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Hillsong Shills For Halloween -- Imagine My Surprise

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8.Teach them that the demonic works by willful agreement, bot accidental consumption.

9.Teach them in but not of, not out and not of.

10.Critique loudly what you see as you walk. Make them brave and discerning, not scared and superstitious." -- Pinocchio

Forgive my snarkiness but God is eternally hilarious and the fact that this Hillsong pastor's name is one letter away from a puppet who could not tell the truth I find incredibly funny. That said, Jesus was snarky with the Pharisees. Elijah was snarky with the prophets of Baal. Hillsong is a giant heretical cesspool. It is a blight upon this world as millions will be led to hell through it. Just saying this to reset perspective if you were upset at my sarcasm. Now onto the commentary!

The word of God allows Christians to redefine everything? I must have missed that bible verse. I think I see Mr. Finochio's nose starting to grow. This is of course a ridiculous statement. Yet no more ridiculous than the ten listed reasons why parents should allow Halloween participation for their children. Let's try to go through these swiftly. First of all, abstaining from Halloween is not a fear of the world issue. It is a fear of God issue. You see, and I know they do not teach you this down at Hillsong, a healthy fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Finochio is trying to prick your ego here to make you feel cowardly for not allowing your children to participate in the Satanic High Holy Day. Secondly, I do not find partaking of evil to be "fun." The problem is in your definition. By the way, if you want to have a costume party in April -- go for it! If you want to give your kids chocolate -- go for it! Beloved, we must realize that Hillsong is the world. It is not the church. They think like the world. They rationalize like the world. They make excuses like the world. It is no wonder that they believe the most evil day of the year is "fun." Thirdly, to claim that opposing Halloween is somehow "superstitious" indicates how woefully unprepared Hillsong is for spiritual warfare. Our battles rage in the heavenlies against principalities. Evil is real. This is said not to fear but to defend. Fourth, the church is supposed to a shining city on a hill, which sounds pretty isolated. Hillsong is the penultimate purpose driven, seeker friendly church so they are more concerned about fitting into the world than saving people out of it. By the way, we should give candy out at Halloween with maybe a tract? That is not isolated. His fifth reason is a joke. So to Hillsong, participating in the Satanic High Holy Day is now a matter of faith? If we have faith, we should do what the bible commands. Read the key verse. Avoid the mere appearance of evil.

Fifth, candy is not from God. Three Musketeers do not grow on trees. Common grace does not apply here. Finochio seems to be throwing everything against the wall in his desperation to make evil sound benign. The more disturbing comment is this notion that to the pure, all things are pure. That is biblically ignorant and frankly a dangerous teaching. By that logic, adultery is pure so long as I am saved. Even the greasy grace of Joseph Prince is not that greasy. To Hillsong however it is. They thought nothing of the Sensual Silent Night performance or the youth pastor "dressing" up as the Naked Cowboy for their Women's Conference. Redemptive motif? Before you start poring over your concordance let me save you the time. This is a Hillsong term, not a biblical term. Nowhere are we instructed to reinterpret culture, which is another dangerous notion. We do not call evil good beloved. We just don't. Finochio's eighth point makes no sense. I assume he is under the impression that we can only participate in demonic works by willful agreement and not by accidental consumption? If so, that is a doctrine of devils. First the notion is wrong. Demonic works can be entered into accidentally and that does not change their nature. Either way, no one is surprised by the evil nature of Halloween. It is a willful choice to celebrate it. There is nothing accidental about it. The ninth reason is just more ridiculousness. We are meant to be in the world but not of it but that does not mean we must partake of every evil it offers. Plus, if we work in the world 365 days a year, are neighbors to the world for the same, it does not mean we are "out of the world" just because we refuse to dress our children up as zombies and send them off begging for candy. His tenth reason is more of the "I am going to redeem this evil day" rhetoric. The reality is that celebrating Halloween and then loudly criticizing all you see to your kids is not brave -- it's hypocritical. There is nothing brave or "discerning" about celebrating Halloween. No matter how much Hillsong disagrees.

'In an interview with Faithwire, Finochio pointed out that while there is nothing wrong with celebrating Halloween, it's the role of a parent to properly teach their children about things like Halloween because spiritual darkness is real and ever-present. "There is spiritual darkness surrounding everything," Finchio stated. "Films, books, politics, and yes, even Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter." "I think humanity is fascinated with the afterlife, with death, with good and evil. And Halloween is a cultural recognition, a sort of strange negotiation with some of these concepts."' - Pinocchio

So let me see if I have this right. Finochio properly admits that spiritual darkness is real and ever-present yet thinks it is ok to celebrate that darkness? Welcome to the idiocy of the purpose driven church. Welcome to Hillsong. As for his examples, does Finochio then think nothing of letting his kids watch blood and gore horror movies or read pornographic books? I mean, we can call culture whatever we want right? He is right that Halloween is a cultural recognition of evil but still says send your kids out! This is beyond absurd!

'He pointed out that while there are still witches, warlocks, and pagans that consider Halloween a high festival, Christians took power away from the dark even ages ago. "This is their last stand, and we actually took it from them a long time ago," he argued. "In the British Isles, it is known that churches were already celebrating All Saints on 1 November at the beginning of the 8th century to coincide with or replace the Celtic festival of Samhain." "Pope Gregory III made All Saints Day official in 837 by appointing November 1st as the official day," he added, "but many historians believe it was just to recognize what was happening in Northern Europe (the Germanies and Britain) with respect to reinterpreting a pagan holiday."' -- Pinocchio

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