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#1 7/14/2022 Beni Johnson Passes at Age 67 - A Word Regarding Divine Healing (Anthony Wade)
#2 7/13/2022 Defending Creflo Dollar, Well Kinda (Anthony Wade)
#3 6/29/2022 Dominionist Myopia Confusing Supreme Court Ruling for Football Coach as "Victory" (Anthony Wade)
#4 6/27/2022 JD Hall from Pulpit & Pen/Protestia Disqualified from Ministry (Anthony Wade)
#5 6/9/2022 NAR Christian Victimization 101 - "They Kicked God Out of School" Edition (Anthony Wade)
#6 5/16/2022 The Purpose-Driven Industrial Complex Start to try and Rehabilitate Hillsong Image (Anthony Wade)
#7 4/13/2022 The Carl Lentz Verdict - Ruthless Manipulation of Staff & Multiple Affairs (Anthony Wade)
#8 4/5/2022 NAR Pastor Defends Hillsong by Stating Rape and Assault victims are Just Disgruntled (Anthony Wade)
#9 3/24/2022 Head Hillsong Hireling Brian Houston Resigns in Disgrace - Are We Surprised? (Anthony Wade)
#10 3/21/2022 Pastrix Embarrasses Herself Faking Word of Knowledge (Anthony Wade)
#11 3/11/2022 Tithing Hireling Robert Morris Teaches About Heaven but Not From The Bible (Anthony Wade)
#12 1/25/2022 The Apostate Church System Punishes Lecrae for Telling the Truth (Anthony Wade)
#13 1/18/2022 Senate Candidate Claims Full Conversation with 18-Month-Old Using Tongues (Anthony Wade)
#14 1/9/2022 Dave Ramsey - Evict Them All, Let God Sort Them Out! (Anthony Wade) 2 2 Comment Count
#15 1/8/2022 Research Reveals the Churched are Tired of NAR, Dominionist Mega-Churches (Anthony Wade)
#16 12/17/2021 Jennifer LeClaire's Latest Grift - You May Be A Knower! (Anthony Wade) 2 2 Comment Count
#17 12/8/2021 Using Engineered Stats to Push the Imaginary War on Christmas to the Victimized Church (Anthony Wade)
#18 12/1/2021 Anti-Vax, COVID Denier Marcus Lamb of Daystar Dies from COVID (Anthony Wade) 3 3 Comment Count
#19 11/30/2021 Exposing the Cancel Culture Lie - Charisma Advocates for Canceling Salvation Army (Anthony Wade)
#20 11/8/2021 New Poll - 70% of Born-Again Christians Believe Multiple Religions Lead to Heaven (Anthony Wade) 2 2 Comment Count
#21 10/23/2021 False Prophets Cry - Don't Judge me by My Prophecies! I Wonder Why? (Anthony Wade)
#22 10/21/2021 COVID Exposed the Apostate Church for the Imposter it Is (Anthony Wade)
#23 10/7/2021 Charismaniac Claims the Godhead Shot Her with Light to Awaken Her to Power (Anthony Wade)
#24 9/29/2021 Latest NAR Dominionist Heresy - The Constitution Can Only be Spiritually Discerned (Anthony Wade)
#25 9/24/2021 Latest Duplantis/Copeland Scam - Jesus Will Come Back Sooner if You Give them Money (Anthony Wade)
#26 9/17/2021 This Week in Christian Hucksterism, Grifting and Dominionist Stupidity (Anthony Wade) 2 2 Comment Count
#27 9/2/2021 Sorting Through the Errors of the Bless Me Theology in the Prosperity Gospel (Anthony Wade)
#28 8/30/2021 The Art of the Christian Grift - Jennifer LeClaire (Anthony Wade)
#29 7/27/2021 Jackass Hireling Threatens Sheep if They Wear Masks (Anthony Wade) 2 2 Comment Count
#30 7/13/2021 The Idolatry of American Dominionism Put to Song (Anthony Wade) 2 2 Comment Count

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