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Enough Stupidity! Tucker Carlson was NOT a Prophetic Voice!

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Spooky. This is the garbage speculation that Jonathan Con always traffics in. Because Cahn knows he has to support a wild theory, he engages in wilder speculation. So, Tucker's fiance'e was a rabid evangelical you say? Murdoch didn't like her you say? How provocative. Especially when you realize that Tucker Carlson has been married for over 30 years to the same, non-Evangelical woman. They actually have four kids together too. Now this dinner did take place but the woman Cahn refers to was engaged to Rupert Murdoch, not Tucker Carlson. Problem is the truth did not really play well with Cahn's con. So, he mixed things up a bit for theatrical sake. Now, Murdoch's fiance'e is an Evangelical, but her comment was not merely that Tucker had a prophetic voice. No, she actually declared that Tucker Carlson was a messenger from God. Murdoch, having actually worked with Tucker Carlson dismissed such nonsense and then broke off the engagement. There is nothing deeper or bigger at play here. Murdoch realized he was engaged to a bat-crap crazy woman who thought the most racist, misogynist talk show host was actually a messenger directly from God. The problem with the truth of this dinner is that Jonathan Con couldn't sell it!

'Cahn quoted from "The Return of the Gods," explaining what happens when gods or spirits return to a culture or a nation. "At first, you start hearing about tolerance," Cahn says. "It's just a strategy for the spirits to open the door of a Judeo-Christian nation. But once they get in the door, once they start gaining power in the culture, then a change begins to take place. "We move from a culture of toleration to cancellation. That's when the spirits, the gods, begin to take over a culture. Every knee shall bow to the new gods and every tongue shall confess to the new religion, the new woke-ism. If you don't, the spirits will come after you and seek to marginalize you. They will vilify you, silence you and eliminate you." Such is the case with Carlson. In his speech to The Heritage Foundation, where he said that what you are watching in America is not a political movement, "it's evil."' - Charisma News

We must understand that branding is of paramount importance in modern politics. No one was a better brander than Donald Trump. When he labeled an opponent, it stuck. Just ask Crooked Hillary, Little Marco, or Lying Ted. Trump hardly invented branding in politics, he just may have perfected it. We need to realize however that it goes beyond calling people names. Ten years ago, the terms cancel culture and woke were never used in political discourse. Now there are books written about this made-up nonsense. Republican operatives in think tanks took the term woke, used by BLM protestors in the wake of the 2014 Ferguson police shooting and weaponized it against the very same people. The concept of being awake should be a positive thing but not the way the GOP has built an entire movement against it. Fast forward a few years and we started hearing about another think tank creation, "cancel culture." Now let's be honest. The idea of seeking to cancel things we think are wrong is hardly new. This however grew out of many college campuses that were canceling speeches by lunatic fringe speakers on the right. Cancel culture was born. But do not be deceived, both sides do it. The Governor of Florida is currently trying to cancel Disney because they spoke against one of his policies!

With this as the backdrop, re-read Cahn's assertion here. He creates this fanciful narrative out of thin air. He speaks as if these patterns can be traced throughout the history of man but remember, woke and cancel culture were created only in the past ten years. Cahn is of course lying. He is spinning a yarn designed to scare and co-opt Christians to his political side. That is what is evil here. A man using Christ to further the carnal urge for power by one political party. Tucker Carlson's voice was strictly political. Think for a second how insulting it is to claim that the man who referred to Iraqis as a bunch of semi-literate, primitive monkeys speaks directly for God. Because that is what you are saying when you claim his voice was prophetic, or even worse that he is a messenger for God.

'Carlson began to rail against abortion, saying those who are pro-choice are arguing for child sacrifice. Cahn says Carlson was "exposing a dark principality, the Enchantress," one of the Dark Trinity he wrote about in "The Return of the Gods." In the book, Cahn exposes the Enchantress: "She cuts to pieces those who show no respect to her. ... Since they showed me no respect and they did not put their noses to the ground for me, I will personally fill the mountain range with my terror." "She is threatening them," Cahn says. "And the gods, the ancient spirits, came after Tucker Carlson. Anyone refusing to pay her homage, worse, refuses to go along with her altering of marriage, sexuality and gender would suffer the unleashing of her fury. She would vilify them and portray them as haters. And so it happened to Tucker Carlson."' - Charisma News

Huh? So, Tucker is the victim here? He is portrayed by Cahn as the Christian martyr except I hope we can all identify the problem here with this newest tall tale by Jonathan. There is no such being as the Enchantress. He made that up for his book, thus this is largely a sales pitch for his book. Beloved we cannot be this stupid. Yes, there are evil spirits in this world but to assign all of them to the camp of your carnal political enemy smells contrived. So, nothing happened to Tucker Carlson Mr. Cahn. You want to know why he was fired, read this text he had sent to a producer the day after January 6th when the Capitol was destroyed by insurgents and police were killed:

"A couple of weeks ago, I was watching video of people fighting on the street in Washington. A group of Trump guys surrounded an Antifa kid and started pounding the living sh*t out of him. It was three against one, at least. Jumping a guy like that is dishonorable obviously. It's not how white men fight. Yet suddenly I found myself rooting for the mob against the man, hoping they'd hit him harder, kill him. I really wanted them to hurt the kid. I could taste it." - Tucker Carlson

This is your messenger from God? This is your prophetic voice? At least he goes on to lament these feelings but a little too late. Tucker exposed himself as a racist in this text who was rooting for a bloodthirsty mob to kill a child. Why? Because in his mind the kid disagrees with his politics so he deserves to die and the animals killing him agree with his politics so they get a pass. There was no Enchantress secretly conspiring to write this text for Tucker. Mr. Carlson wrote it himself. Just like he wrote over and over again that his female boss was a "c*nt." Now, I do not know where you have worked but every place I have worked would immediately fire me for using that language about anyone, let alone my boss.

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