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Grifter Extraordinaire Kris Vallotton Pimps This Year's "School of the Prophets" Scam

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An appalling and horrible thing has happened in the land: the prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests rule at their direction; my people love to have it so, but what will you do when the end comes? - Jeremiah 5:30-31 (ESV)

Purveyors of my ministry are well aware that Bethel Church is one of the most heretical churches today and a literal cesspool of false theology. Most false churches center around one or two theologies, but Bethel is very non-discriminatory. If it is false, they probably embrace it. False signs and lying wonders, experiential Christianity, prosperity, word-faith, NAR, dominionism, gemstones, gold dust, angel feathers, glory clouds, mandatory healing on demand, grave sucking and dead-raising are just a few of the lowlights. Bill Johnson is the lead pastor, and his preaching is random mystical rabbit holes and blurbs meant to sound deep but are just usually absurd. Shawn Bolz is their resident false prophet dude who openly uses a smart phone to pretend he is getting prophetic words or words of knowledge from God. Perhaps the sleaziest part of the unholy Bethel triumvirate is Kris Vallotton, who is the church pimp. His job is to hock the wares and drive up revenue not only for Bethel but obviously for himself. He co-founded and leads the silly Bethel School for the Supernatural, where they admit they are trying to teach you the gifts of the spirit despite the bible stating only God metes those out as He sees fit.

A more recent offshoot of the supernatural school silliness is the "School of the Prophets (SOP)," which is not a school and has nothing to do with real prophecy. What it is, however, is a week in August where Vallotton and his false prophet gaggle at Bethel put on a dog and pony show for those stupid enough to pay the $425 "tuition" for a week worth of bogus classes. Oh and "activation," whatever the heck that unbiblical nugget is supposed to be. That may not sound like a lot but in 2019 the general school of the supernatural boasted over 2400 students worldwide and that number has probably only grown over the past four years. If we just go by the 2019 numbers to project attendance, this week of heretical training would net Kris and Bethel over one million dollars. As usual, Kris has been hard selling this to his email list, of which I am an interested listee. I will be going over the claims made in just three of the emails I received. The first came in March, the second is from July, and the last is from this week in August, one week before the fake school begins. Let's start however with the introductory blurb from Vallotton on the website where you can register. Let us reason once more beloved.

"The School of the Prophets has deep roots in biblical history. In the Old Testament, the prophet Samuel started a school for the purpose of training young prophets. Elisha succeeded Samuel as the head of the school. At the School of the Prophets this August, we hope to continue this Biblical legacy, and to help connect and develop prophetic people, prophets, and prophetesses who can effectively work with five-fold leadership teams to see the history of their cities rewritten! God is calling His prophets and leaders to recognize this epoch season and like John the Baptist, courageously prepare the prophetic path for cultural change"shake the realm of passivity, speak to the mountain of fear, and break the silent status quo. Your decision to rise up will positively influence the course of history. Will you answer the call?" - Kris Vallotton

It is true that the concept of a school of prophets is biblical. Samuel, Elijah and Elisha were all involved at different points. These people were probably among those who had not bowed the knee to Baal worship so to compare them to yourself, when you attend Bethel, is comical at best. This scam does not continue this biblical legacy. I do not recall the bible telling me that Samuel charged $425 per enrollee. The school did not last a week. There is also nothing in these texts that refer to the "fivefold ministry" teachings of the modern apostate church. You are not like John the Baptist. He was sent by God, and you will sent by Kris Vallotton. Actually, you probably won't be sent anywhere. Not once your check is cashed. This is the play Kris always makes. You are so important that you can positively influence the course of history if you just pony up the dough to him. Beloved, prophecy is a gift that the Holy Spirit gives, not Bethel. God calls, not Kris Vallotton. Moving on, we will first look at the early email push from March of this year, five months before the "school" begins.

"Not all supernatural experiences or practices hail from the kingdom of darkness. In fact, the truth is that many spiritual encounters or expressions that are demonstrated in darkness are often a perversion of something created by God! I'm concerned that in an effort to not be deceived, some Christians take things that are spiritually powerful or supernatural and assign them to the New Age movement by default! Consequently, what's left is a passive, paralyzed, and powerless Church." - Kris Vallotton

Let me start by saying there is actually no push in this email for the SOP in August, probably because it was still to far in the future. The purpose however becomes clearer when we start to receive the solicitous emails. These are grooming emails designed to pique the interest of his email readers and prepare them for the grift. Now, the reason why the church is powerless spiritually is because of false prophets like Kris Vallotton and because of the teachings he supports at Bethel. The bible says false doctrine is what divides the church. It is the fuel for the great apostasy we see today. Some schemes have ulterior and insidious motives but this one is pure greed. Let's just deal with the obvious disconnect. The nature of this scam invites everyone to sign up. It does not matter if they ever had the gift and it doesn't matter if they are "called." It just mattered if they were duped and had the cash.

I've found that often Believers pick and choose which bucket they delineate a spiritual experience to be in based on fear or misunderstanding of how Jesus wants us to operate in the gifts of His Spirit today. For example, when some people read the words of Jesus like these, "For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect," (Matthew 24:24), they are convinced that Jesus said, "In the last days ALL the prophets will be false." Most of the heresy hunters don't believe there are prophets in the last days, so they deem all signs and wonders as false! - Kris Vallotton

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