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#1 4/6/2020 Profiles in Arrogance, Recklessness and Stupidity -- More Churches Hold Services (Anthony Wade)
#2 4/1/2020 A Quick Response to Dr. Michael Brown's Quick Note Trying to Duck Responsibility (Anthony Wade)
#3 3/20/2020 Billionaire Whore Kenneth Copeland Demands Your Tithe Even if You Lose Your Job Due to COVID (Anthony Wade)
#4 3/19/2020 Trump Spiritual Advisor Trying to Profit From Global Pandemic (Anthony Wade)
#5 3/9/2020 Something Smells - Poverty Mindset and The Anatomy of an Unbiblical Scam (Anthony Wade)
#6 2/28/2020 Denying You Are NAR is Not Compelling Evidence (Anthony Wade)
#7 2/20/2020 Dr. Michael Brown -- Appreciates the Sincerity of Practicing Demonic Divination (Anthony Wade)
#8 2/19/2020 Blaspheming the Way -- Paula White & NAR Dominionism Exploiting the Sheep (Anthony Wade)
#9 2/14/2020 The Utter Stupidity of NAR "Christian" Media (Anthony Wade)
#10 2/5/2020 Duck! A Jubilee Anointing Is About to Hit America! (Anthony Wade)
#11 2/3/2020 Shawn Bolz/Bob Jones & the prophetic Significance of the Chiefs Super Bowl Win (Anthony Wade)
#12 1/24/2020 The NAR Dominionist Persecution Victim Mentality (Anthony Wade)
#13 1/18/2020 The NAR Impotent God and the Truth About School Prayer (Anthony Wade)
#14 1/17/2020 Jennifer LeClaire + The Law of First Mention = Prophetic Idiocy (Anthony Wade)
#15 1/16/2020 Go2020 -- A Pack of Wolves with a Global Vision for the NAR One World Religion (Anthony Wade)
#16 1/8/2020 The Subtlety of False Teaching -- Where Good Intentions Go Bad -- A Teaching from Isaiah (Anthony Wade)
#17 1/8/2020 Apologetics in Evangelism? Yet Another NAR Usurpation of God (Anthony Wade)
#18 1/6/2020 Job Has New Miserable Comforter from the Potter's House (Anthony Wade)
#19 12/31/2019 The NAR False Prophet Brigade Present Their Schizophrenic Holy Spirit for 2020 (Anthony Wade)
#20 12/26/2019 Today's Jack-Ass Post from Kris Vallotton (Anthony Wade)
#21 12/22/2019 A Glimpse Inside the Mind Damaged by Bethel's False Teachings (Anthony Wade)
#22 12/22/2019 Dr. Michael Brown's Dissembling Tweet About the NAR Seven Mountains Mandate (Anthony Wade)
#23 12/19/2019 Quick Snack - God Sends Tornado to Destroy Kentucky Church (Anthony Wade)
#24 12/17/2019 Toddler Death at Bethel Reveals the True Damage from NAR Theology (Anthony Wade) 15 15 Comment Count
#25 12/4/2019 Jennifer LeClaire Warns About False Seers" Like Jennifer LeClaire (Anthony Wade)
#26 11/27/2019 Old Joel Osteen Clip Displays the Ugly Unbiblical Truth of the Prosperity Gospel (Anthony Wade)
#27 11/26/2019 Beware The NAR False Authority Paradigm (Anthony Wade)
#28 11/20/2019 The Sneaky Squid Spirit Declares Kanye West a Persecuted Prophet (Anthony Wade)
#29 11/10/2019 Jackie Hill Perry; Applying Carnal Wisdom to Christian Problems (Anthony Wade)
#30 11/10/2019 NAR, Elijah List False Prophetess Reveal's The Devil's End Times Plans (Anthony Wade)

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