false narrative of cancel culture... 1 1 Comment Count
Mar 9, 2021: Pastors Using Facebook Meme Theology to Defend the Denial of Science Me defending Andy Stanley? Hey a broken clock is right twice a day... 1 1 Comment Count
Mar 7, 2021: Biblical Refutation of NAR Dominionism Obsession with Politics The more the NAR tries to justify their fetish with carnal politics the more unbiblical it becomes... 3 3 Comment Count
Feb 24, 2021: Lessons From the Fall of Ravi Zacharias The revelations of Zacharias' sexual abuse of multiple women across decades provides us with a chance to stop and learn. 1 1 Comment Count
Feb 23, 2021: Dr. Michael Brown - False Prophets are not False if They Were Sincere When They Prophesied Falsely The Charismaniacal Industrial Complex is still scrambling in the wake of the failed Trump prophecies... 3 3 Comment Count
Feb 9, 2021: Hidden Salaries and Nepotism - Behind the John MacArthur Financial Curtain Reviewing a recent report on the finances of John MacArthur 1 1 Comment Count
Feb 5, 2021: The Sky Is Fluorescent Green - Dr. Brown Continues to Cultivate the Big Election Lie Here goes Dr. Brown again; trying to sound perfectly reasonable while perpetuating the big lie... 1 1 Comment Count
Jan 29, 2021: I Am Not With Franklin Graham, Nor the NAR He Supports The apostate church is rallying around the disgraced Franklin Graham. Now is not the time to stand with him. 1 1 Comment Count
Jan 20, 2021: The Coming NAR Reset - Let's Get Back to Mangling the Bible Back to basics, debunking teachings on false unity and don't criticize leaders! 1 1 Comment Count
Jan 17, 2021: Memo to Dr. Brown - The Christian Insurrectionists Are Your Legacy Dr. Michael Brown is once again trying to pretend he had nothing to do with the carnage he is responsible for... 3 3 Comment Count
Jan 14, 2021: NAR Pastor Refuses to See the Judgment in 2020 Election Shane Idleman is back again to muse about the election and get everything wrong as usual... 1 1 Comment Count
Jan 12, 2021: When an NAR Dominionist Tries to Convince You He is not a Christian Nationalist If you have to explain how much you are not a dominionist, chance are... 1 1 Comment Count
Jan 7, 2021: Jeremiah Johnson Apology Reveals Why He is a False Prophet Jeremiah Johnson has apologized but not for the right offense... 5 5 Comment Count
Jan 4, 2021: Deconstructing the Heresy of Dominion Theology Latest Charismaniacal attempt to make Dominionism sound biblical... 5 5 Comment Count
Dec 29, 2020: A Charismatic Two-For of Insanity with Jennifer "Sneaky Squid" LeClaire LeClaire is at again...fleecing the flock as only she can 1 1 Comment Count
Dec 15, 2020: Dr. Michael Brown - Furthering the Church's Victim Mentality Enough of the false narrative that big tech has conspired against conservatives... 1 1 Comment Count
Nov 23, 2020: When False Prophets Teach About False Prophets - Kris Vallotton Edition The delicious irony when someone as false as Kris Vallotton wants to teach us what makes a prophet false... 1 1 Comment Count
Nov 20, 2020: Inherent Dishonesty Blinds Apostate Church Leaders from Seeing Trump as Judgment It is time to speak out against the false prophets of the church who are working to overturn a fair and legal election. 3 3 Comment Count
Nov 13, 2020: Get Ready to Unlock Wealth from the Courts of Heaven! Or Not. Sneaky Squid Jennifer LeClaire is back interviewing some fake apostle about unlocking cash from the courts of heaven...ugh 1 1 Comment Count
Nov 1, 2020: NAR On Display - Perry Stone Ministries Prays to the American Flag Looking at a very disturbing prayer service centered around idol worship... 1 1 Comment Count
Oct 27, 2020: James MacDonald - When a Wolf Tries to Come Back Into the Sheepfold James MacDonald is back, unrepentant and ready to devour the sheep once again... 1 1 Comment Count
Oct 26, 2020: False Charismatic Teachings on Healing - Don't Pray! If any teaching starts with suggesting we should not pray...examine carefully... 1 1 Comment Count
Oct 20, 2020: The Definitive Examination of Morality, Voting and Sin Is voting a moral exercise? A sinful one? Does judgment hang in the balance? 3 3 Comment Count

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