# Date Link
#1 11/10/2019 Jackie Hill Perry; Applying Carnal Wisdom to Christian Problems (Anthony Wade)
#2 11/10/2019 NAR, Elijah List False Prophetess Reveal's The Devil's End Times Plans (Anthony Wade)
#3 10/25/2019 Joseph Prince -- How To Make the Lord's Supper About You (Anthony Wade)
#4 10/21/2019 More NAR Healing Idiocy on Display (Anthony Wade)
#5 10/17/2019 NAR Dominionists Endorse Paula White and the Church Gets Confused (Anthony Wade)
#6 10/9/2019 Pastor Jim Kibler -- Usurping the Power of God to Heal (Anthony Wade)
#7 10/8/2019 A Sure Sign the Apocalypse is Upon Us -- I Agree with Pat Robertson (Anthony Wade)
#8 9/29/2019 Quick Snack: The Hypocritical Disconnect of Dr. Michael Brown in One Tweet (Anthony Wade)
#9 9/26/2019 Sending Out the Wolves to Defend Prosperity Heresy After Benny Hinn (Anthony Wade)
#10 9/24/2019 Debunking the Purpose Driven Industrial Complex Argument of Having a "Critical Spirit" (Anthony Wade)
#11 9/19/2019 What Is Really Wrong with the Michael Brown/Scooby-Doo Investigation Of Todd Bentley (Anthony Wade)
#12 9/18/2019 Vomiting Spirits of Rejection -- When False Prophecy Makes You Sick (Anthony Wade)
#13 9/17/2019 From Jerry Falwell Jr. to Eden Prairie Minnesota -- The Carnal Church Has Settled Into The Worldly Relevance They Have B (Anthony Wade)
#14 9/16/2019 New Testament Giving Versus Being Severed From Christ Through Tithing (Anthony Wade)
#15 9/3/2019 The Truth About Healing and What God Must Do (Anthony Wade)
#16 9/3/2019 Pastor Sammy Rodriguez, Selling out Hispanics and Christians for NAR Dominionism (Anthony Wade)
#17 8/21/2019 James Goll -- Prophelying for a Living (Anthony Wade)
#18 8/20/2019 Do We Even Care About Pastoral Qualifications Anymore? Tullian Tchividjian Is Back (Anthony Wade)
#19 8/19/2019 Marty Sampson, Your 15 Minutes Are Up (Anthony Wade)
#20 8/15/2019 Pastor Adam Fannin and Sarah Silverman -- The End Result of Hating the Lost (Anthony Wade)
#21 8/14/2019 NAR Leaders Say "Stop Politicizing Mass Killings, That's Our Job" (Anthony Wade)
#22 8/8/2019 Odd and Ends -- Reckless Love and Joshua Harris (Anthony Wade)
#23 8/7/2019 Bill Johnson -- His False Prophets Cannot Graduate before Getting Three Prophecies Wrong (Anthony Wade)
#24 8/6/2019 Assemblies of God Overrides Jesus on Matters of Divorce (Anthony Wade)
#25 7/31/2019 Charismaniacal Gnosticism Wrapped up in Super-Spirituality (Anthony Wade)
#26 7/29/2019 Jennifer Squidly LeClaire -- Prophelying Double Portions of Sugar-Coated Kittens (Anthony Wade)
#27 7/11/2019 Revisionist American History -- The NAR Dream of Returning to a Simpler Time in the 17th Century (Anthony Wade)
#28 6/28/2019 This Week In NAR Dominionist Lunacy (Anthony Wade)
#29 6/24/2019 How the Teachings of Bethel Corrupt and Lead People to Hell (Anthony Wade)
#30 6/20/2019 Firefighter False Prophet Mark Taylor -- Riding a False Prophecy to Insanity (Anthony Wade)

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