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Go Ahead and Hate Your Neighbor! - Annual NAR Dominionist Leadership Roundtable

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It is an insult to intelligence to think that the inclusion of the centrality of Jesus and the gospel is anything more than window dressing amidst this wish list of Republican Party talking points. Is there anything remotely central to Christ on the rest of this list? No. For goodness sakes how did the Canadian truckers end up on a list of Christian priorities? People who thumbed their nose at authority and refused to get a vaccine that could protect them and their loved ones? That's the new cause of Christ? In the world of the NAR it is. If you think Jesus would care at all about Marxism, radical leftists, or Constitutional freedoms than you have not been reading the bible. Jesus had a genuine authoritarian government that was actively oppressing His people when He was alive and do you know what He did about it? Nothing. He did not even add it to the list of things to vaguely worry about. His kingdom was not of this world. Nonetheless, Larry Tomczak goes on to reveal the eight takeaways from this meeting of apostate minds.

"1. Because of comfortable, complacent and cowardly "Christianity," the church may be successful numerically, but we are unsuccessful influentially, especially with the Millennials, who represent the largest generation in our history. The First and Second Great Awakenings, Azusa Street Revival, Jesus Movement and the Brownsville Revival had common denominators of humility, holiness and hunger for God that must be recovered as we claim the promise of 2 Chronicles 7:14." - Larry Tomczak

You cannot claim things randomly from the bible. It doesn't work that way. Besides that Tomczak and this cacophony of falseness fails to even understand the irony of false teachers demanding to claim a verse that requires that people called by my name need to repent. Not those heathen sinners in the world you like railing against so much but yourselves. Millennials see through you, which is why they want nothing to do with you. They see that you selectively defend the morally indefensible simply based upon political affiliation and demonize anyone who disagrees. They see your hypocrisy Larry. They see that when prominent leaders who fancy themselves Christian gather to discuss what is important to God that Jesus is listed only once. They see that you are sowing seeds for civil war or revolution, lying about the media, and anyone who would dare to oppose you politically.

"2. "Democracy Dies in Darkness" is the motto of The Washington Post, which broke the Watergate scandal, yet today we live in a country with corrupt corporate media slanting the news or ignoring major stories like Hillary's campaign spying on President Trump while heralding the hoax of Russian collusion. Our assignment is to act aggressively in bringing truth via alternative media, such as Trump's just-launched Truth Social app, which garnered 1.5 billion views in 24 hours and had a waiting list on Day One of nearly 400,000." - Larry Tomczak

This is why millennials hate you. Because they see that you are shameful liars who use subterfuge to try and score political points. The Russian Collusion was not a hoax. It was proven beyond doubt in the Mueller Report. The story about Hillary spying is absurdly false. Everyone who does not watch Fox propaganda knows this. Realize you pretend to represent Jesus Christ. You will stand before Him one day Larry and answer for the lies you told. You will not be able to nod and wink your way out of it then. You are trumpeting the new Trump app as the solution to dishonesty? From a man who lied every day, multiple times about nearly every subject. A man so vain he used a sharpie to alter a weather map to cover up something asinine he had said? This is your standard for truth and then you wonder why you are losing the millennials?

'3. Bob Jones prophesied years ago that "When the honkers honk, the eagles will fly." Is this being fulfilled on our watch as the Canadian truckers Freedom Convoy makes noise (like Canadian geese) inspiring us Americans to act? We see with clarity growing threats of tyranny surrounding us and seen by our Canadian neighbors with Trudeau's insulting remarks and brutal emergency powers inflicted against Ottawa's peaceful protesters. Watch the bogus narrative demonizing and dismissing thousands of truckers coming to Washington, D.C.: "They're all part of that Jan. 6 insurrection!"' - Larry Tomczak

The lengths that this troop of imposters will go to is staggering. To openly mock January 6th, which saw law enforcement officers beaten to death is beyond the pale. Trudeau's comments were not insulting as there were white supremacists who had joined the convoy. The emergency powers act is not brutal. It is punishment for lawbreakers who were given ample time to obey the law. So, despite Bob Jones' ridiculous prophecy about honkers, let us move on.

"4. Vladimir Putin is a sociopathic, narcissistic communist dictator and former KGB chieftain who wants to restore "Mother Russia." He's almost a billionaire whose alleged "love partner" resides in Monaco (underneath the casino from a James Bond movie) where she oversees his stash. Russians suffered as he not long ago invaded Crimea (under Obama who did nothing) and now, with a weak Joe Biden, invaded Ukraine with more territorial expansion in mind. It's worth noting that during Trump's years, neither China nor Russia made any such moves." - Larry Tomczak

Seriously? A group of alleged Christian leaders gathered to lay out God's vision and this is where you end up? You end up openly criticizing the Commander in Chief of the nation you purport to love? You give aid and comfort to our enemies? You also conveniently leave out that your hero Trump tried blackmailing the leader of Ukraine to dig up non-existent evidence against his political rival and was impeached for doing so? Let's be honest. It doesn't matter what Joe Biden did or did not do. Larry Tomczak would have criticized him anyway. If he sent our troops in, he would have been demonized for that. If he bombed the Russians, he would be criticized for that. You must understand that Larry Tomczak is not a political commentator and certainly not a Christian one. He is a whore who has sold himself out to his political masters. They do not care about the cause of Jesus Christ one iota. They only care about returning to power.

"5. Distinguished General Jerry Boykin (Ret.), vice president at Family Research Council, charged all of us to be courageous and "Brace yourself like a man!" (Job 38:3). In Revelation 21, the first ones thrown into the lake of fire are the cowards, and in these critical times, we must remember Jesus said He's returning not like a Lamb but a lion! Talleyrand said he'd "rather have 100 sheep led by a lion than 100 lions led by a sheep." We must speak up boldly and stand up courageously as the battle is not coming but has already begun!" - Larry Tomczak

Nothing like playing to testosterone and the male ego. Read the key verse today that Boykin references though and you will see the categories are merely listed. The text does not say the cowardly go first, just that they are listed first. I might add here, does it matter? The liars go last on the list but does that mean they have it any better? The battle that keeps getting alluded to here is simply a political war, not a spiritual one. The cowardly according to the apostates are preachers who refuse to preach about carnal politics. The reality however is that they refuse to preach the gospel in their relentless pursuit of the idols of this age. I would argue that it matters not in what order people are thrown into the burning lake of Sulphur.

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