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Hillsong Shills For Halloween -- Imagine My Surprise

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Sigh, just because a Pope decided to compete with Samhain does not mean he took the power away. How do we know? Halloween is still celebrated today and All-Saints Day is simply not. It was not reinterpretation. For the record, it is more than witches, warlocks and pagans that consider Halloween a high festival. Its is Satanists! It is not a festival but their High Holy Day. Altering that day into "Reformation Day" or having a "Trunk and Treat" does not redeem anything because you are still celebrating the day!

'The importance of teaching kids history. Finochio pointed out that it is also important for parents to teach their children the history of different holidays, and the real evil that takes place in the world. "Kids don't learn because parents don't talk," he added. "All of life should be a running commentary for the Christian parent."' - Pinocchio

Yes! Real evil takes place in the world! Halloween is of the world! I agree that all of life should be a running commentary for the Christian parent. Start by teaching them why Christians should not celebrate the day the world celebrates evil! This is the steaming pile of heresy that is Hillsong. To have the nerve to pretend to be standing against evil while promoting Christians take part in Halloween.

'Finochio explained that a lot of modern Christian holidays fall on or near dates that were once pagan festivals." Christianity, rather than shying from the roots of things, baptized the pagan festivals and gave them new meaning," he added. "This is the Christian tradition with which the angry secular academic world is so incensed at." "Jesus wasn't born in December," he explained. "The Winter Solstice, a festival held wide across cultures in the Northern Hemisphere, occurred around December 21, the shortest day of the year. It was believed in many pagan traditions that the birth of the next year occurred on the 22nd. And as meats had been slaughtered and cured, and ales had had time to ferment--essentially that winter stores were at their absolute peak in preparation for the coming months--a party was in order." 'Finochio also pointed out that in general, Christians are good at celebrating "The sweetness and bitterness of life at the exact same time." "Seems that the real heresy of the Age is the refusal and theological inability to do both simultaneously," he stated. "And a heresy is just a truth out of balance." "October 31 is 'All Hallows Eve.' It's when the liturgical celebration begins at Vespers that night. This is the Christian tradition. We have the fascination with death a new meaning--an awareness and thankfulness for the great Saints gone before us. The Easter Bunny and chocolate eggs have nothing to do with Easter either, but that's actually a Lutheran tradition."' -- Pinocchio

Ehh, not quite. What happened is that Christianity offered competing holidays and as it became the dominant religion, pagan holidays stopped being celebrated by the general populace. While it is true that Jesus was not born in December and that chocolate and eggs have nothing to do with the resurrection, those two Americana holidays are different in that they are firmly rooted in Christian orthodoxy. Now, I personally would not entertain Santa or the bunny but the holidays themselves are different than Halloween in that they are not celebrating evil. I love that the unbelieving world stops twice a year to celebrate the birth of Christ and His resurrection! Pay strict attention to the casual nature of Hillsong's heresy. They define heresy as simply "truth out of balance." Bzzzt! Thanks for playing! That is most assuredly NOT what heresy means. Heresy is not truthful at all! It is teachings that are opposed to Christ and His word! The real heresy here beloved belongs to Hillsong.

'Finochio's advice for parents that are nervous about the holiday. Even though Finochio does not believe trick or treating is inherently wrong, he encourages parents who are nervous about allowing their children to participate, to sit it out. "Don't teach your children double-mindedness, anxiety, and doubt," he explained. "Romans 14 teaches us to be fully convinced and to do things from faith. If you have strong faith, you eat and drink; if you have a weak conscience, you abstain. But the point is not to stay weak, is it? Get a revelation of the Gospel!" Lastly, Finochio points out that God, and one's faith in God, has the power to redefine all things. "Christianity doesn't stop feasts, it reinterprets them," he said. "God never put an end to the feasts of Israel because of excesses. Paul didn't shut down Prophecy in Corinth because of abuse of Gifts." "Historically, Christianity has this incredible ability to live in the world but not be of it by imparting strength and stability and meaning. If there is joy and mirth, we repurpose it. We drink to remember, not to forget. But by God we drink. Scrooge was converted to the punchbowl, not from it." "Joy belongs to us."' - Pinocchio

Unbelievable. Those who rightly feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit to not partake in the works of darkness are labeled "weak" by Hillsong. If Pinocchio would ever get a revelation of the Gospel he might realize the heretic he is and repent. The bible assures me however that will not happen. Hillsong's destruction was set long ago and does not sleep. Telling your kids to avoid evil and then dressing them up for Halloween is the definition of being double minded. Notice the cleverness of the ending heresy. God can redefine whatever He wants because He is God. We however cannot do such because we are not God. Our faith does not have the power to redefine whatever we want. We do not reinterpret whatever we want. It is an asinine and dangerous teaching to say we can. It is a literal license to sin and simply redefine that sin. The feasts of Israel were not about excess and were specific to the Israelites! Halloween is specific to the devil! Talk about an exercise in missing the point! Paul did not shut down prophecy but he did set parameters up. How many could and under what conditions. Without an interpreter, there was no allowance of prophecy at all! Lastly, we drink to remember and by God we drink? Beloved, Hillsong is a cesspool of heresy. Halloween is a satanic holiday. This article managed to prove both brilliantly. God uses all things for His glory and His ends. Hallelujah!

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