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Grifter Extraordinaire Kris Vallotton Pimps This Year's "School of the Prophets" Scam

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"I'd like to point out that in the days of the prophet Elijah, there arose a company of men who were called the "sons of the prophets" (Kings 20:35). These men traveled throughout the world ravaging the powers of darkness and wreaking havoc on evil kingdoms. They had no tolerance for the destructive behavior of wicked kings but rather turned many to righteousness. They raised the dead, healed the sick, parted rivers, destroyed false prophets, and saw revival spread throughout their land. They were feared by many and respected by all. They walked in great purity, and God was their friend. They were cultural catalysts, not just prophets behind a pulpit.

Consider the life of Joseph " he influenced the king of his day, by not just interpreting his dream, but by providing solutions and strategies for the seven prosperous years and seven lean years the nations would face (Genesis 41)." - Kris Vallotton

You too can be feared and respected! You too can be a cultural catalyst! But wait! There's more! Have you ever wanted to raise the dead? Part the rivers? See revival spread across the lands! This all can be yours if the price is right. Oh, and the price is just a measly $425 for the week of "activation!" This is beyond an oversell. It is true that GOD, remember Him, sent some prophets to deal with unfaithful kings but this was all contained within Israel/Judah. Jonah was sent to Nineveh, and they did repent, but only for a while. Then they were destroyed by God as promised. Prophets were not these glorious positions as Kris outlines them to be. This is marketing by creating an image that the buyer would want but that image does not align with reality and by the way, none of it matters because Kris Vallotton is a false prophet selling a false training. So, you will not be pillaging evil kingdoms and the only havoc will be wreaked will be on your bank account.

"I recently sat down for a conversation with Lindsey Reiman, Director of Prophetic Ministry at Bethel Church and School of the Prophets Instructor. Lindsey has ministered prophetically in multiple metrons and spheres of authority. In our discussion, she brilliantly explained how to navigate stepping into your unique sphere of influence as a prophet. She stated, "Language is a gateway to trust. We must be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves." Can you imagine the impact it would have on the world if prophets stepped outside of the four walls of the Church and into the unique sphere they are called to? What would it look like to pull down Heaven's strategy and become kingdom solution leaders in society? If you desire to refine your gifting, grow in confidence to prophetically spearhead the way of cultural change, and be empowered to influence the unique sphere you are called to, I want to invite you to the School of the Prophets on August 7-11, 2023. You can register for both in-person, in Redding Ca or online here. It is time to break the silence, stand boldly in the dark places, and resound truth across the nations. God is calling His prophets to courageously prepare the prophetic path of divine providence. In this one-week intensive training school, you will gain an understanding of the prophetic gifting, the office of a prophet, and how to operate effectively in your unique prophetic calling. I hope to see you there!" - Kris Vallotton

The savvy grifter saves the pitch for the end after you have whetted the appetite and piqued the interest. So, we come to it here. Of course, it gives no specifics here because they want you to click the link. Wow, he sat down with someone who will be an instructor at the grift? Is this supposed to be impressive? This "pulling down heaven" theology is a core heresy of Bill Johnson and Bethel. It is not our job to pull heaven down to earth but to save people out of the earth for heaven. Kris Vallotton is not interested in anyone's salvation. He interested in their money. What if you do not have a prophetic calling? Well, you will have paid $425 to find out I guess but more than likely, Kris will assure you that you are a prophet. You can then open your own YouTube channel and Facebook page. You can do appearances at seedy hotels until maybe you hit it big enough to start your own website and maybe come under the "covering" of a better grifter-prophet than you are, and you can pay him to loan you fake credibility. Then you will be on your way to LeClaire status where you to can command angels and write meaningless books until you stand before Christ to give account for the blood on your hands. Let us now conclude with the email from this week:

"Are you still hoping to join us at School of the Prophets 2023 next week? I have good news! The doors are open for 3 more days. Now, I know you might think it's a lot of effort to figure out travel plans in just 3 days as well as taking off a week from work or other responsibilities with such short notice. Well, the School of the Prophets online experience is incredible and nothing short of the in-person experience. This option provides exclusive events and opportunities to connect daily with School of the Prophets instructors and students from all over the world.

Additionally, if you are needing an experience that is more accommodating to your schedule the online School of the Prophets allows you to watch the live portions of the conference on demand.

This year's School of the Prophets, happening August 7-11 will not just equip and advance you in your unique prophetic calling but will infuse you with a fresh "now" word of God, to be deployed like John the Baptist to prophetically prepare the way as His prophets and prophetic people in this unique epoch moment in history. The season has shifted - God is doing a new thing and there is an invitation for His prophets to rise to the occasion, to break the silence, and courageously and confidently stand in their prophetic calling." - Kris Vallotton

The final email is very targeted because the grift just needs a push. It doesn't need a full letter. Instead, it is presented as if time is running out! Only three days left to get your activation! What is loathsome here is the notion that there is a fresh "now" word, you know, as opposed to that crusty old bible those religious spirits keep insisting on! Beloved, the word of God is always fresh! The insights we can glean are always fresh! And we do not have to pay $425 for that fresh word! This is a scam, run by a seasoned grifter who is making merchandise of the gospel by exploiting the churched. Kris Vallotton's very testimony from his fake school of the prophets is that Jesus Christ performed a waking visitation on him when he was in the bathtub. In this demonic visitation, because it couldn't have been Jesus, he was told he would be a prophet to the nations and speak to kings. If you buy that I want to tell you about my super-duper gold platinum prophesy that I only release to 100 people for $1000 dollars. Call 1-800-Don't Be A Sucker. All kidding aside, save yourself $425 dollars and let me give you the best prophetic word you can get today. Kris Vallotton is a huckster and charlatan. No charge. That word as always was free.

If you were considering this scam however, you need to find a real bible preaching church so you can hear the real gospel and hopefully repent. The key verse is from a real prophet, Jeremiah, and laments that the people love to lap up false prophets like Vallotton. The prophets prophesy falsely across the land but what will you do when the end comes? Do not be like so many standing before Christ saying "Lord Lord, didn't we attend the school of the prophets and get activated in your name?" It will be too late then to realize what you had been following. I would say mark and avoid but hopefully we all have been doing so already.

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